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privateidaho03: Hey guys and gals, I've been lurking in the forum for a couple years (and thanks to you guys, a couple of hot years they have been), but I decided to show myself to

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privateidaho03: Hey guys and gals,

I've been lurking in the forum for a couple years (and thanks to you guys, a couple of hot years they have been), but I decided to show myself to ask this burning question, which I've never seen addressed here before.

I've heard rumors that some guys can cum while receiving anal sex, or by themselves with a toy, even with little or no penis stimulation. Is it just me, or is that not the hottest thing imaginable? If it's possible, I want to figure out how to do it... I would appreciate detailed suggestions on techniques, etc. Does it feel different from a conventional orgasm? Are certain types of equipment more suitable to the task than others?

Please discuss. At length.

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thicknfurry73: Great topic , Privateidaho!

I speak from personal experience. Yes, it is possible and YES it is incredible. I don't know how much size comes into play, but when it has happened to me, I was with well endowed individuals. It is easiest for me to achieve this type of orgasm when I'm riding on top, but it's not necessary. It is perhaps the most intense kind of orgasm I've ever experienced.

I also enjoy toy play very much and have a good sized collection of rather large toys. I haven't ever had a hands-free anal orgasm with toys, however. It seems that there is a psychological component involved with being with a man I find very attractive that helps push me over the top.
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Of course it is possible, though I don't think, for me, size has anything to do with it.

I have come many times while being fucked without touching myself, it doesn't always happen, but I think depending on the degree of excitement, it often does. It feels like nothing else, you just start involuntarily having an orgasm of incredible proportions,. I am talking spasms and cum spraying all over the place with your partner still inside you, you get off and they really get off that they made you cum like a volcano without any manual stimulation.

The downside with one partner was, that after he saw how he had made me cum like that, and it really got him hot, the next time he expected to make me climax the same way and wouldn't stop, just plowed and plowed and would not let my hand even touch anywhere near my cock, so he could watch me come the same way, and it went on so long I was sore.

Having said that, it is incredible when it does happen, but in my case, I have to be extremely excited. Size I don't think plays a part, as once your ass is plugged, the length is mainly a visual turn on, however, the girth of a thick cock definitely makes a difference. Still, as long as your prostrate is getting massaged, I doubt size is important in that regrs, just the thought of a very large cock is a turn on. I have cum without hands with cocks of various sizes. It totally depends on the person you are with more than the cock size of the person.
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I've had the cum fucked right out of me.
Its hot

Didnt have to do with size, but rather,
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kracken: I had a very intersting experience with this two years ago.

First off, I don't think size matters for this. I'm speaking as a guy who is just average in lenght and width. But my date was excited. He was riding on top and he is hung enough that I was able to blow him while he rode me. One of the things that I like to do is while the guy is sliding on my shaft is to flex my cock as hard as possible (which seemed to drive him wild). I also liked to play with his chest, too.

After about ten minutes, his entire body immediately stiffened like he had been struck in the back and he then fell off my cock. As soon as he hit the bed, he began to twitch uncontrolably, like he was have an epileptic seizure.

I jumped out of bed and, truth be told, I was freaking out. He was twitching, moaning, groaning, gasping for breath. I had no idea what was going on. I turned on the night light and saw that his eyes were fluttering and I could only see the whites of them. I grabbed him by the shoulder and that seemed to set him off again. This didn't help my state of mind, by the way. I was totally freaked! I reached to pick up the phone and he was able to grab my leg (painfully by the way) and moan out nooooooo. He gasped the word, orgasm and continued to twitch.

It was then that I noticed that he was covered and I do mean COVERED by his own semen from his waist to his forhead AND the headboard had about 5 good splots on it. This went on for about 3 or 4 minutes and then he stopped.

He had to rest for about 20 minutes before he found the strength to get up and shower. I, on the other hand, was shaking because I thought I'd done something wrong. lol

Afterwards, I could just imagine the paramedics at the door:

Paramedics: What happened to him?

Me: I gave him an orgasm and sent him into an epileptic fit!

Paramedic looks at me weird and says: Here's my phone number.

Now don't get me wrong, I've had sex with other guys before and had them orgasm without touching themselves. That got me really excited. But this was above and beyond anything I had ever seen either before or since.

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Well.... my experience is nothing like Kracken's and his friends epiletic orgasm, but one of the few times that I bottomed, was with this guy who was my length (8 inches) only thicker (6 or so). The expreience was hot all in of itself. Imagine our cocks end to end.... 16 inches... mmmm..

Anyway.. I was riding him, very carefully, it took about about 10 minutes just to get the head in, but then after that I was in heaven. I was slowly riding the legnth enjoying some of the greatest pleasure that I have ever experienced. He was lightly grabbing my cock and I kept moving his had away. It highly increased the sensisitivty. Without warning I started to convluse and one, two, three, four, five, .....six. The most that I have ever shot. I kept him inside me because moving would have more than likely sent me in to above described siezure.

I slowly slid him out, which brought forth a second orgasm, just didn't shoot. He was covered from chest to belly button. hehe. It was quite awesome, and needless to say that I couldn't walk very well.

It is quite different from a conventional orgasm you can feel it from deep inside you all the way to the tip of your cock, from your toes to the top of your head. And god forbid anyone touch you anywhere, your whole body is super sensitive.

After this experience, and my legs shaking the enitre way home, weak in the knees for over an hour. Upon arriving home, I was horrned up quite a bit and decided to have a jack. Good lord!! Knees weak again, my right leg shook violently and I almost kicked over her desk. Quite awesome, and I highly suggest experiencing it.

Have a great weekend,
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I've never bottomed, but I've topped some guys who nutted while I was fucking them . I don't think my size was responsible. As long as the prostate is being rubbed the right way, size is immaterial.

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Regardless of size, a nice upward curving cock (which I am lucky to have) seems to hit the right spot! With my bottom(s) on his back, legs over my shoulders often seems to do the trick....so to speak. Prostate massage works!!!
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Yes, guys certainly can cum from just anal stimulation. In my experience, I'm not even sure that it is necessary to hit the prostate. I've had guys cum (without touching themselves) when I was not trying to do this, although I might have been stimulating the gland anyway. However, I've had bottoms tell me the have a second "G spot," and tell me where to aim for.

Often guys tell me to slow down, because I'm going to make them cum before they want to (or I want them to). The most extreme case of this was a guy I had in a sling once. I penetrated, pulled back, and on my first thrust back in he came. It was like pushing in the plunger on a syringe-- as my cock went in, the cum shot out. He blamed it on my size or girth, but I think he was just in the right mood. I had him again on a later date, and it took a respectable amount of pounding to make him cum.
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In my experience, it depends more on mood and degree of arousal, than on size or technique.

Plenty of men orgasm without actually physically having a hand (or anything else) on their dicks. I have a friend who orgasms if you stimulate his nipples enough. I wonder how Kristen Bjorn (sp?) gets his models to do it in his films?

I have to confess that I've never come the way you describe. God knows I've tried, but apart from being a confirmed top, I think I must have a tin-can ass.

The closest I've ever got was with a funny little device available from www.enemagra.co.uk. The whole story is in this thread we had a while ago: http://www.lpsg.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=8527&hl=

Play safe and have fun.


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I have only experience cumming without touching myself while bottoming and is with my current bf. He is approx 9 x 6 and I am not sure if size had something to do with it. More like he knows how to massage the prostrate just right. It is an amazing feeling.
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Great topic by the way. I've made a guy cum a couple times without touching his cock. Needless to say it was very hot. He had an amazing ass and I swear to you he got wet when aroused. I also did a guy once who quietly told me to stop and then fainted. Crazy times!

It's BIG, It's BEAUTIFUL and you're gonna LOVE it!
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drrionelli: While I can't lay claim to the experiences listed above, I am familiar with men who have ejaculated during medical prostate DREs.
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Originally posted by drrionelli@Oct 14 2004, 08:59 AM
While I can't lay claim to the experiences listed above, I am familiar with men who have ejaculated during medical prostate DREs.
That certainly wouldn't be the case if you saw my Dr. Not e x a c t l y fantasy material.
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Originally posted by KinkGuy@Oct 11 2004, 03:50 AM
Regardless of size, a nice upward curving cock (which I am lucky to have) seems to hit the right spot!* With my bottom(s) on his back, legs over my shoulders often seems to do the trick....so to speak.* Prostate massage works!!!
Exactly - and with a guy's dick that curves slightly downward, doggie-style is better - for the exact same reason.

Anyway, I've been both a top and bottom and I have to say that there seems to be two different types of 'anal' orgasms in my experience - that depends upon the person rather than the technique.

In the first case, the orgasm is very similar to any other orgasm. I've definitely been on top when this has happened. The orgasm and ejaculation is almost exactly the same as a 'regular' orgasm (except - 'no hands'). I however have never experienced this.

The second type is what I call 'mini-orgasms' and this I have definitely experienced lots of times. I have also found another guy or two who has experienced exactly this type of 'anal' orgasm. That is to say that the feeling of the orgasm is a bit different (sort of a bit less intense) and consists of only one squirt usually. The best thing about this type of orgasm is that it is rather repeatable - I've certainly had a half-dozen of these - a minute or two apart, then still be able to jerkoff afterwards.

And I've also been able to achieve the same result (repeatedly) with a dildo. Once you learn where the spot it, its rather easy to hit it (repeatedly) :wub:

I'm inclined to think that this 'ability' would belong to all males, but personal experience seems to suggest otherwise, though sometimes it could take years of fucking experiences before you stumble across it as I know a bottom guy who 'discovered' it only in his 30's though he'd been 'active' since his teens.

Oh yeah... size doesn't seem to have anything to do with this because I discovered my first experience with this phenomena - getting nailed by a slim 5 incher.
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