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Two years ago I had the AMS 700 LGX implanted at my regional VA hospital due to a severe case of ED from the medications I have to take to keep living. The prosthesis not

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Two years ago I had the AMS 700 LGX implanted at my regional VA hospital due to a severe case of ED from the medications I have to take to keep living.

The prosthesis not only increased the girth and length while flaccid, it also increased the girth and length even more when in the erect state. I estimate that I gained a little over one inch in length while erect but I know I gained at least two inches in length while flaccid. The inflation bulb is in my scrotum and the fluid pouch is in my groin. The one inch incision was made between the scrotum and the base of the penis where it can't be seen. It is impossible to know that I have an implant by looking or feeling the penis. The bulb is hidden behind my testicles so that does not show either. HOWEVER, there is now a very noticible bulge in my pants while flaccid that was not there before the surgery. It took a little over a week to get the swelling to go down (no pun intended) after the surgery and I was able to inflate it after 6 weeks. WOW, what a rush that was. I have what is considered a tight circumcision (at the time I was born), but I never felt the shaft skin pull until I had the implant put in. For the first year each time I inflated the implant I could definitely feel the skin stretching very tight. There was actually no way to move the shaft skin. Over the past year the skin has stretched some and I no longer feel the extra strong pulling sensation, but I do know the skin is still stretching, and that feels really good. What used to stick straight out when erect now points upwards and I can hang a small towel on it without it dropping off. Making love is absolutely wonderful. I have no problems making my partner climax, and I can continue lovemaking after I have achieved orgasm a couple of times. It does not go down until I press the deflate button. By the way, I was 65 years old when I had the implant put in.

At the time I had the surgery, the AMS 700 LGX was the only model that increased girth AND length.
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I would not recommend it

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If you have the ability to get an erection at all, you are not ready for an implant. Before you do the implant definitely try the injectable. Make dead certain that the injectables will NOT work for you first. The implants are great and they do work, but, nerve function can be compromised and affect sensation. I have severe ED myself, and I am on injection therapy. I cannot get an erection without it, but I have no problem with ejaculation.

I have another friend who received similar advice to yours. He tried the injections first and found that they worked beautifully.

I am not against implants in any way. The do work well, but should only be considered if the injectables do not work well for you. There may come a day that I am an implant candidate, but, I am going to have fun the regular way and enjoy the process of erection and arousal which the implant takes away from you.

The orals are only effective if the ED is mild to light moderate. From Moderate on up the scale they fail more than they work. There are also combination therapies. I have been on Quadmix for years. If you buy it right it is cheap and it is very effective and once you learn how to do the injection with a injector they do not hurt at all.

Look on the net for Boston Medical and see where the nearest clinic for Boston Medical is located. My own MD was not available at the time and I used them initially. It cost me $2,500 at the time for a one year treatment plan and what they taught me made me able to take their Rx to my regular MD and we worked together after that at a very low price to make it all work!

Try Quadmix first. Quadmix is a combination of 4 drugs. If you want more details feel free to PM me and I will talk to you directly on this. There is so much incorrect information going around on injectable ED meds as to be a complete boondoggle.

This is an area where most MD's are not competent, only one who specializes in male reproductive problems should do the initial on this one. Surgeons only make money when they use a scalpel, and it is to their advantage to operate.

Try the other first and if it does not work well the implant route remains open to you. Boston Medical will inject you as part of the evaluation on the spot and see. Experience the injection before the surgery. Please! Implants work, but you may never in fact need them. They can make this stuff in nuclear strength my friend.

Please be careful and take care my friend.

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When I was first diagnosed with ED, i was given oral meds to achieve erection. Since then, one heart attack later, oral meds was a no no due to other medications I have to take. The vacuum pump was the next attempt. Too much trouble. Muse came next. Allergic reaction. Then came injections. Partial success, but not good enough for great sex, in addition to soreness at the site of injection. After a battery of tests on blood flow and sensation, I was told that the ONLY total solution would be the implant. (it took several years to get to this juncture) I was given a choice of four different ones. I researched them all and talked to several people before making up my mind. My doctor at the VA, who did the surgery, said that I had chosen the best of the best.

A remark was made by someone above that "Surgeons only make money when they use a scalpel, and it is to their advantage to operate". I have to strongly disagree. VA Surgeons are paid flat wages by the Fed Govt and do not get paid by the patient, nor the type of treatment or surgery. He could have very easily told me that I was not a candidate for surgery due to my other health conditions, but he told me that there would be a definite positive outcome.

I could not be happier!!! NO loss of sensation, NO nerve damage, NO adverse reactions whatsoever. Granted, there is no turning back, but at the same time what would I be turning back to? That answer is simple. NO erection of any consequence at the very least.

I am happy, my spouse is happy. I have plenty of feeling, she has plenty of feeling. I last as long as I( want to. She get the benefits of it just as I do. Orgasm for me is stronger, longer, and more intense feeling.

I do not understand the negative comments on this type of RX. I have chatted with several dozen men who have had various types of implants and the only ones who were negative were the ones with the rigid implants that were hard all of the time and had to be manually bent to perform. (4 guys actually). All of the rest had the 3-piece units simular to mine. The ones that did not have the AMS 700 LGX only complained about a slight shortening of the length upon erection. Overall they were satisfied with what their doctor implanted. Some have had them for over ten years with no problems. A couple had old models replaced with newer ones very simular to mine.

Kind of like circumcision, you cannot judge until you have had it BOTH ways.
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I am interested to read your account of and success with an implant .
I am 74yrs young and now have difficulty maintaining an erection . I take Kamagra 100 , which I find effective ; but I have arrhythmea , for which I have medication . I'm not sure that Viagra wasn't the cause of the Arrhythmea . An implant would mean that I could have sex whenever I wanted and more frequently than I do now . I asked my Cardiologist about Viagra/Kamagra , but he didn't seem to know what I was talking about .
You do not mention how much it can cost to have an implant . I should be interested to know .
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I am intersted to read your account of your implant too . it would be so nice to regain some of the length , girth and vigour of former years . I am 74 and still hot for it , but currently rely on Kamagra , not too often for health reasons .
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Since you are probably receiving social security now, Medicare pays for the implant if your doctor gives advance notice to Medicare. I am glad I got mine when I did. I am pretty sure that at some time in the near future implants will be removed from the approved procedures list thanks to our wonderful current government entities.

Check with your doctor. Also, if you are a veteran of the US military, and eligible for VA benefits and healthcare, the cost would be nothing to you.

I have both SS and VA, but I also have private insurance that paid for it as well. I used the VA hospital because they bill the insurance company a lot less than other hospitals do. VA, Medicare and insurance companies for the most part understand that implants are a lot less expensive over a period of time than drugs would be.

The urologist that did mine was a graduste of Cornell and was well trained in the up to date procedures to produce the best results with the least chance of problems. Even though she was under thirty years old, she was really wonderful with a great bedside manner and treated me like a human being. (Contrary to some doctors)

My non-medical advise.....Go for it.
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I have an implant (Coloplast Titan). I have had trouble with them (I am on my third - first two failed), but all I can tell you is that I get more attention in the locker room now than I ever did. Pump up a few times and I have a slighly hard dick, and boy, does it show. I am OLD, but in good shape, and my ability to show a hot cock has only incrased my appeal, it seems. Last resort, by all means, but I would do it again.

Should add that many men lose size. I did not - I am 7.5 and good girth, big head, so I am one of the lucky ones. Happy to talk more privately, should anyone be interested, and MORE than happy to demonstrate how it works to anyone in Ft. Lauderdale.
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I'am in the 50 and have a complete ED since half a year.

Emotional I have accepted it. and I have disided to let it and not to take a implant. It is still an operation. Operations that are not nassary for to save lives are not good.

I can still be intiem without penetration and erections.
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go for trimix with the minimum of PGE in the mix. it is caverject/edex/muse (all PGE1) that creates the pain when using. trimix does not (less PGE). quadmix works great, too much atrophine causes dry eyes and mouth. ask for less atropine if that happens
no need for any specialty group such as boston medical.
most seasoned/older urologist know how to prescribe trimix.
when you call for an appointment, just ask the nurse or whoever is making the appointment if the doctor is familiar with trimix.

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