Jacking while high

I'm 30 now but I've pretty much been high on weed everyday since I was about 14. I love jackin while high, it feels great. Also through my teen years I did lots of drugs

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I'm 30 now but I've pretty much been high on weed everyday since I was about 14. I love jackin while high, it feels great. Also through my teen years I did lots of drugs and have jacked off while on most of em. Hmmm, let me think back.... Acid (after peaking and starting to come down) was pretty freakin sweet and took forever to come! Speed (methamphetamine) was similar to acid but didn't seem as beautiful. lol Ecstacy was just like speed. Cocaine was kinda hard to get a hard on and took forever to come. All these hard drugs made my cum more clear and watery. But nowadays its just the pot and the booze that do it for me.
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its the greatest when there were no females around i used to do this all the time
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Originally Posted by Man-thango View Post
I always get huge hard-ons after smoking and then spend hours jacking until I shoot like a lawn sprinkler. Yesssss!
A RainBird, I presume?
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I have always had the most powerful orgasms while stoned. The sensations when jerking off are especially intense;I feel each throb of my cock in a way I never do while straight. My hardon feels much heavier and bigger than normal. In high school, we partied almost every night, which meant I had an intense wanking session almost nightly when I got home. I remember a great technique I developed while very high: I would lie naked on the floor of my bedroom, roll back on my hips until my hard cock was positioned right over my open mouth, and shoot the biggest load down my own throat.
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i used to get the best orgasms while high
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One of my favorite activities. Sex while high can be pretty ridiculously great, too. However, I take a really long time to cum (sober) so this can turn lengthy sex into marathon sex.

Really love watching porn, getting baked and getting lost in gangbang fuck scenes.

A buddy taped me jacking high last fall: Check it out.

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Getting lit just makes me horny and makes me hard, so of course if I wasnt without pussy in times of being high, I sure as hell jerked, and the stimulation while being high is amaaaaazing!

-_ I Got Dope Dick _-

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extremely intense orgasm

PM what you think about my pics!
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Awsome thread, i love getting high and playing with myself. I just fired up the volcano, going to enjoy the morning.
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ritualistically cock in left hand doob in the right sometimes upto 3 times a day smoking always made me feel hornier and make me produce more precum when im jacking,sometimes i can go for 3 hours and erupt the biggest loads with intense orgasm,love sex high too but nothing beats a bj and a dooby
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Big fan here as well......love the infinite variety of sexual sensations while high. It's like a microscope has been added to your perceptions of sexual sensations....I LOVE sexual sensations.
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D_Sharretonne Schlongue
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so good stoned... bueno!
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D_Lanksesbye Sleepingrawe
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Haven't been high in over a decade (gave it up all forms of chemical enhancement because of unstable brain chemistry, long story), but I used to always masturbate when stoned. It made me horny, it lowered my inhibitions, and (granted it may have been an illusion) it made me even bigger and harder. It also seemed to double the length of orgasms and increase the intensity. Definitely happy memories.
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I love smoking up with a guy and then deepthroating his cock to base
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Marry me!!
Originally Posted by b0b3rt831 View Post
I love smoking up with a guy and then deepthroating his cock to base
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high, jacking, stoned

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