how does a flat chested woman fuck?

I hope i am in the right forum here. I am an attractive woman except for having a cup breasts. When i was younger i was more confident because i thought my sex partners liked

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how does a flat chested woman fuck?

I hope i am in the right forum here. I am an attractive woman except for having a cup breasts. When i was younger i was more confident because i thought my sex partners liked me but now my husband and i for about 5 years have virtually no attraction. Well what i mean is that although i did feel that he was strongly attractedto me then he cant fake attraction for me now. Clearly he has to force himself to look at me and he never ever reacts to me visually. I am a former model and my body is very skinny i guess i look body wise like Erica Badu- very skinny with somewhat of a butt. I am wondering what to do when i have sex as i feel stupid when i am on top and he never wants to look at me like before or when we have sex he never wants to use mirrors like before or even ever look at me. If i playfully move my eyes and head to be in his vision when he is looking away he gets very angry and makes derisive faces.

I am not that old- 39 barely old enuf 4 milf porn. I am losing confidence in my man who will look around and away when i am naked. I feel sexy and beautiful when i am alone, but something has flipped a switch for us as he went from getting excited from seeing me naked for several years then one day wham when i was showing him my body he made a disgusted face and said i should not expect to get sex just from showing him my body. From then on for 5 years he does not look me in the eye and avoids coming in the bedroom with me and looking at me and when we have sex he closes his eyes the whole time and has to force himself to look at me. I can tell and feel his disgust for me as it is such a contrast to what our sex was before. I have tried to speak with him about it but it seems to hurt him so i stopped bringing it up. Why make him hate me more. He constantly says he loves me btw.

btw i dont look all that different than my 20s and i weigh less than in my 20s (5'6" 110 lbs currently) redblonde hair green eyes. When i did oral with my former boyfriends they said things like 'YOU CAN KNOCK A MAN DOWN" AND Wow you are the best at oral and similar comments. When i blow my man he doesnt want to watch and he never EVER initiates any type of sex. i feel like he doesnt want me and i would rather masturbate than take the humiliation of his low interest. He says he never masturbates even tho we went a year without sex recently and all because i refused to initiate sex so he never initiated sex either. Is there a way for a flat girl in a big booby sex world can find sex techniques that makes him want me? i am confident except when with him. He says he wants never to leave when i tell him it is ok to leave if he feels bad staying with me. i am not some insecure psycho that is creating this by making him resent me with complaining, This is simply about his sudden and persistant lack of attraction after a history with me earlier of sustained and strong attraction.
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i find that i prefer A-B cup breasts.
i just like how they fall on female skeletal structure.

you sound hot...he is most likely going through something he
is ashamed to put on the table.

how do you comment about him?
did you ever humiliate him?
maybe something you thought was nothing, but
he thought was something.

either that or he is just whacko about sexual anxiety.
does he gawk at girls that are like you or girls that look
like pamela anderson?
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It is not you who is the problem, it is your husband. Five years is a long time for him to treat you with scorn and use you like a convenient hole. You two need counseling, and he is not making LOVE to you. He might have secrets too that he is hiding.

I had an A cup chest until my first child and breastfeeding. Then it grew to D and has since gone back to B. Just somthing for you to consider. I think your husband would not change if you suddenly grew breasts bigger.

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Your boobs or lack thereof are not the problem. He is. I hate to be negative with a newbie but my guess is that he is having an affair. Either that or he is experiencing some sort of biological/chemical imbalance. Either way I strongly suggest couples counseling.

Boobs are not necessary for sex. Plenty of women are flat chested and have great sex lives. I know cause I was one of them. When I was in my 20's my 5'8" 125 lb frame sported 34AA boobies and I was able to fuck like a bunny. Men loved my perpetually perky tits. I've gained a bit of weight and have become a small but still perky 36B. Still no problem with having sex.

It should be noted that many women have radical mastectomy's and DO NOT have reconstructive surgery. They may have some initial embarassment with a new partner; but they have very satisfying sex lives. You need to work on your self-esteem. Where on earth did you get the idea breasts were a mandatory part of sex.

A large, pretty penis is a wonder to behold.

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Hey, I L-O-V-E small boobs. I love slim in-shape woman. Moreover, a person's sexuality lies more in their attitude, much more than their body. Sex is more brain stuff than body stuff. This shouldn't be a problem at all. Clearly your self image has taken a knock because of his attitude. I wonder what's going on in his head? Please restore your self confidence - it shouldn't depend on his approval.

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not a thing wrong with you at all! if he's having some issue, then he should own up to it and the two of you should work it out...or if you can't and it's driving a wedge between you, find someone who CAN appreciate you for everything you have to offer. i'm sure it won't be difficult. :)

"While most books on sex say that penis size doesn't matter, there are two groups of people to whom it does matter. One group includes almost every male alive. The second group includes every woman who derives sexual pleasure from intercourse."

-The Guide to Getting it On.
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your boobs aren't the problem.
it's your hubby who is having some sort of internal sexual crisis. if you had DDs he'd be the same right now.

love is a lie
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D_Ellerby Eatsprick

You clearly sound unhappy and NEED to talk with your husband and put everything out on the table, him especially. Tell him exactly what you have told us. It's not your breasts at all. It's him and he needs to tell you.

I'm sorry you have to go through this.
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I agree, you aren't the problem, your husband is.

And I agree that if you had C's he'd probably be acting the same way right now for who knows what reason.

Likewise if you were with someone else or one of those old BFs, I bet they'd be appreciating your beautiful body.

Don't let this guy suck the life out of you. You're a young sexy woman. Talk him into counseling or move on.
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I disagree with the statements that "he" is necessarily "the problem".

I think the problem is your relationship.

I hope I'm not being too blunt in saying that I think your relationship is on the rocks, and that it has nothing to do with the size of your breasts and everything to do with the mental attraction you and your husband have (or, in this case, are lacking).

I think it's past time you speak with him candidly about your relationship. Get to the bottom of what is really causing this disconnect for him. And I promise you, it is not your cup size.

he is like totes adorbs
totes mcgotes
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My first intinct was he can't look at you because he feels guilt. I'd wonder if he's having an affair. Obvioulsy I could be wrong but it was my first thought.

I have small breasts and there are some men who love them.

Narcissists need not apply....Seriously!
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As has been said. Your body has nothing to do with your problems. Many including myself love small boobs. Your body sounds perfect. The two of you need to get into counseling immediately.

Personally I think that your relationship is damaged beyond repair, but you need a professional to really figure it out.
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why do you think it's about your boobs?
is it perhaps easier than acknowledging real issues.

love is a lie
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You have got to stop blaming this on your body. To think that it's because you have small breasts is just you being self destructive. Lets get this clear. I really like tits. My wife had a fabulous pair of 34DDs which were her best physical asset, and they were a big proportion of her physical appeal to me. But she lost them a few years back due to breast cancer. I still want to fuck her. I still initiate sex. Losing her breasts, plus all the other side effects of the cancer treatment ie. losing her hair (which has never grown back properly) and a whole host of other problems, did have an impact on our sex life. But we love each other and I have done my best to find ways of encouraging and supporting her through all this, and we are winning. Of course I don't find her body as attractive as I used to but we have to be realistic about the aging process and what happens along the way.

As is often the case for former models, ballerinas, etc. you have probably become more fixated on your looks than you realise, and your feelings of self worth are weighted too heavily towards how you look, rather than what you do. This can take on the proportions of a narcissistic fixation which you take everywhere you go - especially into the bedroom, where it may be the thing that is freaking your husband. You're looking for reinforcement which he was once able to give to you, but your need is becoming greater and greater and it's repelling him. The idea that you pop yourself into his field of vision and try to make him look at you makes me want to cringe, just like he probably does. Having said all that, I don't think he's helping things by simply backing away from you. You guys badly need to work on your relationship and I strongly agree with other posters here when they advise getting some marriage counselling. Obviously, if there is anything he isn't telling you about, this needs to come into the open, but I think you have to be prepared to confront yourself over problems with self image. I wish you luck, and please post here again with an update on your progress.

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No hun its not your boobs that are the problem. Seek marriage counselling about this cos your relationship with your husband is failing. He knew you were an a cup when he married you so that cannot be a problem now. Bigger tits does not = better sex life.
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chested, flat, fuck, woman

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