Best ways to control orgasm

Please, only responses from guys who have had to work at finding ways to control orgasm. What worked best? I've been working on kegels and have had good results So far, in my limited experience,

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Best ways to control orgasm

Please, only responses from guys who have had to work at finding ways to control orgasm.

What worked best? I've been working on kegels and have had good results

So far, in my limited experience, kegels plus sex nearly every day helps me to hold back my orgasm until my woman climaxes.

What else works? how often do people actually do kegels?

I've gone from coming in under a minute to being able to last regularly 10 minutes (when my partner comes that fast), to up to 20 minutes. what I can't do yet is to thrust fast and hard a long time without stopping. any luck with that? ways to improve?

thanks, guys
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From the Playboys I read as a teenager:

Think of something else, not what you are doing.
When performing oral sex, do the alphabet on her clit.
Find out what her tempo is and, maybe, slow down.
Just stick it in her and hold still for a bit.

I discovered, from fucking in a hot tub, that if my balls don't slap around it takes me at least 20 minutes to cum. Either adjust your stroke, your position or your speed to keep your balls from slapping. I can also last longer during oral sex versus vaginal sex, which makes my wife cum with regularity. So try mixing a little vaginal to longer oral and back and forth, the time outs may help you and your partner enjoy the entire experience better.
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I know it's annoying for ya, but I wish I could cum that quickly!

Takes me bloody ages. :(
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The average duration is just over 7 minutes. I don't think we're meant to go hard and fast and last 20 minutes, regardless of technique. For me it's a moot point, because with my gith I would make my wife very sore if I was too energetic for too long.

I have been trained in Tantric techniques, and I do employ them to enhance my duration and to make my orgasms more intense. Lesson one is meditation: learn how to meditate and then practice. Lesson two is to concentrate on your arousal (converse of the Playboy advice. When thrusting, keep your mind on how you feel. When you get close, you squeeze hard on your pc muscle and imagine the sexual energy flowing from your penis and up your spine to your partner (you have to kiss her for this to work). This is 'meditating' your sexual energy away, which is why meditation is important. Also, keep your eyes open all the time.

Tantric sex is about long and slow, and enhancing orgasm as I mentioned. These techniques will probably not work on fast sex, and when I do it fast I expect not to last terribly long.
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Be in the moment and aware of where you are in relation to climaxing. Stop when you need to and just "be" with your partner. Let the intensity, the near climax, subside a bit, then start back up. I've found that it's all about being aware (again, the opposite of the Playboy advice). That's what's worked best for me, although if it's been a long time since I've cum, controlling orgasm is much, much harder. In that case, then, I just let it happen and go for a second one right away.

7x6 (or so, depending on LOTS of things)
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my gal is usually riding me anymore due some back issues. I usually just try to relax and think of something else. I close my eyes and try to drift away. sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I tried "stopping" but usually by the time I do that I am past the point of no return. I always came pretty quick, but never worried about it when I was younger because most of the time, my recovery time was zero, I did not lose my erection, and if I felt it going, I just sped up my "fucking" stroke, sometimes at a frantic pace. and it would be 20-30 minutes before I would blow again, plenty of time for most gals to "O' at least once. my gal, now wife, said no one fucked her like I fuck her. she had never had a man move so fast on top of her. it's kind of animalistic, she says her puss will just suddenly clamp on my cock, like it's one, and seconds later she's cumming like crazy. more romantically, she likes to ride on top, go slow, have me fondle her big tits and lick her nipples, then she will lean back, speed up, takes a good 15-20 minutes, I can feel her puss stiffen and then clamp down hard, we usually come together. the real treat for me, is she will get on top, get my 1/2 hard cock in her puss, and "knead" her puss on my cock til rock hard, and then knead my cock along its entire length with her puss. this drives me to a great orgasm, Gawd I'm rock hard typing about it. and if I got stubborn cock, she has a big time orgasm.
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Let me add one more (which I've seen in porn and actually works). If you're close to that point and slowing down doesn't help, pull your dick out and slap it. If your partner's into it, slap it on her clit or her labia. You can also just slap it with your open palm too. Usually on her clit works best for us as the sensation doesn't cease for my wife.

My artwork in progress:

Why a tight pussy taking a big dick and giving birth are not the same:
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I believe the above posts are correct. We're simply not made to thrust hard and fast for 20 minutes. It appears you've cured yourself of the PE problem you were having by now lasting 10-20 minutes. If trying to emulate the guys in porn, STOP. The guys in porn are on viagra or some pill like it. 20 minutes of thrusting in and out would be boring. Not to mention the dryness and soreness your wife would experience. I've taken pills like viagra and that's the only time I can go long and hard without having an orgasm. In fact, it's annoying. In my experience, using pills took away my ability to orgasm. I simply can't have an orgasm and it becomes frustrating for the both of us. It turns into "let make him cum," and not "let enjoy each other." What's wrong with having an orgasm after 10-15 minutes and then going again for round two and/or three? Which generally last longer. In my opinion, you've met your goal. Well, unless your wife is asking for more, and even then there's fun to be had.
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If you wanna my wife suck your cock i promise you'll cum in 1 min, no matter how orgasm control technique you use. The same is when she rides your cock!
But i'm pro so i learn to fuck her half an hour :)
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Sorry, I forgot one. Don't curl your toes, during sex keep your toes straight at all times, works for me. Have sex and notice what your toes do and then keep them straight.
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For whatever it's worth ...

I tend to spend a very long time performing oral on my female partner, and while this may sound goofy, but I try to make her experience a couple of orgasms BEFORE my cock is anywhere near entering her pussy ... once I start thrusting, I just know I am not gonna last long (sorry, I have never timed anything) ... whenever I feel like I am getting close to cumming, I STOP, and just bury my cock balls deep, and then i "flex" my cock multiple times ... this is like performing a kegel ... my cock goes concrete hard, the head flares, and my lover says she can feel the heat of the head of my cock ... at this point, if I shoot, it's more of a 'so what ? " coz my partner is so into it, and if I can keep going it's a bonus ... till I get to the point of nearly cumming, then it's repeat as noted above ... sometimes I last, sometimes I don't but quick frankly, it doesn't matter, because I have given her orgasms with my mouth, tongue, lips and fingers earlier on ... I don't know if that helps you, but it' my contribution ... by the way all the advice to ignore the male porno actors is very true ... they are popping Viagra like it was candy, and frankly, the cumshot on film is probably caught in the first few minutes of filming, with the never-ending thrusting happening afterwards, with Viagra ... the miracle of film-editing .... (just my opinion)
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