Inflating your Urethra/ Bladder

I found this comment here: UroStream: I never ask why.... I started Urethral Play about 10 years back and am lucky to say have never had any infection. I do drink loads of liquid before,

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Inflating your Urethra/ Bladder

I found this comment here: UroStream: I never ask why....

I started Urethral Play about 10 years back and am lucky to say have never had any infection. I do drink loads of liquid before, during and after play. Since that time I have run the gamut of items to be inserted: Q-Tips (bad move) catheters, various types of pipes, nails, fishing lures and on and on. I have used catheters to back fill my bladder using sterile water and found that to be very exciting. One item that really worked well was a balloon, the type you see clowns make animals with. After many different efforts I found just “slightly” inflating it then tying it closed worked best. Using KY I would wrap the balloon around my fingers so about 2” of the end was free and also harder with air since the rest was twisted. As you put it in and release more of the twisted part it goes in well. In my particular case the distance from the end of my penis and the entrance to my bladder is about 1” shorter than the length of the balloon. This means I can get the balloon to enter my bladder but only have about ½ of balloon outside my penis. I started tying a thread to it just in case it gets away from me. I found to my surprise that if I squeeze what’s left of the balloon outside my penis this causes the other end in my bladder to inflate and actually “bubble” just inside my bladder. Needless to say this was all a wonderful sexual feeling for me. I stopped after a while since any possibility of an emergency room visit would devastate me, not to mention my wife.
I have found a new thrill quite by accident. I have a medium size rubber syringe that I was using as something to put into my urethra and attempt to stretch it a little (slow going). It was during one of these sessions that I squeezed the bulb and felt the air pressure build up in my urethra. Since the bladder sphincter did not open the urethra just got hard and when I released the pressure the air came out of the end of my penis. Felt quite good. I did it a few more times then filled the urethra and pinched off the end of my penis trapping the air pressure in the urethra. When I released it a wonder fart came out of my dick. I thought “this needs to be on the David Letterman stupid human trips segment.
I continued to pump air in and out and it felt so good pushing against the sphincter, eventually the pressure overcame the sphincter and air went into my bladder. I freak a little not knowing if this would be bad. I drink during the whole play session so peeing was not a problem. I pee’d and after I got to the end air, bubbles and a good size fart came out. It was amazing! I did it a few more times and each time I pee’d was looking out for more but the farts eventually stopped. I did some research on line and have been advised that an air embolism could occur from putting air in the bladder but was very rare. It scared me for a while. Later I read about a guy who used a fish tank air pump to blow air in. I tried it yesterday, it was fun. The air pump is in cycle so it’s almost massaging you internally, then the pressure gets to a point to overcome the sphincter and started to go in the bladder.
As you can imagine with a nickname like 4qts I do many, many stupid things but I would love to hear comments on the air in bladder if anyone has any.
7/21/2007 5:05 AM

Has anyone ever does that?!?!?!?!?!?

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yeah I have done it if anyone wants to chat about it hit me up on yahoo.. i stopped because I got an infection embarrasing to go to the doctor. but loads of fun. i stress very dangerous for infection but feels amazing.
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Personally I think it's dangerous not only from the point of view of potential infections, but also from that of items which nature never intended to go in a urethra, getting stuck. If you've managed to do it for 10 years without infection or anything getting stuck, I'd say it was more down to luck than judgement.
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I've been doing this for a while with a slip trailer bulb. Have stopped because read on internet it was dangerous but never had problem in years of doing it. Can you give me advice.
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I have no problem to hold my piss in my huge bladder. I piss once in the morning and then at bedtime. Sometimes only once a day. I like it.
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jon seriously stop bumping all these ancient threads
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