Swimming nude?

How many of you get to do it, and where? What's to like not like? Experiences/stories.

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Swimming nude?

How many of you get to do it, and where?
What's to like not like?
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I love it, when ever I can i'm there naked as you like.
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Whenever I have the opportunity! Used to swim, fish, dive naked all the time when I had my own boat in FL. Also swam naked in my pool, nude beaches in CA and other parts of the world. There is no downside. It feels great and is totally natural!
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I belong to a private, old-school social club in NY - very establishment. It's swimming pool is all male and all nude. This used to be the norm for the private clubs, but now there are now about four that retain this practice. This is generally due to the fact that most have gone coed.

That said, I hit the gym every weekday and swim nude on of these two-three of these days. In fact, I swam nude this morning.
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O/T slightly.
I use our hot tube nude.
Anytime of day or night.
just have to be careful when family is around.
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Swim nude when ever I can, at the nude beach, in my friends pool when circumstances allow and at a swim group very occasionally, nothing to dislike only to like, once one swims nude I doubt you will want to wear shorts ever again in the water. Like bicuriousbc also in the hot tub when I can.
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When we go to our place on the lake every summer, I swim naked when its prudent. During mid-week there are few people in the cottages or the water, so its pretty easy to get out into the water, then hang the swimsuit on the floating dock and swim naked. As others have already said, once you go naked in the water you won't want to do anything else. Another pleasure of mine is sunbathing naked. I've got a very well screened yard at home so when the sun is good I peel off the clothes, stretch out on a towel on the grass, and soak up the rays. If the opportunity arises...naked rules.
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I tried it once. Kicked and squashed my nuts.
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Originally Posted by hootie View Post
I tried it once. Kicked and squashed my nuts.
U mean when kicking your legs?
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Nude Swimming used to be the norm at YMCAs way back when.

Oh, for the good old days.

Very relaxing and pleasant.
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Have swam nude in friends pools, off hours at college pool, in the ocean. It is such an awesome feeling. It is tough when you have put on swim suit again.

Solamente dici l'amore.

"imagination is part of reality" - roberto rosselini
"pasta and magic are life" frederico fellini
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I rarely wear anything while swimming in our pool (or sunbathing) & prefer to swim in the ocean nude as well. No downside in my mind.

A proud supporter of large penises since 1984.

Uncut cocks RULE!

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Swin and sunbathe nude as much as I can- it's got to the stage where I almost won't bother if I know I cant get naked- it's all good.
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When I was a Sophomore in High School,(10th Grade) we had to swim 3 lengths of the pool. If you could not do it you were required to take swimming class for 9 weeks. You had to take this class in the nude. I don't know why we weren't allowed to wear swim suits. But us guys were all nude in this class. I happened to take this swim class in the winter months and the pool was not heated. Some mornings the water was too cold to swim and we were not required to swim on those mornings. We just sat on the bleachers naked for that class period and afterward hit the shower and got dressed and went to our next class. But it was fun swimming nude. Never saw anyone get a boner. Maybe it was because the water was too cool. I accidently gently kicked a classmates package with my foot. I didn't know he was behind me. It didn't hurt him.
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I've done it a couple times. I was stationed at Fort Hood, TX and there is an apartment complex next to Longbranch Park that has a swimming pool that turns off the lights at night, so I took a dip. I also went swimming nude at Belton Lake with a lady friend.
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