Venous leak

Does anyone here have this? I had a penis injury back in February of 2005 as a result of jelqing /masturbating too hard while my penis was erect. I did not know you could not

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Venous leak

Does anyone here have this? I had a penis injury back in February of 2005 as a result of jelqing/masturbating too hard while my penis was erect. I did not know you could not jelq while my penis was hard.

This is my thread that i posted a week ago about my story. I also posted this thread on this site but this is more updated.

Penis injury and a whole bunch of problems - Penis Forum

After the accident and till this day, I still have

1. No more wood
2. E.d problems, cannot get erection when I masturbate unless I squeeze my legs towards my penis
3. 100 percent split stream urine
4. Varicocele grade 3 but had surgery for it 1 month ago
5. Low testosterone, High Prolactin
6. I saw on my nocturnal erection test at night I did have erection but urologist say it's not 100 percent, more like 75 percent. I did 3 days of it and I recalled 2 of the days the test was only for 5 minutes and 10 minutes
7. Saw on medical record that I do have venous leak. It says 90 for the left side on my report and nothing for the right. Yet my urologist said nothing about it. Do you know what this means?

Do you think the problem for my erection is because of venous leak? I just know that I can get erection when I squeeze my legs towards my penis when masturbating. However, the moment I unsqueeze my legs, I lose my erection completely. Someone told me it might be poor blood flow but my urologist who did ultrasound when he injected something into my penis and made it erect said blood flow was fine. He did not check for blood flow while penis was soft though. Someone online also told me that since I have to put pressure while getting an erection with my legs that it must be some blood flow problem which makes sense. And I read that venous leak is related.

Do you think venous leakage is the reason for this?
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Have you had reconstructive surgery? Does your urologist have a plan to fix it? Do you think he's good?
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No. My urologist saids my only solution is cialis/viagra and injections. He never told me i had venous leak until i had to request my medical records and i saw it on a report. It says 90 on the LEFT but nothing on the right.

I google venous leak and it say it could be result of injury or trauma and that was what happened to me. It included penis fracture, trauma and some other things. I read that jelqing the wrong way can also lead to venous leakage as well.
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There's no way anyone on here can tell you whether you have a venous leak or not - that can only be determined by the doctor, but have you tried Viagra/Cialis/Levitra?

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I taken cialis and when i masturbated, i did notice i get a better erection. The reason why i say i do have venous leak is because i requested a copy of my medical release form and i see that i have venous leak and it has 90 on it for the LEFT SIDE only.
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I have venous leakage, too. It was caused by priapism that was induced by a scatter-brained urologist who mis-dosed tri-mix. That episode also caused Peyronie's plaque.
My new and good urologist is helping me with both issues.
Both the plaque and leakage are on the left side. My cock curves more to the left now. It has shrunk by about 1/2 inch. The good thing is that the girth is the same, 6 inches at the base and a touch over 5 1/2 inch mid shaft.
I used to be able to fill my vacuum pump tubes easily and could keep the pump for a while. Now it wont stay pumped even with a cock ring. Oh well ....
I decided not to do anything fancy about the Peyronie's. The treatments are all crude and not very effective.
The doppler showed venous leakage. I'm not too keen on a vein transplant, so it is what it is for now. Cialis does help me but I can't afford it very often. It helps with nocturnal erections, which help with overall penile health. I like the daily low dose version of Cialis for overall erection help. EGLilly has a financial assistance program for Cialis, but if you are on Medicare like I am, you won't qualify.
I wish there was a brilliant new procedure to fix everything. I have some hope for research in growing new parts in the future.
Acceptance either not easy. Sometimes I'm angry but then I get over it.
I have a split piss stream but that's from my piercing. Have you tried squeezing the opening of your urethra to see if that changes anything to your satisfaction. Sometimes fetishizing a condition like split stream helps make it fun instead of troubling.
I have low testosterone as a condition of being hiv positive. I use Androgel every day to get my testo up to snuff. Despite that, I still have arousal issues.
There's so much for some of us to adapt to. I will never be the sex god I wish I were. I wish my cock were bigger and thicker and uncut. But it isn't. So finding ways to enjoy my body are very worthwhile. Yeah, I can't always cum or get hard or stay hard, but I can sometimes cum soft, I can pleasure one of my sex buddies, I can enjoy just touching myself. In 40 years I might even be a venerable 94 year old enjoying the miracles of modern medicine with my rejuvenated cock (and everything else).
Best of luck on getting the answers you need.
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I am seeing an endocrinologist at the moment. I did another blood test few days ago so she wants to compare my blood results from last time and this time. My urologist told me my testosterone level was in range even though i said that is in the lower portion. I had a varicocele grade 3 and had surgery for it 1 month ago though I felt it recurred. My urologist will see me again in about 4 weeks. He saw me about 10 days ago and told me he did not see nor feel the varicocele coming back.

I found out someone on a forum with venous leak and he said he had surgery for it.

He said ...

I'm pretty sure mine was from a masturbation accident when I was a kid.

Similar symptoms for me included never getting morning wood, and also the erection going down when I stopped squeezing my penis. I usually just used a few fingers to block off the vein, but, like you, what also kind of worked was squeezing my legs together so it trapped the blood in the penis, hence keeping the erection.

I'm not sure what to tell you. It definitely sounds like a venous leak, as your doctor seems to have confirmed. It's not something he should have ignored. I would advise trying to pinpoint which vein is leaking yourself (I was lucky, my leaking vein stuck out from the skin and was thick and chord like). Otherwise, your best bet would be to find a doctor, or interventional radiologist who is willing to help find exactly which vein is leaking, and either tie it off, block it with coils or both. Do a google search on venous leak embolization, there's a few methods out there. I'm pretty sure my doctor both implanted coils, and tied the vein off at the base of my penis. It has been nearly 3 years now since my procedure and everything still works fine.

I know my erection problem is related to venous leak, high prolactin level and low testesterone level. The thing is this guy also had the same problem of keeping up an erction. He said he had to squeeze his legs together to keep the erection just like me because if he doesn't he loses it and i am just the same.
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anyone with venous leak can tell me their symptoms?

do you get the lose erection when you unsqueeze your legs or stand up? Is that venous leak?
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Does anyone know much about the venous leak embolization method? Another member on this site tells me he did this procedure a few years ago and things got better for him.
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I asked my urologist about the venous leak embolization procedure today. I asked him if there were any interventional radiologist he knows that does the procedure with coils. I told him a person online from guy Australia did a surgery from a surgeon and told me about this procedure so I asked my urologist and was succcessful. My urologist told me he did not know because that procedure has a very low success rate according to him.

Did you know about the success rate of the procedure ?
I read online and read that it was a safe procedure though.
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