Hi there, i've just joined the site and love reading all the stories, here's a short one i wrote some time ago. I was tempted to add / edit it but i thought i'd just

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SHE m/f

Hi there, i've just joined the site and love reading all the stories, here's a short one i wrote some time ago. I was tempted to add / edit it but i thought i'd just throw it out there as i first wrote it.

Hope you enjoy

She came home from the gym, entered the apartment gates and made her way towards the central swimming pool and up to her unit. As she climbed the stairs she heard a splash. Someone had dived into the pool. It was her new neighbour, he had only moved in a couple of days ago and briefly said hello when she passed him on her way to work this morning. Before she entered her apartment she waited for him to surface, swim a few strokes and stop at the far end of the pool. With his back to her he pulled himself out of the water and she noticed the dark tanned skin ripple as the back muscles flexed.
‘Nice’ she thought to herself.
She stared for just a second too long. He spun around saw her up on the landing. He smiled and waved not realising she had been staring at him for a good 10 to 15 seconds. She was frozen for a second hoping he hadn’t sprung her perving and managed a quick smile and a quick wave before spinning around and fumbling with the door keys.
‘What an idiot’ she said to herself as she strode to her bedroom to get changed. After the gym she carried out her usual ritual of stripping naked in front of the mirror and casting a gaze over the carefully sculptured body she maintained.
Starting at the legs she would turn side ways and stand on tippee toes to accentuate the calves. Her slim tanned legs reached skyward to a taut perfectly rounded ass, this was her best asset, all the lunges and squats in the gym, the pain all the next day just trying to walk was worth every drop of sweat when she pulled on her favourite pair of hot pants and could literally stop traffic. Turning towards the mirror she ran her hands down over her flat brown stomach, if she tensed hard enough you could make out a defined six pack guys would sell their first born for. Running her hands up her torso and cupping a full breast in each hand she turned sideways again and let go, they moved about 2 cm, the dark nipples bouncing slowly to a stop. God had given her a body of perfection; she was grateful and strived to keep it in top condition. She spun 180 degrees and admired the slender curves of her hips and back, toned shoulders were hidden by a long drape of black hair. Facing the mirror again she stepped closer to inspect her crystal clear complexion. Her nipples brushed the cold mirror and they stood immediately on end. Jolted from her trance like state she smiled to herself. Sliding open the wardrobe she dressed in her super short flannelette shorts and a low cut t shirt.
She walked into the lounge and plonked onto the sofa, just as she was about to grab the remote, there was a light knock at the door. With a heavy sigh she pulled herself off the couch and opened the door.
Standing about 6 feet tall, wearing only a pair of board shorts and dripping wet was her new neighbour.
‘Hello’ she said
‘Um yeah hi’ he stammered ‘I know this sounds really stupid. But I have locked myself out of my apartment. Is there any way I could borrow a towel. The supervisor is out and I don’t want to freeze while I wait for him to get back so I can get the spare set of keys’
She chuckled to herself, a little too loudly though and she saw him squirm with embarrassment.
‘Sure hang on I’ll get you one’ she said spinning and heading for the bathroom. ‘Come in’ she yelled as she searched for a towel.
He took a hesitant step inside tyring not to drip all over the carpet. As she came back into the lounge he was stunned.
‘My god’ he thought, ‘I saw her this morning in her suit, I knew she looked like a tidy piece of work, I had no idea she was this hot!’
‘Here you go’ handing him the towel
‘Thanks, I really feel like a bit of a dick head you know’ he started to pat himself dry.
‘That’s ok; I’m always willing to help a damsel in distress’
They both chuckled.
‘Well thanks again, I’ll go wait for the supervisor and get this towel back to you when I can’
He turned to walk back out the door.
‘Wait a minute’ she said quickly ‘you can’t wait outside, it’s going to get cold soon, we can’t have you catching pneumonia, and besides the super could be ages. Why don’t you wait for him here’
He paused, wanting to stay but had already embarrassed himself enough for one day.
‘I promise I won’t bite’ she smirked
Not normally one to be this forward she felt good; especially from the look he gave her when she came back from the bathroom. She didn’t let on that she saw the look of amazement on his face, as he quickly looked her up and down before handing him the towel.
‘Sure ok, but I don’t want to put you out or anything’
‘No, its fine, I’m not doing anything tonight except veging on the couch, you’re more than welcome and besides its neighbourly’
‘Thanks a lot, you’re a life saver’ he said wrapping the towel around his waist.
‘Not at all’ she smiled
Her confidence building now, she had a slight rush, here she was with a seemingly nice guy, who’s half naked with a body normally reserved for the front cover of Men’s Health magazine, standing in her lounge.
‘Tell you what, why don’t I try and find you something to get changed into, so you can get out of those board shorts and stop dripping water on my carpet’
He sidestepped awkwardly, noticing the circle of damp carpet getting bigger.
‘Oh shit, sorry’
‘Here, go into the bathroom and I’ll bring you something, can’t guarantee it will fit properly but it will be dry’
Wondering if he made a mistake and should just turn and leave now, his curious mind got the better of him. If he wasn’t mistaken she might actually be trying to hit on him.

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‘Um ok, where’s the bathroom’
‘Down the hall, first on the left’
He daintily tip toed across the carpet towards the bathroom. She headed for the bedroom.
‘Now this is all that I have’ she said entering the bathroom.
He had managed to dry himself off and was standing there nervously. She handed him a handful of clothes.
‘Like I said they might not fit the best but I have raided the depths of my wardrobe and this is the best I’ve got’
‘Thanks again, that will be fine I’m sure’
‘Now you have gone and made me all host like, would you like a cup of coffee?’
‘That would be great, getting a little cold now, white with two thanks’
‘No problem, come out to the lounge once you have squeezed yourself into the clothes’
She was feeling great now; the fact that he was almost a perfect stranger didn’t bother her. The fact that he was gorgeous was something else.
‘What a better way to get to know someone’ she thought as she headed off to the kitchen.
Standing in the bathroom he glanced around, no signs of male inhabitants, purely a woman’s domain. Smiling and feeling a little less uncomfortable he picked up the clothes. One white t shirt, he pulled it over his head, the stitching cracked slightly. One pair of light grey tracksuit pants, he slipped them on, laughing at the fact that he was wearing chick’s clothes. He looked in the mirror. The t shirt wasn’t too bad, tight but that’s ok. He felt like she was perving on him a little anyway, which was cool. The tracksuit pants were a little short at the ankles and a bit tight in the crotch but otherwise not too uncomfortable.
‘They must be a tent on her’ he thought.
He walked back into the lounge room’
‘Not bad, a little tight but better than being cold’ he said
She turned around from making the coffees and smiled.
‘Perfect fit, not’ she laughed ‘take a seat the coffees are nearly done.
He took a seat on the couch and looked at her in the kitchen; he couldn’t help but stare at her long slim legs. As she moved about in the kitchen the bottom of her shorts would flick exposing the briefest glimpse of one of the nicest asses he had ever seen.
‘Here you go, white with two’ as she put the coffees down on the small table in front of the lounge.
As she bent over, the t shirt fell open, giving him a glance of her beautifully shaped breasts. He felt his groin move, he shifted forward to get his coffee and to hide the growing bulge in his very tight pants.
‘I can’t thank you enough’ trying to take his mind off the show she had just given him.
‘Seriously it’s not a problem, I would hope you would do the same for me if you found me dripping wet at your front door with no where to go’
This didn’t help the growth in his pants, after drying himself he decided not to put his underwear back on for fear of having a big wet patch. The only saving grace was that the pants were so tight they were keeping his manhood at bay for the moment.
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She sat next to him on the couch, knowing full well he had been watching her in the kitchen, she could feel his eyes caressing her legs and ass. It turned her on so she decided to give him a nice look down her t shirt as well. She saw how he moved when she bent over and she guessed that those thin tracksuit pants were doing little to hide his arousement.
‘I’m sorry if they don’t fit great, it’s all I had’ she was lying.
There were plenty of old baggy clothes she could have given him; she wanted him to still feel a little uncomfortable so she would still hold an upper hand.
‘There ok, I wouldn’t want to spend too long in them otherwise they might cut off my circulation’
Just as he finished saying that he realised the double en tundra.
She giggled and he couldn’t help but see her nipples slowly begin to poke through here t-shirt.
‘Oh that’s not what I meant’ he quickly recalled
‘It’s ok, I knew what you meant’ she was still giggling and her breasts slightly bounced.
He was holding his coffee over his crotch; he could feel his cock beginning to touch the bottom of the hot coffee mug.
‘So you live here by your self’ he said trying to regain some dignity.
‘Yes, for six months now, it’s a great place to live, mostly young people or couples, a few parties every now and then, but that ok’
He was never good at small talk so to save him saying anything he took a sip of his coffee.
‘So looks like you work in the outdoors with a tan like that’ she added.
Seizing the opportunity to glance down at him while he was taking a drink.
‘Yeah, mostly construction’ he said quickly as he realised she was looking down his body and placed the coffee mug back into his crotch.
‘I thought so, you have a great body, and I would love to work somewhere that’s physical and not have to slave at the gym five nights a week’
She was eyeing his body now not making any attempt to hide it; she had made her mind up. She wanted him. Bad.
‘It’s good like that, moneys good too but your only there till the contract runs out, then it’s fend for yourself’
He noticed her advancements, he couldn’t believe his luck, she’s the hunter and he’s the hunted. It was enough to bring up his confidence and bring it back to a level playing field.
‘You train five times a week then?’
‘Sure do’ she said sitting up and letting him look her over. ‘Sometimes six but I like the weekends to myself’
‘Have to say you have one of the finest, fittest bodies I have seen’
‘Thankyou’ she said she was looking down at her legs and pretending to preen her self. ‘I train hard, and I’m proud of my body. She stood up and pulled up her t-shirt exposing her midriff.
‘See if I tense hard enough you can see my six pack’
She clenched her stomach muscles and a ripple appeared.
‘See’ she said holding her breath.
‘Very nice’ he replied cooling his tone
‘Here, feel them’ she said moving forward and grabbing his hand.
She placed his hand on her washboard stomach.
‘They are some sensational abbs you have there, better than mine’
‘Whew!’ she exhaled ‘better than yours, I doubt it’
‘I reckon’ he said knowing full well what the next move was.
‘Alright let’s have a look then’
She took the coffee mug from his hand and placed it on the table.
‘Stand up’ she ordered.
He stood up; she sat on the coffee table.
‘Ok, your turn’ she said looking up at him, not once looking at the bulge in his pants.
He lifted his shirt but got stuck half way and the stitching gave way.
‘Oops sorry’
‘That’s ok, just take it off, it’s an old one anyway’
He took off the shirt and put his hands on his hips
‘See yours are better than mine’ he said looking down into her emerald green eyes.
‘You have to flex though’ she insisted
‘Ok then’
He contracted his stomach to reveal a perfect set of abdominals. He grabbed her hand and placed it on his stomach.
‘Holly Shit, there amazing’ she said rubbing his torso
‘Not bad for someone who doesn’t go to the gym eh?’
He let go of her hand but she kept it on him, slowly caressing the grooves in his stomach. She looked up at him and smiled. Without breaking eye contact, she slowly moved her hand lower until it was resting on the large bulge in his pants. He smiled back.
‘That’s it’ she thought ‘that a good as a yes for me.
She broke her gaze and looked at the straining pants. Using both hands to pull down the tracksuit, she grinned when his cock burst free. He sighed with relief as the blood rushed to fill his fast growing dick. He could see her nipples were as hard as nails, catching and lifting her t-shirt as she moved. She didn’t look up, she was mesmerised by the ever-increasing penis.
‘Wow’ she thought to her self, ‘How the hell did these flimsy pants hold this thing back’
She held his cock gently and could feel the blood pumping through its veins, at the same time she was getting hot and she knew if she stood up now there would be a wet spot on the table.
He watched her, she looked like an eagle spying a pray before diving down and capturing it with its talons.
She knew this was going to be good, she could sense it. Wrapping one hand around the base of his cock her fingers not touching by a good two centimetres. She then wrapped her other hand in front of the first and gave it a firm squeeze.
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‘God that feels good’ He groaned.
She smiled, there was a good inch of cock protruding from her hands, and the head was a swollen crimson sweet ready to be devoured.
Opening her mouth, she shot him a quick glance. He stared down hypnotised at what he was about to receive. Then slowly she looked down upon his rock hard cock and preceded to envelope the head, stopping at her hand.
He was in heaven, the luscious warm lips slipped over the end of his cock with ease and she was rolling her tongue around the head.
She loved giving head, having a man in total submission was the ultimate control. He was hers to do as she pleased. As she adjusted to the size and angle she released the hand closest to her mouth. Then cupping his balls she slid her mouth down until it was touching her second hand. She worked up and back along his cock all the while firmly squeezing his balls and shaft.
He watched down on her as she effortlessly slid back and forward along him, she knew what she was doing, so he just waited and anticipated her next move.
Her body was getting very hot; she could feel the moisture between her legs beginning to soak though her shorts. She was loving every minute of it.
All her previous boy friends had loved the way she gave head,
‘It’s a gift’ she used to say to them.
A gift a long time in the learning, the moment she knew that she could control men by the powers of sex, she would practice.
In her early teenage years she would practice swallowing things to control her gag reflex, bottles, fruit, dildos. Anything long and hard.
She took his cock all the way to the hand wrapped around his shaft. She could feel the head tickling her gag reflex. Positioning herself closer to him and tilting her head back, she unwrapped her hand and slowly slid her mouth towards his stomach.
He watched in awe, as her eyes closed and she swallowed him whole, he shuddered. The end of his dick must be three or four inches down her throat. He could feel the ribbing of the back of the throat massaging the head of his cock.
She kept sliding further wondering if he was going to be the only guy to beat her own game. Then she felt the touch of skin on her nose. Opening her eyes she looked at him. A look of confusion and pleasure was on his face.
‘This is the ultimate’ she thought to herself feeling the pulsing of his cock all the way down her throat. ‘Total submission’
Holding him still with her hands on his legs, she backed away, feeling the engorged head about to pass her lips she sunk back deep upon him, repeating this again and again.
To him this was the most incredible experience of his life; no one has been able to take him like that. Sheer wonderment he thought as she plunged, taking him completely with ease. Most women would choke at half way and give up trying to pleasure him. He felt a quickening pulse; his cock began to spasm rapidly. She withdrew the monster from her mouth. With his cock released from the heat of her throat and the rush of cool air he was able to compose himself.
He had to sit, Almost falling back onto the couch he looked at her with bewilderment. There she was calmly wiping the remaining saliva from her lips and chin. A big grin crossed her face. Knowing full well she had done to him what no other could.
Not saying a word she stood up and removed her soaked t shirt, her chest was flushed red and her heaving breasts swayed gently. Lowering her shorts he could see the glisten of moisture running down her smooth thighs. She straddled across him and wondered if he had come back from la la land yet. He reached forward and touched her silken smooth inner thighs, moving his hand up he started to caress her hot wet pussy, she sighed, moving her hips in time with his hand. Slipping his fingers inside her she gasped and looked deep into his eyes. He pulled her close, their bodies touching, hearts racing. He was ready to take her. He pulled her up on her knees. His cock was resting firmly on his stomach. He held her hips as she grabbed his cock and positioned it. She had doubts that she could take him, deep throating was one thing, this could be a little more interesting. She held onto his cock as she slowly dipped its head into her soaking wet pussy. It slid in easily. They both moaned in unison. He was watching her as she had her eyes closed in concentration. He knew he had to take it slow so he let her impale herself onto him. She felt the head enter her, it felt great. She was incredibly horny and she could feel her juices running down her thighs and his cock. Lowering her self slowly she could feel it moving deep inside her. She dared not look down for fear of knowing how much was inside her. She could feel his gentleness and knew that it was up to her how far she wanted to go. She started sliding up and down, her heart was racing, she had never been this excited before, she was literally pouring. Each decent she would go a little further. The feeling was incredible; being in control and not being thrust into was a nice change.
He watched as her pussy would engulf more and more, he loved watching his cock slide in and out, her pussy stretched wide, her chest heaving, and the moans of pleasure were turning him on like never before. His cock has never been so hard, he steadied her hips as she sunk down his shaft again, juices covering his dick making it soaking wet.
She felt ecstasy, taking him deeper every time was becoming easier; feeling his cock touching her deep inside was making her hornier and hornier. She rose up feeling the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy; she lowered her self down until she felt her legs touch his. A hot flush of pleasure swept though her body as the huge head of his cock hit deep inside. She was coming like never before, soaking his balls and clenching the shaft of his cock with her pussy. She felt his hands clench around her waist. There she sat feeling the cock pulse right through her body. She opened her eyes to see him with a big smile, beads of sweat on his brow.
‘O my GOD!’ she mouthed
No words came out but he knew what she said.
His cock was still rock hard so she knew he didn’t cum.
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‘That means I’ve got to get off this thing’ she thought.
She composed herself and slowly rose, he lifted her from her waist watching as his cock continued to pour out of her. The head of the cock appeared and she collapsed on the couch next to him.
He watched her as she lay for a few moments recovering from a tidal wave like orgasm.
‘This chick is unbelievable’ he thought
Her body was flushed bright red; sweat glistened off her back, her legs drenched. Her breasts were heaving, nipples still rock hard.
He was still horny as hell and as he watched her he began to stroke his wet hot cock.
She slowly sat up and smiled, her cheeks red her eyes sparkling. She noticed him stroking him self.
‘You still going’ she whispered
‘Yeah, I hope you don’t mind’
‘Not at all’ she said getting closer. ‘Keep going I’ll watch’
‘You sure’
‘Like I said keep going’ she sat back on her knees facing him, moved one hand to her pussy and the other to the head of his cock.
He placed both hands on his cock and started sliding them up and down, while she kept his cock lubricated with juice from her pussy.
She was quite turned on by this; she had never had a man masturbate in front of her. She always thought it would be a bit wrong to see a guy pull himself off but she found it captivating how he moved his hands and played with his balls.
Having her watching him was a major turn on, feeling her hand on his cock, wet from her pussy added to the excitement. He could hear her moan as she played with herself. He looked over to see her withering in pleasure staring at his masturbation technique, her eyes fixed on the cock that was getting harder and harder. She looked at him, smiled, groaned and looked back at his cock.
‘I’m so horny’ she thought ‘I want him to come, I want to see it’
She moved her fingers inside her then onto the cock. It felt ready to explode. His hands working up and down, quicker and quicker, he started to moan. She grabbed around the head of the cock, helping him. His cock was harder than she had ever seen, feeling the blood surge she tightened her grip. He moaned and his hands slowed. She felt a rush through the head of the cock and white thick cum spewed out and onto his chest. His hands pumped again and again, each time sending a stream of cum up his body. There he lay, both hands on his cock and four rows of white cum blazoned across his chest.
She couldn’t believe it. She was so horny she laid back and with a scream of pleasure bought herself to climax again.
There they laid for a long time, recounting the experience they just endured.
Finally, she looks at him
‘So what is your name anyway?’
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