Philip Fusco, Model

Perhaps not LPSG material, but still incredibly hot nonetheless. Full frontal . Ass . 2 more ass pics >

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Philip Fusco, Model

Perhaps not LPSG material, but still incredibly hot nonetheless.

Full frontal.

2 more ass pics >
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Nice Looking Guy

Freud - to constrain sexual drives to socially accepted "norms" is something that we "learn."
Why is it so important to you whether someone calls themselves straight or not (unless they choose to berate gays)
I Love him 100%, and his 50% belongs to me
It takes more love to share my saddle than it does to share my bed
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Holy crap! How'd I miss running into him? I lived in his hometown (Franklin Square on Long Island, NY) for four years until last June. Dang!
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Can't see why he may not be LPSG material... It seems to me that he has some serious girth there... Extremely attractive and well-built guy.
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the full frontal is full shadow
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This is the nude one I was talking about in the other topic http://dottypinhole.files.wordpress....970c-800wi.jpg
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One very hot and sexy man .... hope he considers dipping his toe or other body parts into porn.
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Another one with David Vance credits.
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Phil Fusco
I don't know why but I find men in tanktops really sexy
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He's attractive but in a rather average way.

Instant gratification takes too long.

Please, don't send me a friendship request unless we genuinely have a relationship or you've at least discussed it with me first. I'd appreciate it. Muchly.
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He's got girth, length may be average, but that girth flacid is more than most guys get erect. I would say he qualifies as large due to the girth, but the skin seems to have some folds in one soft, so he could also be a grower. With his girth, even if his length was close to average at 6 inches, he would have some serious penile volume.
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A few more pics of the admirable Mr Fusco...
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File Type: jpg Philip02.jpg (50.9 KB, 1459 views)
File Type: jpg philip03.jpg (40.7 KB, 1558 views)
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Nice face/body, wears undertrow well, isn't hung.
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hes not epic-large when it comes to his dick-game no, but hes got very good girth for a softy
i reckon hes well fuckworthy, personally...or well...suckworthy...i dont poke the stink!
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D_Melvern Nutter

Cute!!! Nice ass also!!

fusco, j or o, model, philip, phillip, webcam

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