Cant feel orgasm

Hey pals I got really confused cauz i think i've lost (may be never had) feeling of orgasm. i understood that yesterday after making love to my gf and as most of the time i

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Cant feel orgasm

Hey pals

I got really confused cauz i think i've lost (may be never had) feeling of orgasm. i understood that yesterday after making love to my gf and as most of the time i came before her, but felt nothing, just like making wee. After this kind of love making usually i am getting pissed off and nervous of myself having her unsatisfied - may this be 1 of reasons?

for info i had premature ejaculation and i started to use stop-start tech., some how it worked for me, if i was lasting 1-2 mn and was at point of no return no i can last at least 5-10mn with out stopping. But if ill keep going with stop-start some times i keep up to 30mn and when i come i feel nothing except cum passing trough my urethra.:frown 1:

Any advice would appreciated
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Are you circumcised?
If so, you may want to consider foreskin restoration. Just Google "Foreskin Restoration" and you will find lots of info. There are websites you can join to get advice from others that are restoring. You may want to contact NORM (National Organization for Restoring Men). They also offer support services and advice.

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nop m not circumcised
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""Not circumcised" - Lucky you!

The start, stop technique is one way to build orgasm intensity. However, there are other techniques. I find that (at least initially) very, very, very slow, sensual lovemaking session help build orgasm intensity. I find that with slow movement I feel more sensations in my penis but it is not soon overwhelmed with the urge to climax. It is alternative to the stop and start technique (although that still can be used).

Also, the sensual part is good for the stimulation of the brain. The brain plays a major role in orgasm sensations. Vocalize your sensations, let your partner know that you are enjoying it - adds to your own stimulation as well as hers. Personally, I do not enjoy doggy style or similar positions because they are not sensual. Lovemaking is more than using your dick.

Also, foreplay technique is important. Not only start of making love slowly, start off foreplay very slowly. Use very light touches and movements, avoid even involving your dick for awhile - the key is to build anticipation and subsequent orgasm intensity through highly sensual techniques. Though in the end, good hard, quick thrusting can contribute to sensational orgasms.

Good luck!

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This may sound stupid but are you sure you did cum? did the semen come out in spurts like normal or just in one stream, with little or no pumping? How did you feel afterwards, like you had just cum and your cock was too sensitive to carry on, or you could still have done so? Or maybe could have carried on after a very short stop? If you get close enough to cumming but then stop it is possible for the sememn to already be on the move, but you then stop the process just before your body starts pumping. Then what happens is the semen just dribbles out (or pours out if theres lots). Especially if you are trying hard to stop your muscles contracting. No pumping, no orgasm, and you should be able to start again quickly. Depends on exactly how close you got before halting things whether you can kep going. If you time it wrong then you may not get the orgasm but still feel spent. Even so, worth trying again straight away. get it right and you can show what a tud you are cumming repeatedly. all this stuff normally happens together automatically, but it is separate things happening and it is possible to learn to do one without the next, which is sort of like what you are trying to do holding out for longer.
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first off all tnx a lot guys posting n sharing

frankly i real do it slow, some times i even doubt myself moving even a bit, but as soon as i feel my gf getting close to climax i just cant hold on, cant stop it coming. tough i try to stop at that point to reduce my sensation, second round m getting to same point and same happens. don't know what to do?
i want to come after her climax and orgasm, its kind of goal I've set to myself to have and feel orgasm (this could be my psychological problem?????)
yap man I'm sure i did cum, frankly i didn't see how sperm came out, i just felt it, saw it on the bed.... and as usual after coming it ll take me about 30-40 mn to get aroused again and get my dick fully erected, I wished i could just carry on and continue but dick gets flaccid, no matter of trying, masturbating, getting blowjb or any stimulation it needs some time to be ready for second round and even if it goes to second time i know same is going to happen.

to be frank i don't really care about having orgasm, i just want my gf to enjoy, I'm tired of this shame and apologies, hopes and promises that ill try better for next time, after making love to her i just cant look in her eyes, not because she hates or disgusts me no, i just feel shame as loser being with her and she dose not deserve that.....
please guys i need help but i don't know where to find it
please every1 no fun of it
its ruining my life, not only sexual life but my love which means life for me

appreciate all who ever reads and understands this
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one more
any experience to control ejaculation and last longer will be highly appreciated
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I know what you mean when you say it is hard to hold back when your gf is getting close to climax. That is probably true for most of us. Don't be hung up on having to get her off first - always can use other methods to satisfy her afterward.

I am not sure how old you are but as we age and become more experienced we tend to gain better control. In the meantime there are "desensitizing" lotions that can be used to help prolong the time until male climax (also there are "sensitizing" lotions that help females climax easier). Personally, I have not used them (being circumcised and over 40, the last thing I want to do) but have heard about them. I think it would be worth a try.

Another technique that could be tried - when your gf is getting close to climax instead of thrusting, just stay in and rhythmically grind your pelvic bones together - it may get her off and not you (it is stimulating for males too - so may not work).

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feel, orgasm

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