How does it feel for a big guy to be fucking someone petite?

Who here likes to fuck petite girls or guys?

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How does it feel for a big guy to be fucking someone petite?

Who here likes to fuck petite girls or guys?
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I love all women personally. The only problem with petite girls is that sometimes they can't take much at all.
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Most of the time its like trying to stuff a 2x4 through a keyhole

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Originally Posted by Ironstud View Post
Who here likes to fuck petite girls or guys?
I totally love short men.

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I'm 5'6 and I prefer being the bigger guy: little guys rock my world.

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Little girls are great for climbing on top of things. The problem is they don't do much once they get up there.

They were made for average guys.

Another thing, though, is when you're reciprocating: everything is all in the same relative area. If you want to suck on her toes or nibble on her ears or fondle her breasts or just go down on her you never have to travel too far.

Perhaps it's the convenience and frugality of design that some guys are into.

If you're into small dudes I guess the same concepts apply.

This, of course, is only half-serious.

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Originally Posted by Bbucko View Post
I'm 5'6 and I prefer being the bigger guy.

You are the bigger guy.

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An ex of mine was a little shorter then me, but much scrawnier, (he was a recovering annorexic) i remember that the only time we had sex, i remember it being a mixed experiance, his flexability and willingness to be a little rough with me was briliiant and it felt great to have him face fucking me for example and being able to pull him in close to me etc.

but i remember the actualy anal sex being a little dissapointing, my ex partner had a decent sized girth (above average but smaller then mine) and he was average possibly a little below in girth, i enjoyed the sex, but he didnt last long and it didnt do masses for me because i was used to a bigger dick
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i had a few romps with a considerably petite friend of mine last year...and i have to say, it was pretty fucking hot. hadn't really been with that body type before, so there was some cool "newness" to the experience, but beyond that even she was just a dynamo lover. and as big as i normally feel, watching her smaller frame take my cock made me feel enormous. the fact that she had trouble taking it but was still so eager to try one that big (she says i'm still by far the biggest she's been with...and given the nature of our friendship, she has little cause to lie) just made it even moreso!

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I'm tall 6'5" and dated and fucked some little gals when I was younger. 85 to 95 lbs. one was exquisitely beautiful 5' 2" 90 lbs. I could just pick her up, she would put her arms around my neck. i would hold her legs, and we would fuck standing up. she seldom wore underwear or a bra, we would fuck just about anywhere. we would go out drinking, step out back of a bar to smoke a joint. next think I know, I'm balls deep. I'm 7.25 x 6.25 and she had no problem handling me. sometimes, by the nites end, we had fucked 4-5 times, especially in the summer time. we would just go home and crash, as opposed to can't wait to get home and fuck. we were "caught" a couple times by other couples, bar patrons, but when you're both in the throws of passion, ya gonna stop? NOT. we heard comments such as, 'what are they doing? ohhh!!! I didn't know you could do that!!!!" this was mid 70's, she was on the pill, no hiv back then, used no condoms. gee, I'm rock hard just remembering her. wish we could stay young forever.
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It actually feels better than most "normal size" women. Although if the normal size woman has massive tits and knows how to fuck then not even a petite girl comes close.

It's good when fucking a petite girl to think "where are you putting it all?" or for them to be on top of me and me with my arms around them, hold them down on my cock and thrusting my hips skyward and my cock all the way into them. Occassionaly I will hold my hips up in the air and keep them there.

You can do the same thing with any size girl of course but its better with petite girls, especially reverse cowgirl. More of a wow factor.

Incidentally, in my experience petite girls take the cock a lot better than other women. I think maybe because they're hornier and they get off on big cocks more?

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Originally Posted by Ironstud View Post
Who here likes to fuck petite girls or guys?
I'm 6'2" and 202. There is something erotic about a size difference. That being said, I prefer guys beefier than me. I have tagged some guys that are shorter than I and that is hot as well. Being able to manhandle someone in bed is HAWT.

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I know how I feel!
like a hood ornament on freight train... XD
I usually only date guys over 6'...
I'm only 5'3"...
so it works... XD
tallest guy I ever dated was 6'7"...
barely came up to his elbow...
that was almost too much...


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625Girth and Incocknito - Thank you from a petite woman. I'm 5 feet 2 and can do anything the big girls can do!
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I love little girls. No not in a sick way, small women. All of my serious relationships have been with petite girls. I love their tight little asses and the way they look like they're really struggling to take a big cock. Even if they really aren't, the loosest woman I was with was only 90lbs.
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big, feel, fucking, guy, petite

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