Gary Griffin's Photo Sets

Hi guys! I came across a mouth-watering description of a pix collection-seems like the pix are on horsemensclub.com. Is anyone here a subsriber, or maybe someone has some of the described pix- I just wonder

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Hi guys! I came across a mouth-watering description
of a pix collection-seems like the pix are on horsemensclub.com.
Is anyone here a subsriber, or maybe someone has some of the
described pix- I just wonder if they come up to such a colorful

Gary Griffin's Super Hung Photo Sets
Welcome to my private collection of super hung photos. I have assembled an unbelievable collection of rare photos of hung men. Whether you prefer hairy, smooth, blond, dark, young, or mature, I've got what you're looking for. And best of all -- they're all HUNG! Each set contains five 3" x 5" photos -- many are in color, some in black and white, some close-ups, and some full-body shots

SET A COCKS IN JOCKS-- Meet 5 guys with cocks so huge, they pop right out of their jocks! Steve, a 28-year old accountant, pulls down his BVDs and displays a horse sized sausage. Mark, a 35-year old accountant stuffs a jock so full that he creates a male commotion at his gym. Geoff, a married salesman gets erect in his jockstrap His cockhead almost reaches his nipples! Ron, a hairy grad student jacks his wrist-thick uncut 10-incher while Scott, a hairy Turkish-American who enlarged his penis through the ancient Turkish "celik" method, shows off his throbbing 9" erection through tight bikini briefs.

SET B-l HORSE-HUNG BLACKS #1-- If you're into black men, these are the hugest around. You'll drool when you see Lee, who sports the thickest cock in the country (8 1/2"around!!!) Joe puts all other men to shame with a cock as thick as a man's forearm. No man or woman has yet been able to accommodate him anally or orally. Jack, a former pro football player, sports a thickly-veined, uncut cock that measures over 10 soft! Cedrick, a former Marine sergeant continually attracted stares of admiration from his boot camp charges who couldn't help but notice his foot-long black billy club hanging down the leg of his battle fatigues.

SET B-2 HORSE-HUNG BLACKS #2-- Jack has the most perfect cock ever found on a man--wrist-thick, 10" long, and beautifully-veined Only a professional sword swallower has deep throated him to the hilt. Reggie's huge uncut pole flops out of the fly of his suit trousers. Al gets his 9-incher sucked by a cock-crazed German. while Randy, a married donkey-dicked banker gets his manhole rimmed by a horny, hungry black stud.

SET B-3 HORSE-HUNG BLACKS #3-- Jack, "The Black Stallion" lies back, spreads his legs, and invites you to try your oral talents on his incredible l0-incher. Muhammed, a Sudanese soldier, shows off a foot-long monster that he enlarged as a child using the secret Arabic "Jelq" method passed down from father to son. Stan shows why he was nicknamed "The Black Bull" by his high school classmates.

SET B-4 HORSE-HUNG BLACKS #4-- This rare set from the 1970's shows five donkey- dicked black studs from New Orleans Nick's genuine 11" erection hangs to within a couple of inches of his knee. Bill, a hairy, mustachioed pilot, spreads his legs and shows off a 12 1/2" monster so huge that he can easily fuck himself. Gil's thick, erect 9-incher is a monument to perfection. George, a 22-year old cab driver occasionally shows his wrist-thick salami to his inquisitive riders for an extra big tip. Danny loves to watch hungry white men gag on his trophy- winning 10-incher.

SET B-5 HORSE-HUNG BLACKS #5-- Due to the overwhelming popularity of these hot photos of black men. here are five more rare photos you'll never see anywhere else Myron, a hairy-chested. Eddie Murphy look-alike, displays a delicious. suckable uncut 9-incher. while Bill, the hairy, handsome, and hung airline pilot, shows off his legendary penis that measures 11" SOFT! Lying on a couch. Benny's firehose completely arcs over his leg with his cackhead touching tha cushion In one of the most remarkable photos ever. Marcus bends over from the waist and sucks Off his unbelievable cock that is TWICE the thickness of John Holmes. His flaccid wander measures nearly 10" AROUND! This photo will certainly make the rounds at your next party.

SET C-1 CUT MONSTER MEAT #1-- If you love cut horsecocks with mushroom heads, check out these men. Rex, a hairy Texas salesman, sports an erect 9" cock that offers a challenge to the deepest throat. Steve, an Oregon veterinarian, holds up a ruler to his mammoth organ to verify its 11" length. Jim, a banker with a true 10" monster, gets serviced by a cock-hungry stud Phil unbuttons his 501 jeans and proudly displays the biggest mushroom head you`ll ever see!

SET C-2 CUT MONSTER MEAT #2-- Mike, a Maine fisherman has a two-fister cock which keeps his buddies entertained on overnight fishing trips. Craig, a blond Scottish banker, pulls down his BVDs and shows off a mouth-watering, thickly veined mule cock. Pandy, a married accountant, takes a piss through a thigh-slapping Polish sausage, and Petros, a Greek sailor with an incredibly thick penis dares you to open up wide and take it to the hilt!!

SET C-3 CUT MONSTER MEAT #3-- Gary has one of the longest cocks you'll ever see on a white man (12"!!) He's constantly in search of throats that can deep-throat him to the root. Ready to try? Jean-Paul a hairy, handsome Frenchman, unrips his Levis in one of the sexiest photos ever. Greg, a college football coach, shows off his HUGE cut salami with shaved pubes. Bob's wife divorced him because his cock was too large--she couldn't handle it all One look and you'll see why.

SET D-1 HAIRY & HUNG #1-- If hirsute men with huge organs rev your engines, here are two sets for you. Hans, a hairy-chested Dane, bends over and sucks his own 9" tubesteak (this will really get you off). Richard, a hunky, hairy truck driver, jacks his beer can-thick condomed spincter in one of the hottest shots ever. Brad, a Duke Univ. junior, has an erection so huge that it reached well past his navel. And Don, a hairy Wyoming rancher, sports the hugest uncut cock in the Rockies. This must be seen to be believed.

SET D-2 HAIRY & HUNG #2-- More horse-hung fur bears. George, a Greek hunk, lies on the bed with legs open, and exposes his mulecock. Ricardo, a married Cuban professor, displays a huge 11" erect fuckpole. Lars, an unusually-hairy Swede, sucks on a delicious 9" meet hose, while Mike, a 38-year old body-builder with a hairy chest, proudly shows off his huge, suckable, uncut cock.

SET D-3 HAIRY & HUNG #3-- Hairy Joe Fills up a vacuum pump to 10". Chuck spreads his legs while his horsecock dangles all the way down his ass crack before touching the bed. Bill, an air-traffic controller, shows off his hairy chest and thick, flaccid cock. Mike, with a thickly-haired chest, holds up a photo of a huge bodybuilder while showing off his own horsemeat.

SET E-1 ERECT DONKEY DONGS #1-- If you like cum-dripping, rock-hard erections, you'll love Steve, a muscular blond stud, who brandishes an unbelievable 10" weapon. Frank, a horny married fireman whose wife can't handle it all, unzips his Wranglers and shows an uncut treat you'll never forget. Peter, an English chemist sports the longest cock on the Thames. He has the kind of cock that most men only dream of possessing.

SET E-2 ERECT DONKEY DONGS #2-- Peter strokes his veiny two-fister (one of the hugest cocks in England) while Helmut, a 22-year old German, lies on the bed with a throat-gagging 9" hard-on. If you like succulent ass on a donkey-dicked stud, you'll drool over Brian. a 24-year old engineering student at Georgia Tech who gets no his hands and knees. Photographed from behind, he exposes a rock-hard 9 1/2" club and a puckered pink manhole in one of the most erotic photos ever.

SET E-3 ERECT DONKEY DONGS #3-- Rick, a college football player sports an 8 1/2" cut torpedo whose pubic hair was shaved off by his father (honest!) who is also the coach! Stewart, a pre-med student, cruises public urinals and loves to shock men with his 10" flaccid cock. Pete, the proud owner of a 9 1/2" horsecock (nearly the size of my forearm) smiles while stroking off his erection. And don't miss Ron, who has the largest mushroom head and pisshole you'll ever see.

SET E-4 ERECT DONKEY DONGS #4-- If the sight of hot, horny guys stoking their throbbing dicks turns you on, get this set and join in. George, a veterinarian jacks his 8" dong while Troy, a handsome pre-Med student strokes his pole with both fists. Phil, a humph 36-year old banker, soaps up is 9" missile in the shower and lets the cream fly. Poul, a Danish airline exec, needs two hands to jack his donkey cock.

SET F-l BIG-DICKED DADDIES #1-- Thor. a hairy. handsome 46-year old Danish pilot spreads his legs and shows off his delicious horsecock Larry. a 48-year old plumber with one of the thickest cocks in New York is the man you'll want to roto-rooter your clogged pipes! Don, a 50-year old Wyoming rancher has the largest cock (11") in the state. Pierre, a handsome. muscular French body builder will have you on your knees. Jim. a Marine drill Sgt. jogs nude along the beach with his huge fuckpole slapping against his thighs.

SET F-2 BIG-DICKED DADDIES #2-- Bill, a 55 year old hairy Italian Dad jacks his uncut cock and shows off his grapefruit-sized ballsac. Karl, a tall. hairy-chested Norwegian farmer displays his delicious 9" erect Viking cock. And don't miss three hot photos of Don. the Wyoming rancher with the 11" horsecock who has found only one man who could deepthroat him to the pubes (though hundreds have tried).

SET F-3 BIG-DICKED DADDIES #3-- Thor, the hairy Danish airline pilot. invites you to service his juicy cock and balls, while Richard, a Georgia farmer and father of 8 (who teaches his farmhands the fine art of cocksucking behind the barn) jacks his mule cock. Louis, a hot French physician with an ever hard phallus shows why his male patients look forward to their prostate exams. Karl, the Norwegian farmer, gets his huge cock sucked by a horny, married cock- hungry neighbor.

SET F-4 BIG-DICKED DADDIES #4-- Here's a corral full of mature, horse-hung European men. Manfred, a 45-year old Berlin banker strokes his 9" erection in bed. Klaus a hot 50 year-old mustachioed Danish leather- meister shows off his huge throat-gagger (his cockhead looks like a fireman's helmet). Peter. a hairy Dutch accountant (one of the most handsome men you'll ever see) lets us admire his toned, hirsute body. while Klaus, a rugged, hairy Icelandic fisherman, lies on the bed with a porno mag while his gargantuan harpoon arcs over his thigh- nearly touching the bed. You won't want to miss this one.

SET F-5 BIG-DICKED DADDIES #5-- If you've ever fantasized about horse-cocked granddads, here are rare photos guaranteed to get your juices flowing. Charles, a married 58-year old doctor, shows oft a genuine donkey dick that measures over 9" soft (no exaggeration). Martin, a hairy 54-year old executive. uses a yardstick to measure his 10-incher. Ray. a married 64-year old lawyer. shows off his 9 1/2" meathose and Petros, a silver-haired Greek grandfather, lies on the bed and shows off a huge, throbbing erection. Don't drop the soap in the shower in front of this man.

SET H-l HUGEST OF THE HUGE #1-- These are men who top the rulers at 10" or more Richard, a hunky lifeguard, sports an 11" pole. You won't believe how huge it is when it is soft. Barry's cock is so huge that an Army doctor once shot his load in his pants while discreetly examin- ing his incredible organ. Adam. a handsome Naval officer known as 'Horse' to his fellow officers, allowed me to snap this mouth-watering photo of his 10" wrist-thick torpedo.

SET H-2 HUGEST OF THE HUGE #2-- Mitch shows why he can only wear boxer shorts (they don't make briefs with pouches deep enough for him) Robert is the father of 7 sons (all hung like Dad) who loves to plough men or women who can handle him to the him. Jeff, a 20-year old basketball player shows off an incredible cock that hangs over 10" SOFT!

SET H-3 HUGEST OF THE HUGE #3-- Peter, an Air Force officer loves to watch young recruits as they stare at the donkey dick that hangs down the left pantleg of his trousers. Don, the "Wyoming Mule" is so huge that men have flown in from all over the world to see his incredible cock. Friends joke that even the cattle on his ranch keep their distance! Lee, an Irish architect soaks in the tub and shows off his beer-can thick cock.

SET H-4 HUGEST OF THE HUGE #4-- Bjorn a horsehung blond Swede. steps out of his 501s, revealing a 10" SOFT cock, big Viking balls, and delicious bubble butt. In the next photo, Bjorn sits spread eagle and jacks with two hands His incredible Scandinavian sausage puts Jeff Stryker to shame Back in his levi's he bends over from the waist to suck his throbbing erection. Jeff, a hot blond professional ski instructor grabs one of the country's thickest uncut cocks. His wife loves to watch him vacuum pump and then get plugged afterward The next shot shows his unbelievable erection. which nearly reaches his chest!

SET H-5 HUGEST OF THE HUGE #5-- Don & Dick, two smooth horse-hung paramedics, line up in the shower with throbbing erections waiting to be milked by a deep-throat. Hugh, a 29-year old attorney shows off a true 11" (from the top) erection. Fredrik, a hot German leather meister puts on his chaps and shows off his huge uncut fuckpole (one of the most beautiful cocks you'll ever see). Gary bends over to suck his own wrist-thick horsemeat, and Jim, a Venice Beach surfer strokes his 10 1/2" muledick.

SET L-l LEGENDARY ENDOWMENTS #1-- These must be seen to be believed Here are men who sport penises which can only be characterired as genetic aberrations. These are among the hugest cocks in the world. Remember "Long Dong Silver" from the Clarence Thomas hearings? See his 16" fuckpole. Next, meet the Texas Longhorn and his knee-length 15-incher. Rick, a hot, bearded trucker. shows off a cock as large as a man's forearm! These photos will definitely make the rounds at your next party.

SET L-2 LEGENDARY ENDOWMENTS #1-- Klaus, a 32-year old Dane, tops the rulers at 13" with his uncut monster. Brent, an athletic grad student shows off a foot-long erection in front of the Golden Gate bridge. Lee, a Texas farmer, unzips his fly and shows the beefiest wrist-thick cock you'll ever see. Don the Wyoming rancher proudly displays the largest cock in the Rockies. This 12-incher belongs in the Smithsonian!

SET M HUNG BODY BUILDERS-- If the sight of a big cock on a muscular body turns you on, check out Lothar. a champion German body-builder with a 52" chest and a pertect 8" uncut cock. Anders, a young tattoed Swedish muscleman, has a 9" Viking salami that matches his muscled body. Pierre, a handsome, blond body builder, loves to "flex" his huge love muscle for admiring men and women.

SET N-l BULL-BALLED MEN #1-- Here are men endowed with incredibly-huge balls or long, free-swinging ballsacs. Jack, a hot Australian, bends over and shows how far his suckable balls dangle down. Frank has a set of nuts that hang so low (halway to his knees) that he fits 33 (count 'em) cock rings around his sac. You won't see a photo like this anywhere else. Nick an Idaho trucker, hauls a pair of cue-ball sized testicles out of his jock, waiting for you to suck 'em dry.

SET N-2 BULL-BALLED MEN #2-- Rick bends over, spreads his cheeks, and shows off a pair of apple-sized balls. Ken has a pair of testicles the size of grapefruits! Frank (who should join the circus) shows an incredible sac that he stretches out nearly a foot! He loves to stuff his balls up his ass while jacking off. This has got to be the world record for low hangers!

SET N-3 BULL-BALLED MEN #3-- Here are five men who have developed their balls to incredible proportions through vacuum pumping. You'll see why these men have great difficulty in wearing traditional trousers. With balls like these, there are no briefs or athletic supporters made to hold such a basket. They range in size from goose-eggs to grapefruits. If you're into size, you'll cream your jeans on sight of these monsters.

SET N-4 BULL-BALLED MEN #4-- Here are monstrous-sized balls you may never see elsewhere in your lifetime. Ben compares two beer cans to his testicles (his balls are definitely larger). Fred pumps his balls in a custom-made vacuum chamber which sucks his cock in one tube and his mule-globes in another. Paul has the largest balls you`ll ever see. Each is larger than a grapefruit! Jack squats down and shows how his baseball-sized testicles hang down over a foot long. He has to be careful not to flush them down the john!

SET P-l HORSE-COCKED PUMPERS #1-- If you've ever been curious how men pump their cocks to gargantuan proportions, these photos will blow you away. Stan pumps to 9" AROUND (see for yourself) and Karl fills a 10" x 3" tube from wall to wall. Nick pumps his cock up thicker than a beer can. and Jay pumps up to 10" before heading out for the evening in tight white slacks. He has caused more than one traffic accident with this display of horse-cocked exhibitionism.

SET P-2 HORSE-COCKED PUMPER #2-- Scott, an Oklahoma trucker, slips his elephant trunk into a 12" x 4" tube. Ray, who has an incredible tattoed cock, fills a 3 1/2" diameter tube to a depth of 10". He goes to the health spa after pumping and loves to watch men ogle in disbelief at his arm-thick organ. George places a pump over his balls and pumps them while stroking his thick, cut cock.

SET P-3 HORSE-COCKED PUMPERS #3-- Two shocking photos of the Wyoming rancher with the foot-long branding Iron who pumps up nearly as large as his prize stallions. Andy pumps his cock and balls at the same time. filling a 4" diameter tube. Jacques, a French doctor in leather chaps, pumps his thickly-veined cock. Les, a hairy construction worker, pumps his huge cock and balls in the same tube.

SET P-4 HORSE-COCKED PUMPERS #4-- Fred, a hot, hairy daddy, has developed a unique pump system which pumps his cock in one chamber and his balls in another. If you're serious about pumping, you don't want to miss this. In the next shot, Fred shares a double-ended tube with a black stud. Their cockheads meet in the middle of the tube. Jeff, the ski instructor pumps In a 15" long tube. His cock comes to within 2" of the end. This is truly a one-in-a-million phallus.

SET S-l SELF-SUCKERS #1-- Dick is a married lawyer whose wife loves to watch him suck himself off. Bjorn, a Swedish Naval officer with the largest cock I've ever seen in Scandinavia (I've measured it at 11 1/4") sucks his own cockhead. This photo will make you shoot your load on sight. Bruce is so limber that he simply bends over from the waist and lustily devours his own 8-incher. Safe sex has never been so fun.

SET S-2 SELF-SUCKERS #2-- Go blow your own horn! Bjorn, the married Swedish Naval officer, performs more self-suck tricks with his legs over his head (he loves to have his balls and ass serviced while sucking that Viking firehose). Ron has been known to bend over in the sauna and suck himself off in front of horny, disbelieving onlookers. Francois. a hand- some French chemist (a Raul Julia look-alike), sucks himself off while torrents of cum flow down his cock If this photo doesn't make you cream your jeans, nothing will.

SET S-3 SELF-SUCKERS #3-- This is the most unbelievable set in the collection. In this series of photos, Chris, a 38-year old blond mechanic, bends over from the waist, and with the dexterrty of a contortionist, takes his cock inch by inch until it is completely down his own throat!! And this is no pencil dick. Chris sports an enviable 8 1/2" throat gagger. This man is so limber that he can even lick his balls and ass. You won't believe it until you see it.

SET T-l WORLD'S THICKEST COCKS #1-- Long cocks can be found anywhere, but honest beer-can thick throat stretchers like these are a rarity. These are one-in-a-million cocks like you've never seen before. Dirk, a prominent New York lawyer is the talk of his exclusive athletic club. I measured his meathose at 8" around!! Bill's cock is as thick as a man's forearm. Steve, a hairy carpenter, jacks his 9" x 8" condomed cock is one of the most erotic photos ever taken.

SET T-2 WORLD'S THICKEST COCKS #2-- Jay, an Australian rancher is so thick that only two men have dared accommodate him anally. Mark, a Texas A&M Sophomore is so thick that even his loose-fitting trousers can't hide his massive penis. Jeff's uncut cock is as big as his forearm (see for yourself). His wife handles every inch with ease and they're looking for a similar man to join in a three-way. Mike's cock is so huge that his buddies joke about how only a cow could handle him.

SET T-3 WORLD'S THICKEST COCKS #3-- Jeff`s cock is THICKER than a beer can. Steve, an Irish contractor with an unusually shaped cock is in demand by women who pay handsomely for his services. Don, a horse-dicked daddy was asked by his doctor If he could take a photo of his gargantuan cock for a urological journal. This shot will really get your juices flowing.

SET T-4 WORLD'S THICKEST COCKS #4-- Here's the famous Wyoming rancher again. He loves to hang out at the urinals of freeway rest areas. The sight of his beercan-thick penis has brought many horny married men to their knees. Doug's cock may not be the longest, but they don't come any thicker. Measuring 8"x8", this butt-buster is sought out by men a hundred miles around. Only veteran bottoms can open up wide enough to handle this monster In the next shot. you'll see a closeup of his uncut beauty dripping cum from the foreskin Dan holds his erection next to a telephone receiver (or comparison The receiver measures 8" Dan's huge, veiny, uncut throat-gagger wins by a two easy inches. In the next shot, you'll see Dan wearing a wristwatch around his erection The flexible band is stretched to its limits.

SET U-l UNCUT MONSTER MEAT #1-- If you like foreskins on massive meat, don't miss these photos Lance is so huge that it takes both hands to jack him. Alex, a married bi stud, unbuttons his 501's and reveals a thick, mouth- watering veiny cock that can't say no to a sword swallower Richard, a Denver doctor with a letJendary cock, loves to have his foreskin licked and sucked Be careful or he might want to examine your prostate with his rectum reamer!

SET U-2 UNCUT MONSTER MEAT #2-- Nicolas, a Greek sailor, has only seen two cocks larger than his. You'll want to get your tongue under that delicious overhang. Don loves to expose himself at public urinals and watch envious men go crazy. When flaccid, his uncut donkey dong hangs halfway to his knees. Jack, a handsome accountant has what I consider the worlds most perfect cock. He lowers his briefs and lets us drool over his massive uncut 10-incher.

SET U-3 UNCUT MONSTER MEAT #3-- Neil loves to play with his foreskin, spreading his skin wide open with a doctor's speculum. Don shows why men fly halfway around the world to see his monster 11" cock with the delicious foreskin that loves to be sucked and chewed. Bruce lowers his bikini briefs and proudly shows off his juicy, uncut 9" throat stretcher.

SET U-4 UNCUT MONSTER MEAT #4-- Hold onto your seats. Here are five of the hottest uncut donkey cocks you'll ever see. Lars, a young Norwegian dentist, lets his 10" soft meathose hang out of the fly of his shorts. Stephan shows off a pendulous uncut cock that dwarfs Jeff Stryker's organ. Rick's juicy firehose hangs out at a hole in his levis and Len, a horsehung bartender gets his uncut swizzle stick sucked off by a talented cocksucker and foreskin lover.

SET U-5 UNCUT MONSTER MEAT #5-- Victor has the longest, thickest, juiciest, uncut cock you'll ever see. He has only found one man who can deep throat him to the pubes. Most men have trouble handling half of the shaft. One look at these photos and you'll see why. These photos will have you erect in seconds. Admirers of foreskin, overhangs, and huge cocks will not want to miss out on this set.

SET Y-l HUNG COLLEGE JOCKS #1-- All young college students under 25, you'll see some of the hugest meat ever found between the legs of a man. Rick, an Oregon U sophomore, shows off his foot-long trophy. while Mike strokes his erect 11" salami. Ted, a handsome Ohio State athlete, brandishes the kind of huge cock (10 1/2") only seen once in a lifetime. These photos are definite jackoff material.

SET Y-2 HUNG COLLEGE JOCKS #2-- Straight out of the Midwest, these farmboys, all 20-25 are cleancut, smooth, and hugely hung. Jim finds delight in stroking his 8" cut cock while Jeff poses bare-ass naked on his father's ranch with his "rope cock" dangling 9" between his legs. David, star QB of his football team in Texas shows us why he is king of the locker room. Even his coach jokingly calls Horse.

SET Y-3 HUNG COLLEGE JOCKS #3 Rex grabs his 10" erection and Ben shows off a equine 9" cock that loves to be jacked by two men at the same time. Scott, with a perfect body-- bulging pecs, handsome blond face, and big cut cock will have you wishing you were on your knees. Cory, a Santa Monica lifeguard, shows off his succulent dick and smooth ass, These are some of the most handsome men ever.

SET Y-4 HUNG COLLEGE JOCKS #4-- Gary, a 27-year old MBA student, bends over and shows a succulent melon-shaped ass and a world-class foot-long fuckpole that dangles between his legs When on campus, people in the know point and make gestures with their hands a foot apart. Dick strokes his throbbing cut cock and Paul, a genuine Montana cowboy, exposes his thick branding iron.
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B_Robert Fish

Don't waste your time!
Gary Griffin has been dead for years. He died of AIDS. His crappy website
was full of lousy, disappointing pictures, and his "books" were even worse,
with no actual proof and no real data, they're just speculative rip-offs.
Have you ever heard of or seen the film "In Search Of Noahs' Ark"??
That was a film made by a company called "Sunn Classic Pictures", and they
created films based on surveys taken in shopping malls throughout the country,
and basically produced triple-z graded films that had all of the qualities of pure
pablum. Griffin must have worked for them at some point, as his books come
off as pure pablum as well.
I actually bought only ONE of his books, and that's how I found out about
him, and what a fraud he is! He's the epitome of the worst of all carnival
barkers. Spouting and touting NOTHING and dressing it up like it's supposed to
be the greatest thing ever.

You have been warned!!!!!


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I've mentioned Griffin elsewhere on this site. He was known for using altered photographs (as someone has posted in the gallery).
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This sounds like the text version of an infomercial!

Why would I pay to look at some stranger's potentially altered cock pic when I could look at and even play with my own big cock for free?

I know that I am not the most intelligent member of this site but even I get work this one out!
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Originally posted by HungArnold@Oct 11 2004, 08:52 PM
This sounds like the text version of an infomercial!
Why would I pay to look at some stranger's potentially altered cock pic when I could look at and even play with my own big cock for free?
I know that I am not the most intelligent member of this site but even I get work this one out!
I don't know about that, HA. You sound pretty smart to me!

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lighthouse: I miss the good old days before photoshop when all the photos were unaltered!!
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Yeah, Ive seen this 'ad' somewhere else, maybe on a link to 'big date'. Copy and paste is kewl huh?
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best thread for ages guys!
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paulnutter: Gary Griffin was a self-absorbed lying idiot, and the world is better without him now.
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Originally posted by reir@Oct 10 2004, 02:05 PM
I've mentioned Griffin elsewhere on this site. He was known for using altered photographs (as someone has posted in the gallery).

:angry: I want a big cock to play with!
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B_Robert Fish

Even though Gary Griffin was a totall rippoff, he did do one thing, and that was
introduce "Ron Fox"!
Ron Fox is another penis-obsessed person, but he has the very single distinction
of producing photographs of a Brazilian boy who sports a true 15" erection!!
Ron Fox is sort of a student of the art of "Tom Of Finland", and some of the
brouchures he sends out make that quite obvious. However, this guy does
actually have some connections with hung guys. Like I wrote above, he has
photos of a Brazilian boy with REAL PHOTOS!!
The rest of Ron Fox's photos, however, require severe scrutiny. He has a guest
room in which he shot the photos of the Brazilian boy, and the are other photos
in his collection that show the very same room (made noticable by the
decorative headboard, and other items in the room).
Ron Fox sure has a lot of "Pasties": photos that are most certainly fake, and many
other photos that deserve scrutiny!
However, the photos of the Brazilian boy aren't fake, and you can contact
Ron Fox by writing him at the address below. BEWARE: Prepare to be shown
many photoshopped pictures, espescially the pasties. HAVE FUN!!

Ron Fox
7485 W. Vassar Ave.
Denver, CO 8-227-3305

Pray the the fag is still alive! Good luck!
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Oh, please!

Trying to sell pictures of hung men to us is like selling ice to eskimos! Do you think that we fell off of a turnip truck?

If any of us want a picture of a hung man, we can photograph ourselves naked in front of a mirror!

If you want to make a sale, try a:
* Small penis support group;
* Size queens support group!
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B_Robert Fish

I am not trying to sell anyone anything! I was just alerting those of what I've found out. I couldn't care less about sales of any type whatsoever!

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not to be rude but.. isnt posting someones address a violation of their privace? just a thought....

Originally posted by Robert Fish@Oct 15 2004, 12:18 PM
I am not trying to sell anyone anything! I was just alerting those of what I've found out. I couldn't care less about sales of any type whatsoever!

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B_Robert Fish

He wants it that way. That's how he does business.

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