Hung Husband

Let me be clear, I never was nor am I particularly turned on by large penises. I love my husband for his personality, his looks, the fact he is a good earner and a hard

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Hung Husband

Let me be clear, I never was nor am I particularly turned on by large penises. I love my husband for his personality, his looks, the fact he is a good earner and a hard worker and because he has always treated me as an equal and taken his share of the responsibilities of building a household and a family, at the same time supporting me in my career. His huge manhood is just a fact of life, not particularly even a bonus, it would not matter if it was smaller or even actually small.

My girlfriends never understand this, they are always focusing on how I feel when we fuck. The truth is, I wouldn't say it was better than my previous boyfriends, who were all smaller and some of whom were actually just plain small, it is just different. For instance, for a long time we couldn't do it face to face, his dick just wouldn't go in unless he mounted me from behind.

We tried face to face the first time, I much prefer it as it is more intimate and never did it any other way. We had gone back to his place after a long night out with friends. I had known of him for a while and was a little curious to see what his cock looked like but nothing more than that. We had got quite passionate in the club beforehand and as soon as we were in the door I was pulling his shirt off and he was riding my dress up around my waist.

He sat down in a huge lazyboy armchair and I climbed onto him while still kissing him deeply. I could feel his manhood straining against his trousers and nudging my crotch which was so damp my lacy panties were clinging to every fold of my pussy. In a moment he pulled his cock free and it flipped up between us, right up to the botton of my rib cage. It was over a foot long, and - suprisingly to me - as thick as my wrist. I had imagined long cocks would not be thicker as well and it still seems odd to me, kind of, over the top.

I leant back looking at it for a moment as the foreskin slowly slid back on its own revealing a deep purple head the size of a apple. I was shocked by its size but didn't think it was a massive deal, a cock is a cock, so I got on with straddling it so that I could have my orgasm. I love to straddle a man sitting so that my large tits are right in his face, they love it to. Except this time as my pussy rested on top of his cock it just would not go in.

I tried sliding my fingers round the rim of my pussy lips and then pulling them apart, but they were stretched to splitting point already and only the tiniest tip of his cock was in. I tried brute force and lifted my knees of the armchair to let my full weight bear down in his rod, that didn't work either. At this point he took matters into his hands. I let him as he obviously had more experience of the situation.

Taking my slim hips in his hands his spun me round and lifted me up until me knees rested on the arms of the chair. The he push me forward till I had to support my self by grabbing his ankles. In this position I could look back up to my pussy which had streamers of juice hanging down from it onto his massive, pulsing cock.

Slowly he guided my gaping hole onto him. There it rested against his bellend for a moment before, with a twitch, it slotted home.

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more please
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Sexy, as always, G!
Can't wait to read more. :)
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I rested there for a moment, my toes curling with pleasure as my pussy tried to adjust to the huge object lodged in its entrance. The two of us seemed fuzed by the red hot surfaces in complete contact. My knees and pelvis wobbled and flexed as I had my fastest orgasm ever. The juices, unable to escape, shot up into my pussy, spreading and oozing over my lovers tip. My tembling knees finally gave way and slipped off the arm rests leaving me splayed either side of his huge rod. Gravity did the rest and I began to decend his full length, a shuddering, shivering decent that sent shockwaves through both our bodies until he was fully inside me at which point the pressure pushed my juices out onto his balls and down onto his chair. He moaned with ecstacy at the sensation of my warm ooze splashing onto him, reaching round my waist to dip his hand into the pools and rivers of juice their and smearing them on my belly and breasts.

As he did so he probed my belly with his fingers until he located his bellend, buried deep within me. Once he found it he began to massage the tip through my body until I was once again convulsed with an intense and long orgasm which rippled through my body and made every muscle shiver and vibrate with ecstacy. More and more juice flooded out of me and I was so turned on I rememember feeling as if I was going to faint it was so intense.

I was only vaguely aware of my lover pushing me up until my knees were back on the chairs armrests, so lost in please was I, and it was only when I feel his man hood beging to try to pull out of me that I began to adjust myself so I could pull in the opposite direct. Waves of pleasure pulsed through me as he pull hard downwards so he could begin his next strooke. I felt like my pussy would never let go and when it did it felt like it snapped back into place with elastic force. He pulled down again, it snapped back again, pinging my clitoris with an exquisit, wet, slap until his huge mushroom shaped belled in was again resting at my entrance ready for the next stroke...
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Nice one. Keep going.

I Love japanese girls
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The entrance to my pussy was tight and stretched to the limit but his huge presense there. I looked down and could see a huge twitching bulge there and put my hand on it. I could feel him inside me and my overstretched vagina spreading and sliding over his tip to try and accomodate him better. His hand crept over mine and guided me reluctantly to my clit where one touch sent me into orgasm again.

It was so explosive this time that my knees slipped off the armrests and my whole weight was impaled on his cock. This sent me slowly down his shaft, shuddering as each fold in my pussy caught, resisted and gave way to his massive tool. Each millimetre I decended sent waves of electric shivers up through my body and into my brain. My legs twitched and convulsed in ecstacy, increasing the sensation with every kick until I was resting once again at the base of his cock.

He began lifting me up again but this time, when he came to withdraw he was stuck fast. I tried to suggest something but I couldn't talk as even that slight movement shifted my position and triggered off even more pulses of delicious sensations. I could only gasp consent as he thrust two fingers into my backside in order to extricate himself.

I could feel the flesh between his fingers and his cock stretch paper thin as he pulled hard to draw me off his cock. The small gap this opened up at the mouth of my pussy allowed my juices to spray out onto his thighs. The delicate shimmering feeling of this started my fourth orgasm almost before my third had subsided and pushed even more juice down through me, easing my passage up until his tip was resting at my entrance again.

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There was now so much lubrication from the mingled juices of his cock and my pussy that I was able to thrust myself up and down his shaft, with some effort. The feeling of his cock sliding in and out of my hole in long long strokes was delicious and I was soon coming again and again. My efforts seemed to be making his cock even bigger until it feel like I had an arm up me. I was lost in my own ecstacy until his hand on my shoulder, gripping tightly, told me he was approaching climax. And what a climax it was.

Suddenly he leant back and cried out in pleasure, but for a long moment nothing happened. As his cum coursed through his body he was frozen though I continued to pump away, then it happened. Never had I felt so suddenly full as my pussy bloated out, filling up with what felt like of gallons of his slippery pearl coloured spunk. He moaned deliriously again and was again frozen as another eruption of hot cum sped through him and out of his tip. Then another and another until my pussy could take no more and the tight seal of my pussy lips round the base of his cock was pushed aside by the pressure and the contents of my cunt cascaded down onto his groin, his chair and his floor.

The sudden loss of grip meant I slipped off him and into the growing puddle, at the same time his cock flipped out into the fresh air, and continued to send streams of come into the air and all over my backside. I turned to look at the magnificent sight and could only sit in awe as jets of hot sticky come splattered onto my face and chest, pushing me to the edge of one final orgasm and beyond.
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hung, husband

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