Alex Castro aka Elian Cortez claims 13 on Xtube

Yesterday, while cruising Xtube.com, I came across ( not literally ) a profile for a guy who claimed to have 13”. Of course, I just had to check it out. This person, who had no

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Alex Castro aka Elian Cortez claims 13 on Xtube

Yesterday, while cruising Xtube.com, I came across (not literally) a profile for a guy who claimed to have 13”. Of course, I just had to check it out. This person, who had no pictures or videos on their profile other than the profile pic, claimed to be from Atlanta, a Father of three adopted boys, a former American Gladiator as well as a former model, played a part on a History Channel show & was looking for a long-term relationship. This last part was interesting as he had this l o n g diatribe about who he was & what kind of guy he was looking for…on a video site of all places. I did some research (Google is your best friend) & found that this person must be Alex Castro aka Elian Cortez aka Militia. It saddens me that someone who is absolutely beautiful and obviously not 13” is advertising themselves as such. I guess he has some sort of self-esteem issues. But, since my 13” might not be your 13”; I ask you…is he or is he not? See the attached below (from his Playgirl shoot).

If you are an Xtube member as well & come across his profile, please send the link to me. I thought I had bookmarked the page but I cannot find it today.
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I don't think he is. I've seen a solo jack off vid of him, and he's about 8.5 at best.

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13, what a joke, who is he kidding.........
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Thats the shortest 13 inches I've ever seen

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D_Yowton Y Yingyang
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His balls aren't even big enough to make such a claim. I think, at least from these pics, that 8.5 would be very generous.
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No, nowhere close to 13 unless he's measuring from his asshole. It is my belief that anything much over 8" is kinda wasted anyway, for sex at least, although good for show and bragging rights I guess. But seriously, if you looked like that and had that swingin, why would you need to exaggerate? and who would complain??
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Closer to 13 centimeters than 13 inches

It must be true, I read it on the internet.
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I have come across his profile before.

This is the profile on X-tube.

And this is the actual profile of Alex Castro aka Militia on myspace. This one says he has only one son not three and lives in California not Atlanta.

Militia-american gladiator (ALEX CASTRO) | MySpace

The xtube profile says he can prove that he is real, but I still have my doubts, especially since he is obviously trying to move away from the "'porn star" stigma, does not have 13 inch dick as his xtube profile suggests, and I have known about him and a little about his private life for a while and he actually prefers women. But after the Tiger Woods incident, you never know. If anyone has success with him, please feel free to share.

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Just goes to show, Guys aint good with numbers.....
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He looks awefully average to me; I'd say 6"-6.5" at best. That's just my opinion.
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Perhaps he is adding the girth and length to come up with that fictional 13 inches...just a thought.
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TopDudeFTL, you're MUCH hotter than Alex is! Woof.
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No way 13"!
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Originally Posted by mastersergeant View Post
He looks awefully average to me; I'd say 6"-6.5" at best. That's just my opinion.
I agree with this. I have seen one of his solo j/o video. Although he is definitely a grower, he is about 6.5" hard which is half of what he claims to be his size. I still like this guy and would love to worship him anytime

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ok i went to the xtube profile and notice that the profile pic is the same pics from the playboy shoot so i wonder'd thru the profile a bit and have found that everything in this profile is a copy from multiple profiles even his pics so about the only thing near the user of this profile is the user name ,, amazing he has 1000 friends for something so fictitious
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