Noises Your Sex Organs Make When You Fuck

We all know about the sounds people make during a fuck session - the grunts, groans, gasps, the filthy sex-talk and the staggering variety of sounds made when people orgasm. If you take away the

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Question Noises Your Sex Organs Make When You Fuck

We all know about the sounds people make during a fuck session - the grunts, groans, gasps, the filthy sex-talk and the staggering variety of sounds made when people orgasm.

If you take away the vocalisations, you are left with just the sounds that two or more copulating bodies make during what is often an extremely fast, frenzied, animalistic physical act.

I want to know what noises people would hear when you have sex. Is you fucking really quiet or can your athletic performance be heard by everyone in the household and your neighbours? Can you hear condom wrappers being ripped open and the rubber being rolled on? Do you use a female condom and your fucking sound like you're pumping into crinkly plastic?

What sounds do your bodies and fuck bits make as you race to climax?

Do you make so much sex-sweat, pre-cum and pussy juices that your fucking sounds slick and wet? Can you hear the wet squelching of his cock impaling a pussy or ass and can you tell if he's thrusting in or on the outstroke? What about double penetration - could someone tell just from listening if two cocks are fucking a girl and if they're both in her pussy or ass?

Does sex in leathers or PVC sound different to skin on skin, does fucking with a condom sound different from raw sex. Do natural lubricants sound different from sex with KY?

Tell us about the sounds your bodies make during a good fuck session.

Bi lad in Melbourne, Australia (Inner West Footscray)
I love talking dirty in
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my penis yawns and then my balls giggle.
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Used to be a lot of farting noises when I'd fuck my wife. Now that she is used to my size, it doesn't happen. Used to like it, kinda, Like I was breaking her in.

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Well, if it actually had a voice, my dick'd be screaming all the time, "Oh god, I'm gonna throw up yet again after doing all those pushups in that hot sweaty box!" when I jizzed.

Ya ain't seen an attitude like a North jerseyan attitude. Hey,hetero 5'10", 185 lbs, brown/black hair, hazel green eyes, 10.5X7.5, looking for that very special romance.

I'm not interested in getting PM's from complete strangers, nor do I wish any solicitations about cock size, getting together. etc. So trust me when I tell you that you will be deleted from my message banks and put on ignore.

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I cause quite a few queefs or pussy farts, especially when banging my wife in doggy position. And I especially like the sound of the wet slapping noise that results from my loins smacking into her ass cheeks.

I also love that squishy sound it makes going into a wet, snug pussy.
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Lets see: slapping of my balls and/or legs/stomach against ass, some of those wet fart sounds from two sweaty bodies rubbing against one another, those sounds of a nice wet bj....
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Originally Posted by SpeedoMike View Post
my penis yawns and then my balls giggle.

Varies for me. But I do like the wet, slapping noises.
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