Black Guys, hung?

This may have been covered elsewhere, but I have to ask. Are black guys bigger on average than other races. I'm from England and from my experience Black men ARE bigger. When I'm in a

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This may have been covered elsewhere, but I have to ask. Are black guys bigger on average than other races. I'm from England and from my experience Black men ARE bigger. When I'm in a sauna or locker room the black men who I encounter carry more cock. Yes of course they are Black guy's who are smaller and Caucasion men who are also big. But, I think if there was a scientific test carried out, it will show that black guys on average are the race with the biggest cocks. I've never seen an oriental guy who was well-hung.
What do other people think?
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That is because on average, black men are hung better in the soft state (showers), but on erection it all equals out. And it seems that you are seeing these men in the flaccid state.

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bigyella: I've had only one experience with one black guy he was no larger than most white men I'd been with
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I don't understand this constant intrigue with racial stereotyping about dick size. Here's the universal truth that you can count on: "Some are" and "some aren't" very well hung! That applies to all races.

Please explain to me what benefit is derived from thinking one race or ethnic group or nationality is better hung than another. Are you looking to PREJUDGE in searching for big dicks? If so I say enjoy your prejudices and let the rest of us take them as they cum. And my belief is that the open minded will always find more winners.
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BigInsider: actually u are right.... Black men on average have larger penises both flaccid and erect. About 6.0 - 6.5 average compared to the 5.5-6.0 average of cacausians. not THAT much of a difference. And yes u would not completely be wrong to stereotype that asian men has smaller penises. about 5.0-5.5 average
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I'll simply report that at his very moment on adam4adam, I find 1 white guy hung over 9" online, and 25 black men. In my own personal experience, I've seen 2 white guys with truly towering erections in my whole life, but better than 10 black guys with immense dicks.
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kudo451: this debate has gone on a long time. But I think the problem for me is how you define "black" or "white". DNA-wise you would not be looking at the color of anyone's skin. because there is little or no difference between Latinos and Europeans or Africans and Middle Easterners. On a cellular level we are even more the same then we are different on the surface of our skin.

I think the real question comes down to are Europeans or Africans bigger. A long standing pissing contest that obviously carries huge racial baggage. Nevertheless, while some real studies show small differences most contend that there is no real difference in the two. And when you factor in the height and weight ratios for asians, I doubt there would be any big difference there either.

Maybe this will go over most peoples heads, but wouldn't it make more sense to ask the question by class comparison than by race? I have spied ALOT of cock in my day--flaccid and hard, and I have found that it is more likely a class thing than a race thing. Hard working and poorer class people have less to value in life, therefore a big warm cock in bed next to you at night is a likely way to find more satisfaction with the world. While wealthier class people place greater values on wealth and stability and would likely judge a man less on what he has between his legs and more on what he has gathered and maintained in life.
I know this all seems far out there but hey, it kinda makes sense to me.

Just my two cents
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This stereotype gopes waaaay back to the days of slavery and has simply been perpetuated by folks on both sides of the racial divide--and by porn movies as well. I can certainly recall enough joking from both ends during bar talk and at the babershop.

A fellow LSPGer asked me this same question a while back and I honestly told him that I didn't not think it to be true. I've seen maybe 5 other guys (erect) and only one of them was bigger than me. Some are, some aren't. The assumption seems to be (from most of the people I have met) that I am hung simply b/c I am Black. But we all know wat happens when we assume...

LexPSG. 2004-2010. What a ride.

"The hardest thing in life is to want what you have."

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I've got some Black friends and I'm bigger than they are, and guess what? I'm White. I'm so tired of this racial thing. There are hung guys in every race and there are tiny guys in every race. Who cares what you are if you're hung, it truly doesn't matter what you are or what you have if you don't know how to use it or if you act like a dick. Be cool and use what you've got well and the race won't matter. As a person of mixed European heritage (I'm a mutt), I could claim that it was my Italian, my French, my Irish, or my German (I've never heard anything about the Swiss being well hung) that gave me my big dick. It probably came from generations of good genetics cross breeding. Who knows what else got mixed in 1000 years back. I know that part of my family went from Flanders to Ireland sometime around the year 1100, and I know that my family from Venice were merchant traders to Spain and North Africa, so God only knows who those people married or had children by and brought into the gene pool. LOL

The point is, racial stereotyping is so small minded. Genetics has everything to do with penis size. If a family is predisposed to have big dicks they are going to have them, regardless of what their skin color is. If they are Black, White, Green or Purple, who cares--the dick doesn't know color, it develops independently of what the outer color is. Here in the US, at least, many Black people are of mixed race, having some White, Native American and even Mexican blood in them. One of my friends grandmothers was 1/2 Cherokee and his great grandfather was 1/4 White. He is hung a little thicker than me, but not quite as long.

So just because a person is Black doesn't mean that they are going to be hung and justbecause a person is White doesn't mean they are going to be average. That whole mindset just makes me so mad because it's just ignorant.

Bless your little racist hearts.

Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad.
Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)
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Well, it all depends. Like how no Indians have type B blood. So there are genetic differences, just really trivial ones until you need a blood transfusion.

That being said, the stereotypes about certain races being better-hung goes back to popular fears about "stealing" white women.
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I have had encounters with men of all races and I must say that in most cases, the black men were never dissapointing :P

I found most of black men are awesome in bed too!!!
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Hapi Papi: All I gotta say is...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm reminded daily.
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Here we go AGAIN!! :wacko: :wacko:
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I seriously doubt black guys are inbred enough to be all large; we know white guys aren't inbred enough to be all anything, and the DNA data certainly suggest more inbreeding in western Europe, even differences between places like England and Wales.
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We need to have a pinned FAQ that includes questions like this.
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black, guys, hung

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