big dick Foreskin help

Guys When soft i can easily pull my foreskin back But when hard it looks like http://new-pix.fitlads.net/large/fvI...YLOUfSPUvB.jpg ] It does go back but its tight and i can feel a little pain. Am so embrassed

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big dick Foreskin help


When soft i can easily pull my foreskin back

But when hard it looks like


It does go back but its tight and i can feel a little pain.

Am so embrassed about it am unsure weather to go the doctors?

Suggestions on what i can do
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do a google (or search here) for phemosis (I think thats how its spelled). Please don't resort to circumcision. Circumcision is a last resort option. There are stretches you can do to 'open up' your foreskin so it can fully retract, and in more extreme cases, you can go in for a simple procedure that amounts to making a few cuts on the foreskin to allow it to retract.
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You can do stretching exercises. Either when soft or hard.

Basically you pull the foreskin back as far as is comfortable.

Then you can either hold it there for as long as possible or put it back up and repeat it over and over.

When I was stretching mine I would hold it back for up to 30 seconds, cover it back up and repeat.

Doing that for 15 mins daily you will notice results in a month or two and your foreskin will be more "mobile".

There are also creams that help make the stretching easier. A common one is Hydrocortisone 1% cream. They sell it at Boots although to be honest its not really necessary.

As long as you are in no pain then there isn't really a problem. I have a similar foreskin and don't have any problems with sex or masturbation although sometimes the foreskin is a bit fiddly/tight and I do have to spit inside my penis to masturbate but its quite functional.

A doctor will tell you about the stretching exercises and may even recommend circumcision but that's not necessary.

There is a less drastic surgery called a fremuoplasty or something (or fremoctomy)...where they make a slit in the frenulum (aka banjo string) to loosen it.

Personally, I wouldn't want anything sharp anywhere near my penis but that's an option for you.

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I'm uncut (see my pictures in my profile). I have no trouble getting the skin rolled back. If I did have a problem, I'd certainly see a doctor (NOW). It's nothing to be embarrassed about. Just tell the nurse that you're there to see the doctor about "a male problem". Good luck!

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my friend had phimosis--tight foreskin-- and what he did was stretching exercises with 2 hands he would pull his foreskin outward as if to make it wider it worked his was alot tighter than yours he couldn't retract his at all when hard you have to be patient good luck the skin does stretch
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Well your dick looks pretty nice to me! lol
But if it hurts, you should definitely do the exercises...

Can i ask... If you're 100% straight... Why do you have a profile on Fitlads? lol!

8" x 7"

Looking for some big monster cocks to play with! ;)
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I think you need cutting... sorry dude :(

Hung BI Guy in Charlton, SE London. Always looking.
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You don't need to get "cut". That's MY opinion. I think foreskin is good and natural, and actually I have the same issue. But I don't want to get cut, and I'm glad they suggested these exercises. I think I'll try them too.
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Don't get it cut, just see the doctor about phimosis, that's all. Foreskin was created and is there for a purpose!
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no circ!!!!
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hey there leeroybrown, well to start off with im going to echo what most others have said here and say, dont get circumcised! if it wasnt meant to be there then it wouldnt be.

ok well let me start by saying you are definitely not alone with this problem, of the guys iv been with a high percentage of them have had this tight foreskin problem and they nor i had no problems with it nor did it effect 'normal usage' for us.

although if its causing you pain and discomfort i think you should definitely look into stretching it to where its more comfortable for you and where you would like it to be. if i remember rightly, i saw on a documentary once that foreskins cells are unique in that they can stretch an incredible amount and they used them in the labs for skin grafts. i think the actual area from one foreskin was a football fields worth of graft able skin so you have a lot to play with so to speak ahah.

good luck (and sorry about the essay...)

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mine compliments with your well endowned cock.
when you are a grower you have a long forskin. i have had that to.
when you get older you gets a lot of problems with it. so my advice get cut. i know what i say, i have also let myself cut in my twenties.
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Glad u lile

So do the streching instead?
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Take the time and strech it out.
If after a few months you have make no progress (which you will)
then look into other options with your doctor.
I'd make cutting the ABSOLUTE LAST resort.

Start researching stretching and focus on that.
Good luck.

Admire girth over length.
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Yeah man it happens. Alot us dudes don't pull the skin back til our late teens or in our twenties. What happened me being not jacking off for two days, so when I shower I'll be horned up and use the leather of the soap to help with the pain of pull it down. But I didn't do it all at once, it took a couple of months I tell this when I was able to pull it all the way back, my dick looked liked so good to me. It was like a brand new dick!
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big, dick, foreskin

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