Is 6-inch girth really that big?

i'm only 5.5 and it's taken a few of my partners a bit of work to take me in...so yeah, 6" is pretty damn thick!

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i'm only 5.5 and it's taken a few of my partners a bit of work to take me in...so yeah, 6" is pretty damn thick!

"While most books on sex say that penis size doesn't matter, there are two groups of people to whom it does matter. One group includes almost every male alive. The second group includes every woman who derives sexual pleasure from intercourse."

-The Guide to Getting it On.
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Of course it's big. I am 8 x 6.75 and sex with a new girl takes a long time....but worth it.
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Originally Posted by HUNGHUGE11X7 View Post
it is "Really that BIG" to some yes !!!

6" girth is above average which is like 5 or so , thick to me is 7" ,really thick is 8" but with the 8 it is only workable if a round thick, if it's an oval thick Forget it LOL

I have never seen in person or even in videos 8 inches around. 7 inches around is really thick. 8 inches is absurdly thick and about as common as a 10 inch length.
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8.5x6 is a good size and probably as rare as 3.5x2.

This difference is, no one questions 3.5x2 and requires pics for proof as it's no threat to anyone else.

And they say size doesn't matter LOL.
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D_Aston Asstonne
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6inch girth is plenty big.im at 7in girth and its too much for some.
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Originally Posted by Eisenhower View Post
... I wish the whole thing was the same thickness, ...
I hear ya--I am lucky to have the same girth base to tip.

Having the same girth from top to bottom has advantages and disadvantages. On the one end, you can really give someone that full sensation. One the other side, being thinner at the top can make it easier to ease into someone (as they gradually get used to your girth).

But as you said, we all have to work with what we have.

LexPSG. 2004-2010. What a ride.

"The hardest thing in life is to want what you have."

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I agree with The Reverend. I too am about 5 1/2 inches in girth at the glans, and taper up a little under 6 inches girth right at the base. I have had several partners with whom we had to take some time for me to gain entry.

I think most women would consider 6 inches girth quite thick.
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Originally Posted by Boxingman View Post
Oh and Kanaye sorry dude but to me your pics look very fake, especially the webcam pic which to me clearly shows a dildo being used as a prop for your own dick. If you are as big as you say you are post a normal pic otherwise I call bullshit on your size claims.
I've heard that alot, thanks it's complimentary I suppose.

It definitely is not a dildo, or fake, I don't haver anything like that in my possession, come on i'm a 20 year old university student studying video games design lol.

By what you said before, I guess it is clear that 1/4 of an inch in girth is more than it sounds, i'm actually a little over 6 in girth, and its all the way down too, i dont have any particularly wider sections. And I can tell you safely i've struggled with every single girl, all soaking wet =/

But yeah again thanks for calling my dick plastic/rubber, thats wonderful.
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also, if you have 6 in girth, you probably have had some fun stuffing your cock into a regular sized condom. it isn't easy sometimes.

countries? i didn't know they grow on trees.
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Originally Posted by Mouthfeel View Post
See title.

My penis' measurements are 8.5" x 6". (The girth may be a bit larger--I'd need to measure again. I know that it is ATLEAST 6 inches measured properly.) I guess my length is decent but am unsure about the girth. All things being equal (e.g., technique, foreplay, etc.), is 6 inches of girth significantly larger than the average penis girth? Do women notice the difference? Is 6 inches of girth even considered "hung"? I know that it ultimately depends on the woman, but, would, say, 7 inches of girth be significantly more pleasant than 6?

I ask because women generally claim that, so long as the guy's penis is average length, the main physical factor beyond this is girth--the more the better.
To many women 7 goes beyond pleasurable to painful.
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I'm a little larger than 6" in girth, and I hear nothing but compliments.
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D_Themistacles Wombbroom

I think it is ridiculous and untrue the claims guys make here that they "don't know" if 6 inches in girth is big. Its freakin' huge
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It is amazing how we go over these issues time and time again (even on Christmas morning, while I am up early, sipping coffee, waiting for my grandkids and wife to awake). Accurate penis dimensions as representative of the entire male population, races, and even LPSG members are as elusive as a unicorn sighting.
To be representative thousands if not millions of all types and races of men must be randomly measured as they squeak out on the spot a hard on: an almost impossible survey task to arrange. A six inch girth is clearly, based upon some limited surveys which most of you have read, in the 2.5 standard deviations over normal size as stated above (4.67 to 4.97 inches) given a SD of 0.55 inches ( even this too may not be representative) and thus you are larger than 99% of those measured in that survey.
The problem is that it presumes penile length and girth follows exactly a normal distribution; it doesn't like most things in life. Just like men's heights where the mean height may be 5 foot 10 based upon a randomized survey, there may be more guys who are 6 feet five than six feet two inches. If it was a perfectly normal distribution there would much less men at six feet five than six feet two but this may or may not be actually true, and I know it isn't. The same with penis length and girth which, frankly, next to your eyeballs are perhaps the least variable sized organ in the male human body according to anatomists. Woman's breasts sizes are quite variable in comparison.
Another big issue is how to measure girth and length which has never been really standardized. I can't measure my erect cock with a straight ruler because it bends up and curves at a 30 degree angle. With a shoe lace over the dorsal skin and then taking that string over a fabric tape or straight ruler it may measure from 8.4- 9.0 inches: I give that range because erect penis girth and length is also dependent on a variety of factors and is not set in "stone": medications ( I have to use the sex pills at my age), blood glucose, blood pressure, temperature, the mood I am in, and the last time I had sex, to name just a few. So anyone stating their girth or length using but one three significant digit inch or cm figure I just laugh at. I also have a thick penis at the base, perhaps as big as eight inches when I use a string and ruler or fabric tape ( Note a thick fabric tape may have some issues with inside and outside diameters if the penis is not a straight cylinder in shape). See my gallery. But the girth behind my glans and at my mid-shaft are smaller to be sure.
But other guys are different; most "measurement theory" now subscribes to measuring the base, midshaft, glans and averaging the results. As far as pleasing a woman though ( and my issue is that I am very big according to my wife who has had hundreds of men before me but now is menopausal and so gets much more pain than before), remember that the vagina grips like any hand so it can accomodate all but the smallest or largest girths and gets pleasure only if the woman desires pleasure. Size really does not matter since her pleasuring ( if she is not menopausal and can self-lubricate) really has nothing to do with your size but all sorts of other factors she controls in her mind and you may or not influence ( e.g, how wonderful was your time at the dinner and movie last night, how romantic you are, how good she feels, how sexy she feels, how you smell and look).
Certainly most of you younger guys must know this by now.
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yes 6 inches in girth is big

anyone who thinks otherwise is delisional

my GF and i swing, and have been swinging for a couple years, i am 7.5x6, and i am consistantly the largest parter 99% of the 20+ women i have been with from swinging, actually my girlfriend is getting a bit dejected by all of it lately, because she keeps drawing the "short stick", or we find couples that are more looking for the husband watch his wife fuck a bigger guy while he watches (which was our last couple, unbeknownst to us)

of all of the couples we have played with, i have been signifigantly larger, and i have always been thicker by alot, save for one couple, that guy is almost the same size as me, though my gf says im thicker, but its by like maybe 1/4' in girth, so its one of those barely noticable things

so if you are definitly 8.5x6 i cant think of any girl out there who would be ashamed to call that hers
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yes it is, not that iv had any complaints but all the guys iv been with have commented on how thick i am. im about 6.5 thick and didnt think it was anything out of the ordinary and since i was a virgin until i was 20 i went through my teen years thinking i was nothing special down there.

only problem is it can became a problem but if you just work around it and take it easy its well worth the effort for both :P

heterosexuality is not normal, its just common
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6inch, big, girth

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