Naked under overalls

Does any guy here freeball in bib overalls--or even go completely naked? I think it's hot to come across a man who is wearing nothing under his overalls. Recently I was in Lowe's Home Improvement

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Naked under overalls

Does any guy here freeball in bib overalls--or even go completely naked? I think it's hot to come across a man who is wearing nothing under his overalls.

Recently I was in Lowe's Home Improvement Store and was looking for an item on the shelf. I turned to notice a man standing next to me wearing bib overalls. He was about 6'1", well built, 40-ish or so, and bearded. He had a t-shirt on under the overalls, but then I looked lower and saw that the lower snap on the side of this overalls was completely open (probably on purpose!) and revealing nothing but smooth, sexy-looking skin! He clearly had on no underwear under his overalls, and he apparently wanted other people to know that!! From where I was standing, I could easily see a side-view of his pubes, which were quite thick! What a turn on!

Has anyone else done this? Do you know any hot men who do this regularly? Any hot stories about this? Pictures would be good too! Thanks!

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I have never seen anyone wearing bib overalls except this 80+ year old farmer who owned the farm across the road from us when I was a kid. I don't think he wore anything under his. LOL
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I freeball 24/7 under slacks, levis, shorts, swim, and at nude beaches. lol
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I remember when I was young seeing a hippy type guy wearing bid overalls with the sides gaping obviously nothing underneath, one of those images that burns into your memory, you got to love guys that are confident in their own skin.
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Hot! It reminds me of the big hot dopy guy in Brother Where art Thou... I love the look

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I do it all the time, especially while remodeling the house, working in the yard and barn.
Can't beat it for keeping cool here in SC.
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When I was younger as a farm kid, this was the style. No problems. Saved on the amount of laundry that Mom had to do.
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exact same as you hung
commercial market garden NZ
always with nothing on underneath,except freqent hardons
and easy access thru the open side slits
these days i get excited'
viewing young mechanics in overalls
and assuming they could be freeballing' haha -joking

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Back in college during freshman year, I had a pair...don't remember why though. Anyway, I woulsdalways wear them with nothing underneath. One time, this guy I would flirt with all the time came into my room and the sexual tension was building up and finally he undid the snaps and my overalls fell to the floor well, almost to the floor as my hardon kept them from doing so...needless to say what followed....lol....ah, good times, good times!
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Last Summer I spotted a hot-looking guy at "Hunk Depot (my name for Home Depot)" who was wearing overalls and a tee-shirt. He was looking at something on a bottom shelf and the way he was bent down, I could easily see he was wearing no underwear.

Especially when I stood beside him and pretended to be reaching for something on the shelf above him.

I'm sure he caught me looking down but it didn't seem to bother him.
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There used to be a group in a web site called sexboards.com, that was headlined "The Guys at the Home Depot." It seems to be a great cruising place early in the day when contractors are getting supplies. Especially during the summer months when the college boys are working.

Also quite a few years ago I used to cruise this park that was a big gay hang-out. There was this one guy that was cute as a button that used to wear overalls that were shorts. I don't think he had anything on under them and it drove me crazy.
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I went thru a phase growing up and had a pair...but wound up tossing them, they were 'short waisted' and hated the way they felt like they were sawing off my balls...
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i have done this especially when helping my grandparents on their farm in the summer time....
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Well sir...I been a country/farm boi all my life was raised here on the farm workin all my life...I aint never wore no draws <underwear> with overalls...really didn't know you was suppose to with the way I been raised?...my grandpa or uncles didn't ever wear none either. I generally don't wears underwear draws period tell I have to wear sunday go to meeting pants or clothes or something special for dress up events.
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Originally Posted by BIGdkluver View Post
Does any guy here freeball in bib overalls--or even go completely naked? ....
I go completely naked all the time, but never at Lowes! Seriously, when I'm naked around my own place I frequently don just overalls or coveralls for a brief trip into the public world, with no other clothes underneath. It's a real easy way to switch back and forth between nudity and an acceptable public appearance.

If God had intended us to run around without our clothes on we'd have been born naked.
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naked, overalls

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