Sucking it with a vacuum cleaner?!

when I was very young, my neighbor, about a 1 yr older, asked one day if I jacked off. I had jacked a few times. I told him it was none of his business. he

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when I was very young, my neighbor, about a 1 yr older, asked one day if I jacked off. I had jacked a few times. I told him it was none of his business. he said, do you even know what I am talking about. I said yeah, and motioned to my cock and jacked with my hand. he said try using the vacuum cleaner. so a week went by and my folks were gone, I started to get the vacuum out and realized no way i was going to fit my penis in that little hose. another week or so, and the neighbor says, hey you ever try the vacuum thing? i told him yeah, and you must be a pencil dick to get yours to fit in the hose. he slugged me, not bad, but he never brought it up again. a year later, we all were peeing after drinking a bunch of beer, and God did not bless that neighbor. I did use a shop vac once and it did not have enough suction. I was married at the time and it was a lot, lot better to talk nice to my wife, go in the bedroom and get a real BJ.
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THaha there's no shame in finding different ways to get yourself off if no one else is around..

However, there is no way your cock would fit up a vacum cleaner pipe unless your on the average side on girth..
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Originally Posted by mandoman View Post
I went to high school with someone who tried it, and got injured by the blade.
When they asked at emergency, he said, "I fell on a nail".

There are some vacuums that have a fan in the hose to provide additional suction power.

I guess maybe they should start thinking about moving the fan further into the hose if guys are going to start using them for masturbating. LOL
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Oh Great, NOW you tell me not to do it !

I would rather die on my feet,
than live on my knees.

The problem is......
Some people are book smart but reality stupid.

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This is one seriously fucking helpful answer. Well done.

Originally Posted by jhnholmes View Post
There is a correct way to do this.
1. buy a 1 ft. section of pvc pipe, ( diameter size to match you dick) it should be snug, but not tight ... you need to let LITTLE air get buy.
2. find out what size the end of the vacum hose is and by a pvc reducer to attach to your pipe ... may take more than one size reducer to get down to the vacum tube.
3. drill 3 ... 1/4 in. holes in the 1 ft. section near the end that attaches to the vacum ... make them in a line from the vacum straight towards your cock.
4. make the holes no more than 1/2 in, apart. DON'T BLOCK THE HOLES with the sleve from the next piece of reducer.

The holes act as a pressure regulator and you cover and uncover them as needed with you hand gripping the pipe. If the pipe has enough space around your cock to alllow air to pass by to the vacum you set up a vortex of air flow ... IT VIBRATES YOUR COCK. Open and close the holes to create the desired vibration. you don't need to glue the pvc together ... each picece just fits into the next. To get the maximum effect make the last piece(where you cock goes) a 90 or 45 degree bend and then the tube with the holes. As you cock goes into the angled pvc the vibrations can be incredible. Because you control the vacum pressure (Holes) you can move you cock in and out to create a pulsing vibration ... You can't last long so be prepared to open the hole and allow the bypass so you can relax a little and close them to cum.

Cost ... less than $20 of pvc

John Holmes
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I have used a Vac cleaner for ages...yes you need to add a pipe to increase the tube diameter. I started in my teens ( I am now 55) with an old electrolux and could not believe how big and thick my cock could get..

I also have a very large tube I add to the Vac so I can put my balls in as well....sure makes all HUGH.....

Still enjoy it

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