male anal orgasm

I have fucked a few guys who could cum from just anal stimulation. One guy I fucked came within minutes of my cock entering him ass. He didn't touch his cock and it was strange

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I have fucked a few guys who could cum from just anal stimulation. One guy I fucked came within minutes of my cock entering him ass. He didn't touch his cock and it was strange to just watch his semi hard cock pump out a load. I love anal stimulation myself... I have some very strong orgasms that way. I have never cum from just anal stimulation though.

Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam.
(I have a catapult. Give me all your money, or I will fling an enormous rock at your head)

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Yes it is possible to have anal orgasms! I do all the time. A lot of guys I've been with find it hard to believe. Sometimes I think it freaks them out because I get very
verbal and loud when I'm cuming.
I have many waves of intense orgasmic feelings deep in my butt hole, and at my prostate. I also have had a favorite fuck buddy with a large cock that I love, stick his thumb in while doing me doggie style and that makes the rim of my fuck hole very excited and I always shoot a load while having an anal orgasms without touching my cock!
Believe me, it is so intense that i can't describe it in words. It seems to make me love anal sex more and more as I learn what turns me on the most. I love well hung cocks with wide girth and a large mushroom head. The head stimulates my prostate while the girth stretches my hole open and the length hits deeper spots that are exciting to reach.
I have spent more than 3 hours writhing in orgasmic ecstasy with various highs and lows. I actually self lubricate with what seems to be cum (maybe through the walls of the prostate?) The same guy I mentioned above is into ruff sex and likes to rape my hole without lube, using only a little spit on his cock. After a long session I will be sopping wet with "ass cum". Hey, if it looks like cum, tastes like cum and feels like cum, isn't it cum? At first this can be painful, but I've learned how to take it with out hurting myself, and after a short while I'm taking any thing he gives me.
recently he had my legs tied behind my neck, on my back with wrist bands and ankle bands and a sweaty jock strap shoved in my mouth cock ring on, nipple clamps and blind folded.
He proceeded to give me a careful, light ball wacking, occasionally wacking my puckering anus and then plunged his huge cock in me for a good pounding. I had man,y many orgasms in my ass and was dripping lots of pre cum from my cock.
He then pulled out and continued fucking me with a HUGE dildo and at this point I was able to take him shoving it in and pulling it all the way out quickly for quite a while. To his amazement, at one point my hole was wide open and protruding outward and I suddenly squirted about 4 shots of cum out of my ass!
Needless to say, this was an intense evening that I look forward to repeating!!!
On the simpler side, I can straddle a nice big cock and bounce and rock gently and lift my legs up bearing down on the cock and achieve many anal orgasms.
Yes they do exsist indeed!
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okay,i'll say this im bi,and i have seen this happen several times.i am a top and like a few of u guys my dick goes up to the left.ive noticed that once botttoms are on back legs up and i push in slow and (girth+lnght)ive been told i have seen puddles on abs.

one bottom i know as u push he pumps out and is still able to j/o!I have seen on here where some women claim to not orgasm from anal???i know a few that love it and tell me that it is completely diff from vaginal,clitoral orgasm.my girl now when she lets me after a long pussy fuckin' i get in her ass and she screams and cums hard,pussy cum ooozing out of her pussy and all.

so maybe i am gifted?no what it is with sex is that u both connect and u know what makes them feel good instead of using porno flick moves(bad teachers) and the experience will be great!
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D_Jared Padalicki
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That would be a lovely orgasm
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Hi All

I have never had an anal orgasm, but know how to stimulate the prostate to let the bottom guy achieve it. (I discovered this by a big accident, I love to play with a mans arse.) I am a 100% top and scared that should I experience it I will be converted to a 100% bottom. I have never failed to get a guy to anal orgasm with the first try. The first time they can get up to 10 anal orgasms. With each session after the first I would like to say the amount doubles each time, may be more. In an average session the bottom had 80+ anal orgasms and more. (The numbers may differ, I am talking about my experiences).

I let the bottom have about 5 that I stimulate him with my hand then I start to penetrate him. It’s a very pleasurable experience when a bottom have a anal orgasm. The anal cavity starts to spasm and put pressure on your penis that can not be done out of free will, its much to intense. And then there is definite feeling that the bottoms anal cavity also gets much warmer.

I insist that the bottom rinse out in advance, I don’t want to run into faeces. When the bottom is ready I use very little lubricant (because he is wet from the rinse). Massage the hole until its relaxed. Insert your thumb and try to gently “scratch” the testes from inside the rectum. Once the bottom starts to enjoy it you can go a lot rougher just make sure the bottom enjoys it. Keep your nails trimmed and filed. You will soon feel the bottom getting wet by himself and make you ready for a lot of anal orgasmic fluid that might flow. Anal fluids can leak out as big as a dinner plate. Soon after that he will start having contractions en you will feel the heat building.

What I have found is that the bottoms moan, scream and sometimes cries when they have an anal orgasm. 95% of the times they don’t have an erection. They do precum a bit, but not very much. Most of the time they are over satisfied by the anal orgasms, they feel they don’t need a penile orgasm. All of them says its mind-blowing and they never experienced anything like that. If they feel the need for a penile orgasm they can always have it once the top is finished.

Once a bottom started to experience anal orgasms its ongoing and never stops, it only get more intense. To my experience the bottom makes himself ready for the orgasm, orgasm, relaxes a bit, makes himself ready … This is going on the whole session. To my experience they have orgasm, may be two every min.

A anal orgasm is like a switch that is switched on, once a bottom experienced one they never stop again.

Hope this will help you.

If you need more info or if i can help email me.
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I can cum while getting fucked. It's not a spontaneous no-touch orgasm. I have to jack it. But, yeah, I can get off while getting fucked.

I think the key to it is - once again - strong kegel muscles. Ordinarily, the muscles that hold your ass closed, when relaxed enough to allow your ass to take a cock invasion, also let your hard-on go limp no matter how turned on you are. This is why most guys go limp while getting fucked.

But if your kegels are in good shape, you can maintain an erection while riding the pony. And if you can keep it up, you're sure as hell going to be able to cum because, even if a half-decent fuck, you're going to be SO turned on.


Check it out, guys! I'm blogging every sex act I have this year (Oh, wait - I'm still catching up on last year!).

Just posted: Cocksearch has a taste of ANOTHER gen-u-ine blond.

New post as of Friday, 4/9
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D_Hezekiah Jeptha Cockerham

i'd just like to comment that this is an amazing orgasm if you can achieve it and i've got a video of myself doing just that in my gallery. check it out. barely even erect.
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I've had this type of orgasm a couple of times, both times my partner was almost 10 inches and fairly thick. The first time was unbelievable, never saw it coming. I was on my back and very turned on, my partner entered without any discomfort at all. His long dick was hitting my prostate over and over, it felt kind of like a numb, stinging feeling. Before long I was orgasming and cumming uncontrollably. It was the first time I'd ever cum without even touching my dick, it was amazing. I had absolutely no control over the ejaculation. The next time was with a different partner and I was looking to have the same sensation. I knew this guy was as long as my previous partner so I told him what I was hoping to feel. Sure enough he fucked me on my back and it happened even faster with this guy. He was so long and it took him no time to find my prostate and go to work on it. It was over very quickly, he just smiled and knew the power he had over me. Funny thing was he wasn't really into anal sex that much but I had told him I definitely wanted to take him anally because I knew he had the length to make me cum like before.
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YES, only a few times and all memorable.

Size does help in my case

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Go to monstercocktube.com and put "no hands" in the search field then tab to "solo" and search again. Or just "hands," the search field doesn't handle multiple words very well. There are two or three guys who nutt on video without touching a thing, although, they are alone and not getting fucked. Still, it's fun to watch.
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Also, a talented prostate massager can get a guy off well. A guy was fingering me, little did I know that I was going to take a hand, after the initial shock I fell in love with his knuckles, and again, little did I know that I was going to get an eye full of my own juice, and I did ;)
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I have given this special gift of spontaneous anal orgasm to most of the guys I have fucked! I think my girth might be a major player here; although my cock is quite long, it is extraordinary thick!
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Originally Posted by basque9 View Post
I have given this special gift of spontaneous anal orgasm to most of the guys I have fucked! I think my girth might be a major player here; although my cock is quite long, it is extraordinary thick!
I believe you - heck I just shot a load just looking at your cock

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Originally Posted by slurper_la View Post
I believe you - heck I just shot a load just looking at your cock

Thanks hot man....I bet you always were an easy cummer!
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Gee...Is it JUST ME or is HOT in here????

I've never EXPERIENCED such a thing as I have bottomed only a FEW times! The LAST few times, the GUY (same guy) had the length of three hands with an upward, left-handed CURVE! He was also SO THICK that MY THUMB and FOREFINGER would NOT MEET! He STRETCHED my HOLE, but once he was IN, there was no sensation of him stretching my INNARDS! I never FELT him hit my PROSTATE! However, I was able to TIGHTEN my HOLE on his DICK! When I did THAT, he IMMEDIATELY pulled OUT and CAME in the CONDOM!!!!

That was about the EXTENT of MY PLEASURE!
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