Guys in Dorms

Hey guys, Just wondering for those of you living in dorms, do you seen guys walking around in just their briefs much? I'm just kinda surprised at how many guys in my dorm prefer briefs

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Guys in Dorms

Hey guys,

Just wondering for those of you living in dorms, do you seen guys walking around in just their briefs much?

I'm just kinda surprised at how many guys in my dorm prefer briefs to boxers or boxer briefs, wondering if it's isolated since i go to school in a city, or if my generation had truly turned back to briefs.

Hung guys wear them around here, not worried at all about their big bulges showing, and not so hung guys wear them too, not caring how they don't fill them out.

Just Curious,
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i live in a dorm and have never seen a dude that wears "briefs". Everyone I ever met except my grandpa (who doesnt live in my dorm btw lol) wears boxers or at least tighty boxers. nobody wears tighty whities. Sorry to ruin your fantasy.
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at my school it's boxers or boxer briefs...and yess they're in their undies quite often. I'm head ra in a freshman hall....need i say anymore?
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It wasn't that long ago that I was in college. I have to say that most guys wore boxers or boxers briefs. All very casual. In my frat house the same thing, though I would always try to get away with just my birthday suit.

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i'd say 60% boxers, 30% boxer briefs, 10% other (whities, bikinis, jocks)
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So its common to see guys in the dorm in their underwear? Roomies too? Seems pretty casual, that's cool!
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when i was a freshman my roommate and i would both sleep naked
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When I was in college and in the dorm, I/we walked from our rooms down the corridors to the gang showers/restroom naked. Some guys wore briefs or boxers but most naked and hung out with each other naked too. No big deal, it was all guys of same age.
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My experience is a lot like Ejacman's. When I was living in the college dorm, it was fairly common for us guys to walk from our rooms down the hall to the gang showers in the mornings either naked or with a towel draped around us. As far as the briefs versus boxers issue, I think it was an approximate 50/50 split between guys wearing briefs and those wearing boxers. I wore briefs and still do!
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Everyone here walks around in pants or shorts, no nudity or underwear, I really dont care, just answering the thread

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gosh id love to see guys walk around in just briefs
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When I lived in the dorm (2001-2002) ALL of the guys wore either boxers or boxer briefs. My floor was 96 freshmen, 64 men. No briefs. A lot of the guys walked around the men's sections wearing just boxers and a t-shirt quite often. Most of the guys went to the showers in boxers or a wrapped towel.
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Dear Nick,

I just wonder is all.


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Definitely boxer briefs at SDSU.
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Originally Posted by hesastar18 View Post
gosh id love to see guys walk around in just briefs
Has been so long ago it's hard to remember just who wore what style however this one dude (Wendell) wore tighty whities. I never saw him nude - but wanted to. He'd come to the room and "entertain" us by getting on the edge of one of the beds, throw his legs up and light his farts!

He looked like he was nicely endowed and I could see he was cut.

briefs, bulge, cock, dorms, guys

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