Lil Bow Wow

YoungHungBoy: Does anyone know or think Bow Wow has a big dick? Let me know what you think...he has big feet for such a small guy..maybe..

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YoungHungBoy: Does anyone know or think Bow Wow has a big dick? Let me know what you think...he has big feet for such a small guy..maybe..
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Originally posted by YoungHungBoy@Nov 28 2004, 02:43 AM
he has big feet for such a small guy..maybe..
Do we really have to go through the steps of dispelling the big feet = big cock myth for hundredth time? No? I didn't think so.

Ars longa, vita brevis: CARPE SCROTUM!
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well... he DID take "Lil" out of his name... so maybe Bow Wow wanted to show us hes not little anymore... in more ways than one

lol, i have no idea

also with the feet thing- hes also very short, so his feet may seem proportionally large, but not actually be more than average, and we know that feet mean nothing.

i know hes short- just watch the "Baby Its You" video with JoJo, shes as tall as him, shes 13 and hes 17....

honestly, who knows
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clownboots19: I would guess he is not well endowed, but that is just a pure guess, and of course we won't know unless he does something to let us know, however I would like to find out.
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not that I'm saying 'yes' but..

there must've been a reason why his bodyguard molested him :D

ho ho, I kill me
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clownboots19: That's a joke, right......????........hmmm......
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I'm glad to say that there's no evidence Lil Bow Wow was raped by his bodyguard or limo driver. Nor was his jewelry taken. And Snoop didn't put a hit out on the perpetrator. Basically, rumors of this sort always involve squeaky-clean overachievers. Remember: This guy has gone double platinum and even performed with Madonna at the Grammys. Of course, they think no one who performs with Madonna can be that clean, so that was probably the straw (or laurel) which broke the camel's back.
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bow, lil, wow

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