Can't manage to eat my own cum

I've always wanted to try my own cum. Whenever I'm really horny, I always imagine that eating my cum would be a huge turn on. However when ever I actually ejaculate, I lose interest very

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Can't manage to eat my own cum

I've always wanted to try my own cum. Whenever I'm really horny, I always imagine that eating my cum would be a huge turn on. However when ever I actually ejaculate, I lose interest very fast. I've tried the method of just doing it in my hand and then eating it but I always get grossed out last minute. Also I've tried shooting into my own mouth but I can't reach my legs far over my head. I'm not homosexual, so it's not like I'll come across this situation often, but I'm sure most straight guys have thought about what their cum tastes like.

So basically, how can I manage to bring myself to eating my own cum? Also, I've heard it tastes different compared to your diet, but what's the texture like? I tried my own precum, but it was a little....stringy? I don't know if that's the right word, but it was definitely odd and kinda gross.
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I would probably be more willing to eat someone else's cum as long as I didn't climax yet. Once I get there it just disgusts me. The smell, mostly. Thus, I've never been able to eat my own.
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This is a problem worth mentioning? Eat it don't. Really not something that needs to be thought about.
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Nothing to it but to do it

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I hear you, bro. I'm gay, and there are times when that seems like the hottest idea in the world and I can't wait to cum so I can do it...until I cum, and then I couldn't be less interested. Use the search function here; you'll see that, gay or straight, it's perfectly normal and you're not alone.

However, some straight guys have made a good point which is, if they expect their women to take their loads, shouldn't they, at least, be able to take one?

Personally, I love my precum. It's actually very sweet and has no discernible "texture", ie: it's very smooth and uniform, if that makes sense. As for cum, I always prefer to swallow my boyfriends' first before I hit the jackpot, and I love it when I do. The taste, smell (??) and texture are just great and don't bother me at all. Just the opposite. At times, I crave it.

As to my own, I've only been able to do it rarely, and even then, if within seconds of the event. However, I'm one of those lucky guys who can cum multiple times, with 4 or 5 mini-orgasms before the big one. So, at those times, I'm able and happy to eat what I've got. After the big one, however, not so much.

Work with it and don't worry about it. You'll figure it out. Or not. Either way, it's really no big deal.

Instant gratification takes too long.

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HAHA, I use to think the same thing. Think about it this way...if a girl swallows your load and you kiss her, you're basically tasting yourself. When I was young and would masturbate a lot, I would have large loads that sometimes would shoot up to my chin or face, and I'll tell you it doesn't taste that bad.
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Well guys here's what I love doing. I jack until I am ready to cum, just before I am ready I get it to a certain point where it's just about to shoot and I back off. I keep doing this until I feel some cum (not pre cum) ooz out. That's when I eat it it, but yeah I lose interest after I shoot my load.

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SR_Thistlewoode Thrilldrille

eating cum is not a bad thing but not everyone likes it. it is hot, thick, salty and sometimes its more yellow then other times. but if you want to "taste" then just masturbate until you have a drop of precum on your cockhead. put your finger into it and taste that, it is thinner, less salty and mostly clear. it will give you an idea about whether you want the full monty or not.
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for those of a certain age - remember Mikey? - "Try it, you'll like it"!
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I'm like Nick8 in that I've always LOVED the taste of my own pre-cum. But, succumbing to the same curiosity you describe, whenever I'd shoot a load into the palm of my hand and taste it I found it more disgusting than anything else. Later in life, however, when I started playing with guys and sucking cock I found that the hot semen shooting straight out of the faucet, so to speak, was a real turn-on and didn't taste bad at all. From that I learned that I really could enjoy rolling over on the back of my neck, with my cock pointing straight down at my face, and shooting a big load directly into my mouth. I've always been hopelessly in love with my own cock and seeing it pointing straight at my face while feeling my orgasm rising to its crescendo was just an absolutely awesome experience. A word of warning, however, semen shot into the eye can definitely sting so I'd always don a pair of safety glasses first.

And, yes, diet definitely effects the taste of semen. There are countless tips, hints and opinions on this out in blog land but overall I've found that throughout the range of diet-induced tastes I rather enjoy them all. The only disappointingly bitter load of semen I've ever tasted came out of a guy that was a heavy marijuana user. I don't know if it was the weed or something else but that's one cock I've not sucked since. Texture and viscosity varies a lot from person to person so there must be a lot of variation in individual prostate glands. Some guys just ooze out a load of thick sticky white stuff that clings to everything it touches and some have almost watery semen that they can shoot clear across a small room, with everything in between being possible. But as far as I'm concerned it's all wonderful stuff!

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It happens to me a lot. Not only when it comes to cum. I am bissexual, i am mostly straight, but sometimes i get the feeling of hooking up with some guys. When i am home, and watching porn or just getting myself a handjob, i sometimes fantasize of hooking up with guys, and it only lasts until the very second i cum, after that i sometimes feel disgusted but the whole idea vanishes out of my mind.
I once managed to taste cum, it is not much of a big deal haha.
If you feel like doing it, just go for it
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I've never been able to bring myself to do it either.
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wasn't there a similar thread last week? seems the general consensus is the idea of it is a turn on and all interest is lost once orgasm is reached. this makes sense to me, as soon as you orgasm and all the fireworks go off over the chemical reactions in your brain, you become instantly gratified, so the idea is no longer a turn on.

the same goes for any sort of taboo or kinky act, ever do something and then afterward feel a slight repulsion or disbelief afterward? the idea of eating cum, is a taboo turn on. i bet the guys that actually go through with the eating keep jerking off and get off a second time because of the extra mental stimulation. i had a girl friend that loved me to cum in her, and i loved her to squat over my face and push the cum out while i jerked off. i'd cum a second time, and more intensely all over her back within seconds from her pushing out my cum and on a few lucky occasions a couple golden drops to wash it down with.
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Eat my own cum? Never have, likely never will.

The idiot in Dostoyevsky's book looks at a donkey and is suddenly healed.
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D_Circumcisus Skinless

Hey I've tasted my own Nutt b4, I eat alot of tropical fruit, especially Pineapples and Bananas, Honey, so my cum is slightly sweet!, also I eat very little Salt, so my cream isn't salty at all.....But I rarely do that, and only if i'm beatin off and it gets too good to me, It mainly kinda of grosses me out, cause it's so much of the stuff and the fact I want someone else to feast on my creamy Nutt!, I got use to that Fresh Raw Ocean smell when I was married and it was on her breath(after cumming in her mouth)

cum, eat, manage

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