comparing your dick with your friends...

well im writing this too see if anyone has ever compared there penis with a brother,dad,or just maybe a friend...if so,how did you go about doin it? and did you feel weird doin it,or was

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comparing your dick with your friends...

well im writing this too see if anyone has ever compared there penis with a brother,dad,or just maybe a friend...if so,how did you go about doin it?
and did you feel weird doin it,or was it just what ever...???
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my buddies and i do it all the time at the gym. they're straight and we're all screamingly average or a just above (i win every time), but it's more just about talking shit with your buds.
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I have compared with many friends over the years and its no big deal (well, the comparing is no big deal, the cock size, thats another story) I like comparing, and I think most guys do, even if they always lose, like some of my friends.
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I have compared a lot with friends, but my favorite experience was with this one guy from my high school. We were on a ski trip and I guess he had heard that I was well hung and wanted to compare. He was a pretty cocky guy. He was about 6'4 and super muscular and kept bragging about how big he was, so after getting himself to his full potential he whipped it out and asked if I was bigger with a huge grin on his face. Two seconds later his grin turned into a lock of shock and all he could say was dang dude, that's the biggest dicks I've ever seen. He then told me that he had compared a lot in the locker room during football practice and had never been beat. That was a great victory.
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I have done it a few times. I'd say if I did it about 10 times I probably lost like 8 times lol. I'm above 5 and a half inches but under 6 inches.
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I love comparing. Do it when I can. We compare biceps so why not dicks?

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As has been it's no big deal, I have compared my penis with many friends over the years and I think most guys do sometime during their lives. We are too hung up about size but it never stops us from seeing how we compare. I've seen big and small but in the end I'm content with what I've got as it hasn't let me done so far!
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comparing is fun. but if your coming on here and bragging about being huge, well you should have some pics to at least try to back it up. lol :)
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I compared with many friends and still keep on doing that....it feels natural to me,especially when it comes to showers at gym etc. I am in most cases the biggest and friends at gym make fun of me for this.But in a good way!sometimes when I am passing without towel close to them they slide aside as quick as they can,to let me pass;they say I have to be a meter far from them when my cock is out!and we laugh together and make jokes about that.
This gives me satisfaction....Love to take common showers and being watched at my big cock!;-)
Anyway my best friends do know my size and see my cock quite naturally....I am not shy and it is cool to share also intimate things like that with your friends.
When my older brother lived at home we also jerked off together. We had crazy fun,jerked off also outside(in the woods,car etc) and counted our cumshots,fucked plastic holes together at the same time...!it was great!my cock was bigger,but his one has a bigger girth!I guess many guys don't do this with their brothers but for us it was normal life...:-)!
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i camparing with my brother but never hard and saw sometimes my dad cock! and obvios with my frineds in the showers!
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Growing up I showed my dick to all my friends and got them to show me theirs so we could compare. I was usually bigger because I hit puberty pretty early.

What can I say... I get off on being used & objectified, & I have a huge cum fetish! Getting it all over my face or in my mouth and swallowing it... any way I can get it!

Hit me up and let's see what kind of dirty fun we can have:

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its a bonding thing. ive done it with most of my friends
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i have never done this...
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There was a fair bit of comparing when I was at school and the occasional comment, especially with those who developed early.
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I'm a grower not a shower so I'm reluctant to compare on the spot..I have done it during moresomes etc. Its a great feeling to show the sword during battle! lol
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comparing, dick, friends

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