Quickest you've ever made a guy cum

I literally bobbed on the dick once, just down then back up, and he shot lol. Shame because he was really cute with a decent sized dick. Any stories from you guys?

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Quickest you've ever made a guy cum

I literally bobbed on the dick once, just down then back up, and he shot lol. Shame because he was really cute with a decent sized dick. Any stories from you guys?
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Only that the younger they are, the quicker they seem to cum. Either I'm REALLY good or they are trigger-ready when I start to go down on them.

Ah, boys.

From a Zen teacher: Discipline is nothing more than remembering what you want.
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Within 10 seconds. Probably less than that. But I don't really see it as a good thing. I'm flattered that some guys are turned on that much but I like guys who can hold it longer. Not a fan of premature ejaculation.
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I can make my husband cum within seconds of inserting his penis inside me. I just put 3 fingers in my pussy with his dick and he cums, and yes, I do have a large pussy.
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I've had a number of massage clients cum when face down upon my massaging of their butt even before having a chance to touch the cock.
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I once thought about a guy, and he had an orgasm...

My friends just call me "Doc."
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Within seconds... one downward motion with my mouth and there's that moan

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D_Methamphetamine Blowvein
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First time I touched my ex husband's (extremely small) cock, he came...just with a touch.
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I would say within 5 minutes. I wasn't not really watching the time, but he just blew. This happened with a couple men, one was finished and couldn't cum again. The other came about 5 times and rather quick each time.
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The fasted ever shot before I had even slid my whole length in, and I went in in one stroke! I sort of reminded me of pushing the plunger on a syringe-- my cock pushed in, and the cum shot out.

That one was unique, but there have been several in the under-a-minute range. Mostly guys half my age...
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B_Hung Jon

I made myself cum in about a minute once. Does that count?
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Was a really hot, good looking guy, he shot a load in less then a minute. Thats from soft to hard to shooting. Found out later he was known as "The Minute Man" from others. But it was a great minute.
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sucked one guy off, he came within 5 minutes at the most. he kinda freaked out after cuz he was "straight" but i kept sucking until he came a second time. then he really freaked out and kept rambling about how cock scared him, hahaha. oh, straight guys lol
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When I was in high school I had a guy cum while I was still trying to get his jeans off. Lucky for me, he was ready to go again almost immediately.
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Totally unintentional on my part, but I made a guy cum while prepping him for a PA piercing once. It was this kid who had been bugging us for months about getting work done, but he wasn't 18 yet. As soon as his birthday rolled around, he came in to get it taken care of. I was swabbing his dick a little, he popped a boner (which is pretty common), and boom my shirt had a nice stain on it. The whole thing took maybe 10 seconds.

The kid pulled his pants up and apologized profusely. I tried to calm him down, but he was so embarrassed that he insisted on paying for the piercing without having it done. Kind of made me wonder what I'd just been paid for, but he wanted to get the hell out of there. Sad thing was, he was a cute kid. If all he wanted was a hand job, he only had to ask.
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cum, guy, quick, quickest

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