How to finger and eat a woman properly

Alright so ive often wondered whats the right way to finger and eat a woman, its like everybody can do it but not everyone can do it as good as the next man, so whats

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How to finger and eat a woman properly

Alright so ive often wondered whats the right way to finger and eat a woman, its like everybody can do it but not everyone can do it as good as the next man, so whats the right way in detail, thank you
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As you will soon learn, every woman is really quite different. I would suggest that you employ the trial and error method of learning.

It has worked quite well for me.

They will talk to you if you ask them to. In that regard, most women will tell you when you are doing something incorrectly/wrong.

Have a great day and always remember that life is the sum of experiences, both good and bad.

Have a Great Christmas Season.
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I agree with Hung... trial and error, my friend. Its lots of fun! Every woman is unique, just like all of them, and some respond to different tactics and techniques while others don't. I have never had to jackhammer a clit to make a girl cum. Its just not necessary. Also, something that worked before might not work again, as moods, scents, and desires and needs change constantly.

Above all, communication is the keystone. Talk with your partner, ask what she likes. The girl may appreciate the gesture and actually open up more to you... but never expect a woman to give away all of her secrets, cuz that's just not gonna happen.

Good luck to ya man! When you practice... see if u can do two-a-days! ;-)
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I've found that most women like it when I lick and suck on their clit and simultaneously rub their g-spot with my fore finger or middle finger. Many have said that they had the best orgasm ever.
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There's no magic formula except this:
  1. Ask her what she likes
  2. Listen to what she says (and notice what she doesn't say)
  3. Base your actions on what she tells you, but be creative


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Mule-- good advice!!! Might I also suggest one method that has worked for me-- plenty of teasing and kissing all areas, for extended time, except the vagina.. only briefly kiss, touch, tease... usually results in a "demand" to lick/kiss/tongue/touch her 'THERE'!!!
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You really just have to listen to her and pay attention, it soon becomes fairly fucking obvious what does and doesn't work. I don't get the mythical confusion there is over how to go down on a girl - the first time I ever even had sex I went down on the girl, surprising the hell out of the two of us at just how fucking hard she'd cum. It's like the rest of sex really, you just have to be willing to experiment and find out what gets her really excited.
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1. Lick around the pussy
2. Lick the clit up and down and round and round. You will be able to tell by her reaction whether she prefers the up and down or round and round motion.
3. Stick one or two fingers in her pussy and finger her at the same tempo as you are licking her clit.
4. Increase the speed of the licking and fingering. If you get tired, slow down the licking but speed up or maintain the speed of the fingering. Mix it up with some clit sucking inbetween

Possibly curl your fingers upwards to touch her 'G spot' but you should only be down there a minute or two at the most before she cums. At least thats how it goes down...when I go down

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eFukt.com - porn you wish you never saw - How To Make A Girl Cum

this video has been around here a long time but truly, this works for me and I love it. Forget the massage stuff, I like the way he fingers her - it looks rough but feels fantastic.

there will be a ton of different answers to this question because all women have different ways they like to be pleasured. For me, I don't want someone simply in and out with their fingers as though I were being *fucked* - I want the g-spot stimulation. The urethra is full of nerves and a huge turn on to me -ending in the urethra nerve bundle which is theg-spot. Play with that (along the inside of the front wall of the vagina) and I'm good! I don't like little flicks and direct stimulation to my clitorus - if you're going to touch it, do it with some pressure and press on and rub the area.

In terms of oral - I may be strange in this but I can't cum from just oral - I need those fingers inside me at the same time. I can't stand the little flicks - it's irritating. I like heavier pressure on my clit as well as having my lips sucked, lightly bitten, and...the best head I ever received (this guy took it to a whole other level I'd never experienced before) he had the top of his head facing my feet and went at it that way as opposed to being between my legs facing me (if that makes anysense). He played with all areas and inserted his tongue into me - He licked, sucked, and basically face fucked me. Was intense. If it's tentative - forget about it. Rather not have it.

Just remember - this question should be asked of each woman because we're all different :)

Narcissists need not apply....Seriously!
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* A little orgasm denial in the beginning stages works like a charm for me.

* The art of building anticipation is important. Touching all around instead of going straight for the good spots.

* It helps if you don't approach it as a means to an end.


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Eating Out

eat, finger, properly, woman

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