Wrestlers Penis's

So I was flipping through the channels and ran across some of the fake wrestling and seen some the guys in speedo's and noticed that 100 percent of the wrestlers i saw had small cocks,

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D_Barrasse Brickdick
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Wrestlers Penis's

So I was flipping through the channels and ran across some of the fake wrestling and seen some the guys in speedo's and noticed that 100 percent of the wrestlers i saw had small cocks, does anyone notice that or does anyone have pics of some with large cocks to prove me wrong?
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Those guys are huge and they are running around and shit which typically makes you turtle up a bit. I think it's hard to tell whether or not they're big unless you get them aroused.

Then again, they probably juiced a ton and have shrinking junk. Who knows. Who cares.
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I know an ex wrestler with a 9x6...
I sure asked him how did he managed to hide it in those thight outfits when competing and etc? He said he did not or could not hide it..
he was not a tall man..although muscular and fit..his penis look huge to his body frame and hanged dow his leg beautifuly while semi hard .. ..anyways.. he did look like the "eggplant man prank" but for real..LOL
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Adrenaline/fight hormones?
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Well I think they appear small because the guys are involved in some intense physical activity. The roids might play a factor as would, I guess, them tucking them in good to not look too obscene. Pro Wrestling does mostly try to appeal to younger, straight men and boys.

I haven't found any pictures, but there are some guys who look bigger than average: D'angelo Dinero always comes to the ring looking packed...Chris Sabin as well (I actually bought a pair of his tights from him and there is a lot of room up front) and Cody Rhodes.

Apparently, according to Bobby Heenan, Andre the Giant was quite popular with the ladies because of his penis size... which as much as I loved Andre, I would not want to see that.

Sean Morley, whose gimmick was a porn star, didn't look huge but didn't look small either. Plus there are a lot of wrestlers who wear loose tights.

Here's a video with Shawn Michaels sported a huge bulge, though he admited later it was filled with gauze.

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simply average does look small at those tall guys?

He who has many words says nothing of worth
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Check out the SOTM (Straight Off The Mat) videos.
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Check out the pics of our member killercock. He's a wrestler and he is definitely hung.
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Talking about WAL (without a link) videos...lol...

I am going try to find a capoeira video I found couple years ago..with a line of capoeira fighters.. some with exquisite beautiful hard hard/thick thick donga/sticka/dicka/etcs..fat bulges..& all wearing the traditional white pants..of course.

xo if you have an ok bulge and high5xoxo's.. if you have a fat one !!!

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There bodies massive size can easily make their packages look small. Plus being all sweaty can sometimes cause shrinkage.

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Roids will make your penis shrink...

Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam.
(I have a catapult. Give me all your money, or I will fling an enormous rock at your head)

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Nigel McGuinness (also known as Desmond Wolfe) also appears to have a nice sized package.
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Apparently the black wrestler called 2 Cold Scorpio is hung. Mick Foley has stated that he was the biggest he ever seen.
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Like most people, they are in the average range, which people consider "small" for some reason. This goes for almost everyone that shows a bulge- fake wrestlers, real wrestlers, swimmers, other athletes, guys at the beach, nudity in non-porn movies,etc.

Most people don't show much of a bulge because most people dont have a bulge to show. An average flaccid penis and average testicles don't really bulge. And probably 90% of all males fall into that range. Plus most bulges are balls. I can be up to around 7" warm flaccid and not show at all even in tight shorts. I imagine the average 3-4" guy doesn't show anything.

Plus as others have said, a 3-4" penis looks tiny on a 6'+ 300lb guy.
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