Eczema On Penis?

Is it possible? It wasn't too bad (had it for about a week) but today it looks like a fucking horror film. I don't usually get eczema but thinking about it there's a patch of

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Eczema On Penis?

Is it possible?

It wasn't too bad (had it for about a week) but today it looks like a fucking horror film.

I don't usually get eczema but thinking about it there's a patch of dry/irritable skin on the back of my knee...and I was putting sudocrem on it last night (rubbing it) and then I put some sudocrem on my penis as well.

So I'm thinking maybe that's how it spread. Today I've put moisturiser on my penis because its that bad.

Is there anything else I can do? I want it to go away asap.

We haven't had any heating in the house for two weeks and that seems to be about the time it started. I'm assuming eczema thrives in cold environments?

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soaking in warm salt water sea salt is best diet and stress play a part eliminate chocolate and fatty foods
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I did go on a chocolate binge recently...

I've been putting moisturiser on it, it seems to be clearing up.

One more reason for me to start eating fruit. Thanks for the advice.

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The best lotion for eczema in my opinion (and what was recommended by my doctor) is Cetaphil. I had a breakout on my body that seemed like it was nearly overnight that ended up being eczema...within a few days of using Cetaphil, it was healed up. Hopefully yours is better by now, but if not, you might want to give it a try!
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I had a few patches of eczema on my arm and saw doctor about it. A few months later, I had a patch develop on the glans of my penis. I also saw a doctor about that.

He suggested a steroid cream. I can't remember the brand name of an over-the-counter product, but you could ask any pharmacist. I think the max strength is a 2% cream, but if that doesn't work, you can get a prescription strength. My doctor wanted me to try the over-the-counter strength first. Steroid creams will reduce nerve sensation, and when that's on the glans of your penis, not a very desirable side-effect. Mine went away after using it for just a few days (sometimes you need to use it for a few weeks).

Moisturizers alone will not work.
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i suffer from eczama in regions all over my body... and sad to say that sometimes include those bits. Do not use those steroid creams on that region, as stated by my doctor and the label on the creams, can do more harm then good.

There is no one simple solution to this problem, as well as causes of it.... weather and diet play a major part of it... and with winter becoming more prominent, eczama will definitely start to show up. My major contributing factor is my diet.. i am a vegetarian so my diet is very acidic.. and i notice when i dont balance my diet my eczama starts to really bother me.

Pretty much to start... your going to need to lotion up alot.. all the time... mornings, afternoons and before bed. also your going to need to get some mild soap..something that says something about sensitive dry skin on it.. and when you shower, keep it short and not too hot, cause showers actually dry out and rob your skin of moisture.

i also recommend that you go see your doctor... he'll probably say all the same stuff, and might be a little embarrassing, but it beats not knowing that you might have something else serious that can lead to some serious problems in the future.

its not much but i hope it helps... i feel your pain... i was pretty much paralyzed from it at its peak.. the constant rubbing from my underwear and pants during the day would make layers of skin rub off :(
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I agree it gets worse in winter.

It's unfortunate we're getting contrary advice. My doctor suggested a steroid cream, but in moderation because of the long term numbing effect. But it was also said to me that this is the best remedy. After only a few days of using this product, mine has never come back (2 years now).

As for lotions, I tried almost all of them. Vaseline intensive care, Nivia, Kheil's, and several others with absolutely zero results. I don't believe I tried Cetaphil as suggested by a previous poster
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I used to get really bad eczema too, but my doctor prescribed a cortisone cream, it helps a bit, but it ages your skin, your skin loses its elasticity. But Cetaphil is alright, for being a non-prescription.
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jeff black

A girlfriend of mine has it so bad, she had to get these special salts that she soaked her hands in three times a day, and wear special gloves.

I hope it doesn't get that bad for you, INC.

eczema, penis

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