Seth from webseth.com

Thanks for the info, but I won't use limewire. I tried it once about a year or two ago and had more viruses on my computer because of it. Once I got rid of it,

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Thanks for the info, but I won't use limewire. I tried it once about a year or two ago and had more viruses on my computer because of it. Once I got rid of it, I got rid of my virus problems. I'll keep searching. They're bound to show up somewhere.
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Recent checks on webseth I've come across them having sex on the sofa. One night he even tried butt fucking her. I also found that he likes to pull out of her and then move forward so she can suck him when he comes.

Do have one question for all you guys, and that is is there anyone else you know of that has a set-up like Seth?
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Originally Posted by Meniscus View Post
Several years ago (2002?) there was a video clip that was fairly widely circulated of a well-endowed young guy cumming into a paper cup. He produced a decent amount of thick semen, and you could hear each spurt as it hit the cup. I didn't know who it was at the time, but I eventually found out that it was webseth.
Here is that video:

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Hey, thanks, tittytitty. That's a much longer version of the clip than I've seen before. The one's I've seen before only included that last minute or so.
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ok this is ridiculous -- i'm getting deleted and threated to be banned for posting on a thread about me? what a great moderator on the watch right now

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D_Cowboy Coitus

I'm sure you would do the same if someone pushing their own pay site did the same on your website.

Sorry - I agree with the mods. you should be banned if you keep pushing your site for cash. We dont want it on these boards.
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i guess thats the point, what is 'pushing'? i just posted on a thread giving genuine interest and feedback, the only mention of the url, per the ToS, is in my signature. once a reasonable mod looks at my posts that were deleted, im sure they'll understand. to just delete posts BECAUSE i have a site that you can sign up for is pretty short sighted. i am honestly a little surprised the mod's dont GET webseth, considering what forum and thread this is.

by the way, i DO allow discussion of other sites -- even pay sites -- on the forum on my site. it's all about context and relevancy. but thats just my own policy.

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D_Cowboy Coitus

Oh Im sure they get it like me.

its is a commercial website for you to make money.

If you were here to share your cock pics for free you would attach to your profile. but you dont. You direct traffic to your clumsy looking website where u still cant see your cock - UNLESS U PAY CASH.

Please respect the fact we dont want spammers on this site and move on.

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Your first post i could ignore
but with this 2nd post
Speak for YOURSELF Thanks
dont try and speak for other members (Twice')
(he who after 24 posts rules lpsg)
Please respect the fact we dont want spammers on this site and move on.

Everybody, soon or late, sits down to a banquet of consequences.
Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)

'ave atque vale'
(hail & farewell)
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I like WebSeth. Though, I started watching when I was about 17 and quit that same year, I haven't paid since. I find it a tab boring, but I guess that is the point of the site, right? It's not a sex cam, or the cam of someone particularly fascinating, just an average kind of guy.
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Hey Seth,

Instead of only critisizing and complaining about the mods, why don't you contact them and ask why they are being deleted? Maybe they don't want it in your signature? I don't know, I'm just guessing.

However, I can guarantee that disrespecting them never works, even if your point is valid.

and rbkwp is correct. Somebody with such minimal participation here really shouldn't be expressing what the rest of the membership wants.

Freud - to constrain sexual drives to socially accepted "norms" is something that we "learn."
Why is it so important to you whether someone calls themselves straight or not (unless they choose to berate gays)
I Love him 100%, and his 50% belongs to me
It takes more love to share my saddle than it does to share my bed
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D_Cowboy Coitus

Lol @countryguy63 and @rbkwp

If you like spam that much give me your email address and I can put u in touch with some people that will happily ask you for your bank account details so they can arrange to transfer some money you have won.

And guys - I know there are many size queens on this site but just because I have posted 24 times and you appear to have spent most your adult life posting on here - that doesnt mean ur point of view is any more valid than mine.

I support the mods in their aim of keeping spammers from this site - as its a good site. Why let people like this fishing for business detract from it.
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i'll address the posts one by one, and move on since it appears people in the thread want(ed) to talk about me, not to me.

the reason given by the mod was for spamming, which again, i didnt do - i participated in a conversation ABOUT my site, if they undeleted the posts you would see at no point was i driving traffic -- in the messages i have with the moderators it was SPECIFICALLY GIVEN that it is ok to have the url in the sig, which i did so people understood who i was (and the sig was even moderated itself before it was shown). the moderators have yet to reply justifying the problems with my posts beyond the vague complaint that i am the guy from webseth.

MII gets it, webseth can be very very boring, because it is what it is -- and it isn't commercial. the cam's are all free, the chat is free, the forums are free, the galleries, the videos -- all free. it's supposed to be free. and yes, sometimes there is nudity on camera, as there is in anyones house, and it's for free. the members area is just the archives of those moments on the free cam. it's not that i'm out there pushing free nudity. its just my house, with cams.

it seems youve been jaded by the 'business models' of other cam sites to the point that you never took a moment to see how i approach it differently -- different because i started mine well BEFORE those models even existed, and never saw the reason to change.

lastly, it seems a bit odd that it was EXPECTED that i provide pictures with my posts today.. i mean, this thread is filled with pictures and videos from me -- that were used without my permission (not that i want to be catty about it) -- so you've already seen it. pictures and videos saved FROM my little project. so it seems you can ogle that content, but then when the subject of that content weighs i'm dismissed as COMMERCIAL? like i'm some spam bot? come the fuck on. just because i'm smart enough to use my own domain instead of stickam or cam4 doesnt mean i'm not a real person.

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To all, as an active member on Seth's discussion board (I recently created an active thread, commented on others and agreed with Seth on another) I can tell everyone here there is no way Seth has a 'commercial' website. There are no ads, there is no requirement to pay to be a contributor. I can tell you as a lurker for many years before becoming a member of the discussion board, as a member for many years since; I have seen Seth's dick more times than I can count. Either him just being naked, jerking it off, or fucking one of several girlfriends prior to the current one. I've never paid a thing. Now I feel guilty. geesh!

Seth didn't start this thread, but he is participating, what do you want from the guy?
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I agree, Seth. Definitely not a commercial site on his part, and I'm pretty sure that a couple of the threads about mystery models and the like are started by that person. What's the difference?

Anyway, it's an interesting website, that I think talks more about the human experience than the size of the guy's dong. Which, for the record, is pretty massive.

But that's not the point, so many threads on LPSG direct readers to individual blogs which are laden with Pay per click advertising. So, i think it's a bit of an oversight on the mods part to do their fact checking and see what is actually being 'advertised' if anything at all.
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seth, websethcom

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