Ball size and dick bulge

Was at the gym today and noticed something interesting. I've a workout friend there who is 19, pretty fit, though somewhat short. I've always thought he had a big dick because it seemed to be

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D_Raynor Scheiniglans
Ball size and dick bulge

Was at the gym today and noticed something interesting.

I've a workout friend there who is 19, pretty fit, though somewhat short. I've always thought he had a big dick because it seemed to be very prominent in his gym shorts. You can usually see the outline of his dick head.

However, i happened to be talkin to him as he changed clothes today. He wears boxer shorts. And his dick "flopped" out of his fly when he took off his pants. Same thing used to happen to me sometimes when i used to wear boxer shorts. So i actually got to see his dick for the first time. It was regular...maybe even on the small side for a softie. certainly no bigger than mine. (see my profile pics). So i started wondering, maybe I thought his cock was big because it stuck out so much because his balls are big.

My best friend in high school had a similar somewhat small dick (seen also through a boxer pop out) but REALLY big balls. he always used to show a big bulge. My own dick seems to have a "pushed forward" type of hang because my balls are above average and usually tight.

What do you guys think? seems that some guys with average or small dicks get away with having a BIG reputation because their big balls push their regular dicks out..... anyone thought the same thing?
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D_Fulbert Ambrosius Beardwilly III

Yes, my friends cock is very prominant in shorts/sweatpants but its average. I think maybe its just the pants sucking up to it? Idk but ive noticed this.
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D_Raynor Scheiniglans

Another thing I've noticed in this same vein....

I've seen this guy's cock head outlined in his shorts. it looked HUGE. but, when i saw it in the locker room, his head was regular sized. However, he had a bunch of skin wrinkled up behind the head. When in gym shorts, it looked like that wrinkled skin was the ridge of his glans. Making it look HUGE.

I've always thought that my dick head was kinda small. Not bulbous or mushroom-like or anything. But i have the EXACT same kinda circumcision as this guy seemed to have. So i wonder if I've ever fooled others into thinking I had a huge cock head because of a false outline...
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Ya some sit straight down but some point outward when the balls are tight
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I've always figured that guys showing big bulges are sporting big balls. It only makes sense!
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I have told more times at this site, I have enourmous balls and a cock a little above avarage. My bulge is verry visable. The problems with having big balls is that you have to wear thight underwear. Otherwise you have problems the whole day with crossing legs and so on. Thight underwear, big balls and a cock = a big bulge.
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AlextheRedhead is online now

When you are in the mood to show off, I found that a cock ring will push the cock out a little and pulls the balls up
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curiouscam is offline

I've seen a few guys that I assumed were big because of the bulge, most times it was more balls than pipe. I notice underwear makes a big difference too. In basketball shorts if I am wearing boxers you really cant see a bulge because I am hanging, but when I'm using trunks my bulge is visible.

A Curious Little Monkey
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food for thought... guys with big thighs tend to have bigger bulges, as their closeness to each other push things outward
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This discussion needs to involve considering what pulls the fabric tightly over the crotch area. A big nice bubble butt stretches the fabric making a bigger bulge covering up the equipment (cock and balls). The next time you notice a dude's bulging crotch check out his ass to see if the fabric isn't making a snug fit over every inch of his globes. Or, better yet, check out your ass in a mirror while yo're checking out your crotch bulging.
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It's true, while I have a large dick, it's really only because of my balls that my package can look like http://www.lpsg.com/members/quast/al...448-bulge.html

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Beautiful heavy package. Let's see more!
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Originally Posted by wantlowballs View Post
Beautiful heavy package. Let's see more!
My balls have always played a prominent role is the size of my dick bulge:


If God had intended us to run around without our clothes on we'd have been born naked.
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