Why do I find my uncircumcised cock so awesome?

It's 100% all natural, requires some very basic maintenance (peel back and and lever 2000 that glans) and best of all, it feels amazing. the foreskin is actually a mucous membrane, and it contains it's

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Why do I find my uncircumcised cock so awesome?

It's 100% all natural, requires some very basic maintenance (peel back and and lever 2000 that glans) and best of all, it feels amazing. the foreskin is actually a mucous membrane, and it contains it's own pleasure nerve endings. During sex the foreskin glides on me and my g/f. On the outstroke it prevents contact. I have tried sex while holding my foreskin back and that outstroke feels abrasive. Speaking of abrasive, thank god I my dick closes up when not in use, even my soft blanket hurts a little to rub up against when I wake up with morning wood. I couldn't imagine my dick head vs the scratchy world. Obviously my dick was not meant to have sex with jeans, towels, blankets, or even boxers. To conclude, all this talk about my dick is making me want to go spend some quality alone time with it.
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I love mine and my wife loves it too. Give it up for the natural uncut guys!

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i wish i had a foreskin............
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Same reason I do ?

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Hail all the mighty foreskin... Long may he wave! Foreskins now and forever! Viva La Foreskin! Stop mutilating your baby boys!

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to each their own... at least u like ur cock.

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it is totally natural. However, when i was 8, the dr. Cllipped the frenulum. It feels fantastic, most of the people i've been with like it. It is really thick, the foreskin helps with the entering initially.
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Originally Posted by Joo View Post
Give it up for the natural uncut guys!
I really don't like when this board resorts to either circumcised bashing or uncut bashing, as many of us were not given a choice in the matter!!..

The best thing that you uncut guys could do if you enjoy your foreskins so much would be to band together and create a huge initiative to tell the country just how much you enjoy your foreskins and to show the USA that they haven't given you any problems, to stop the continuation of the practice.

As that is the only way that future generations will be allowed the opportunity to experience a natural un - mutilated penis, as it is way to common for circumcised fathers to have their sons circumcised, as they don't wish to admit that anything bad was done to their genitals without their knowledge at birth, so they continue the practice, as they don't know the pleasures of uncut cock.

Originally Posted by ruggerkit28 View Post
i wish i had a foreskin............
same here, I have a sort of partial foreskin, though in all actuality if there was anything I could do to have the penis I was born with I would do it, even if I'd only have the chance to experience it for a day, a week, or a month, or a year.
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Two words: Personal Preference. Some people like them cut, some don't. I don't mind an uncut one as long as it's clean. I have crossed swords with a few that were in need of a good washing...

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cuz i have one, though I kind of out grew my 4skin....pics in gallery tell the story.
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D_Clifftonne Copperclappers

I'm straight, uncut and happy with it. As long as I can get decent pussy I'm content. It's pointless speculating whether it would somehow be 'better' circumcised as I have no way of finding out. Most women I've met are happy with a clean uncircumcised cock; a few American women have been surprised to see it but none has turned me down as yet. Although I only discussed advantages and disadvantages with a few women, there did seem to be a general view that some circumcised men can last longer or can fuck harder for longer -presumably because of reduced sensitivity - but that didn't apply to my performance fortunately.
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because it is
screw mutilation

OMG i can put my message in here?!
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Wish mine was still there. Would spend a lot less money on lube. Never wanted mine cut, but what can you do when its done at birth. At my age everyone is cut, I have only been with 2 guys that was uncut. Love the feel of it, would like to find another fuck bud that was uncut. Would love to explore them some more. Notice alot of younger guys are uncut, they say the rate in half of what it use to be. God made it, it has to be perfect........
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AGREE with scottredleter - God doesn't make any junk.

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