Has Your Doctor Ever Measured Your Penis

if u saw my pics u noticed i have a skin bridge on my dick well my doctor was examining my balls he noticed it and wanted to get a closer look so he started

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Has Your Doctor Ever Measured Your Penis

if u saw my pics u noticed i have a skin bridge on my dick well my doctor was examining my balls he noticed it and wanted to get a closer look so he started moving my dick and feeling it and i was only 13 at the time and i got a boner (back then only about 4-5 inches lol) he told me the skin bridge was no big deal but then asked to measure my penis he measured me at 4 inches hard and 2 1/2 soft and said "ahah thats a tiny one lets hope puberty hits this little guy soon haha".i was kinda shocked at that and embarassed but now i think its kinda funny that im 7 inches now and im 18 the doctor kinda looks jealous when he sees it.i always thought that was a normal thing every year sence the doctor measures my dick has anyone elses doctor ever done this i never really told anyone.

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D_Leotols Toy

Bogus fantasy story. Wrong section guy. No qualified legitimate doctor in their right mind would do that.
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no he really did laugh at the fact that my penis was small then .. he doesnt jerk me off lim your thinking just measured it idk how else to put it but it happened
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he wrote it down too on a paper i thought it was somethin with puberty
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i donot think so
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Yes, weekly in fact.

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No but a nurse did.

A sexy, busty nurse. Then I had sex with her. She said I was the best. In fact she told all her friends and next time I went in I had sex with all of them.

I only went in for a cut finger.
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i want to visit your nurse
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Yes. Discussing with me the pros and cons of having a penile implant.
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He'd get a slap if he did.
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When I was 14 my doc at the time had to examine me because I had these throbbing pains in my right side stomach and back that wouldn't go away, they even made me pass out a couple of times in school while listening to the teachers drone on in assembly for 40 mins. He had me lie on his table in my undies and proceeded to touch my stomach, his hands were really soft so when he touched my stomach it involuntarily sucked inward (I'd never been touched before like that), and being my age I popped a boner, so he removed my undies and thoroughly examined all of me, he even moved me into different positions while inserting a finger, and he touched my nipples. Eventually he had me move to the bottom end of the table directly in front of him and asked me if I was 18, when I said no 14, he said 'get dressed I will make a referral to the hospital', I left confused and stimulated and considered crossing the street to the police station as I realized the fact that I'd just been molested, but instead went home and never saw him again. I did go to the hospital within two weeks and they injected some sort of dye into my arm to get better X-ray of my insides. It turned out that I had a congenital kidney disorder that has since been resolved. This is absolutely a true story, it did happen, it's not a fantasy so I can imagine that measuring could happen. Obviously my doctor at that time was not in his right mind.
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and that's how innocent men are sent to prison because of cynics, it really did happen, but I am not surprised that it's hard for anyone to believe. I know the truth, I lived it. The disorder that I had is called Nephrotic Syndrome here's a link:

Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome
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I'm sorry but I have a huge problem believing that any doctor (outside of a uroligist/plastic surgeon) would ever measure a mans penis. The only real reason that I could think of when a doctor would measure the size of a penis is if there are some sort of deformities or in prep. for penis enlargement surgery.
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In my experience... a parent or other adult is present when examining a child. If not available to be present... then a nurse is asked to witness the examination. The patient is asked to remove clothing and don a gown before the examination. If the patient does not do this I do not remove underwear; I would ask the patient to do this. In some cases such as a penile cancer, phimosis or std... examination of the penis is necessary and it is not necessary to take a measurement.
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