Male Shaking Orgasm?

Oh yeah, this is what I do...love it

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Oh yeah, this is what I do...love it
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I've had a few. After a really long edge sesh with a bud, we'd both start to tremble. Not so much the whole bod but defo the legs, groin and abdomen start to quiver and as we'd squirt we would be twitching and bucking. After a while you stand up and your legs feel like jelly. Now that's an orgasm!
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Only once while fucking. My crotch, legs and ass started to tingle before orgasm. The orgasm was so strong that when I thought it was starting to subside I had another orgasm. WOW. Wish someone could invent a pill for that.
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i used to get them when i was 13/14 i fucked around with an older guy & i would quiver & shake after all the time...probably because i was nervous & it was some of my first sexual experiences but it was crazy.

My teeth wood chatter & legs would shake- i couldn't hold still no matter how hard i tried!

totally out of control.
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D_Circumcisus Skinless

Yep, I shiver my toe curl every muscle in my body is ridged , teeth chatter, it's like I'm having a Seizure!, I can't even take pictures of me coming because I shake and quake too much!!!, teeth ginding! Orgasm I'm also Mult-Orgasmic!
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there is one combination that really gets me going. after a long sensual session, if my dick is nice and wet from oral and I start getting jerked with a tight grip around my head in a swirling motion, I will ask to have my nipples licked and gently nibbled.

the combination of the swirling jerk and the nipple play usually makes me go crazy. I will start shaking in my thighs....legs....arms...and usually my partners will get turned on by my reactions. I will then shoot an enormous load and spasm for minutes. It feels amazing- pure euphoria.

One wouldn't stop gently jerking the "sweet spot" immediately beneath the back of the head. Just a few minutes after orgasming, he would get me going again and sometimes the second orgasm would be even more incredible than the first.

I have never done drugs and never will, since I cannot imagine that anything would feel as good as my body naturally feels after this sensation
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I can usually have full body orgasms if I haven't cum in an extended period of time, or have prolonged sessions.
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Every so often...i get a full body orgasm when i solo.....i lay on my back and flick my nipples, while slowly stroking my dick til my whole body jerks involuntarily it is a like a out of body experience. This will go on, me jerking on my bed for 45 minutes or more before my semen all over and jerk my body til i'm exhausted

i call this session "the jerk solo massage"

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Had a young alternative/punk looking guy pick me up at the bar one night. His orgasms were intense--the first one was in the bedroom and he warned me before he cam that he had whole body ones--I kept it going for him by continuing to gently suckle on his cock head while his body thrashed and he moan/gasp very loudly. He hung out for a bit and said that he normally did not cum a 2nd time in one night--a challenge. We ended up in an intense session in the living room. I am sure my neighbors across the hall heard it--the 2nd was as intense if not more then the first.

He worried about the neighbors, I said no problem, they are two cute college age guys--I just hope his endorsement got them at my door sometime. He loved that idea--sadly never happened!

I find a bit of prostate massage works wonder for getting the whole body involved in the orgasm, both for myself and for the other men I play with.
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once I went to a "tantric sex" place. I was curious to see what it was all about. They said that there was a special on "four handed massage" for a trainee so I said what the heck and paid a little extra.

Basically went into a room with insense burning and soft music etc and they "worshiped" my body with all kinds of yoga style talk. then they massaged me all over using various materials, silk feathers etc. Eventually I was totally relaxed and rolled onto my back. They both massaged me and worked there way to my hard cock. With lots of oil I literally had four hands touching me all over.. it was amazing! The two girls were both naked and while I couldn't touch genitals I was permitted to massage their breasts. They also breathed gently onto me (especially near my ears which drives me crazy). If I neared orgasm I raised my hand and the changed focus for a while 9basically edging). After 45 mins I eventually gave and had the best orgasm of my life. I remember I also shot my load further than ever due to the intense contractions. My whole body went into spasm!

Anyone else tried a tantric massage palour?
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I've had only one whole body orgasm. It was a guy that had been pounding my ass for like a half hour. I mean pounding. I don't know how I survived. LOL. But, he made me cum without touching myself and I had a huge orgasm from it. Shame I never saw him again. He was a bi-curious Football jock. Boy did he know how to fuck.
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the best hand job I ever had... started flopping around on the bed and was on the adge of passing out. what made it happen was how he pulled on my dick. felt like he was milking me.
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I remember giving this guy from Spain a BJ and his whole body shook when he came. I never seen anything so intense. He could not move for a few minutes. Now I've had shaking orgasm before, but never seen anything with that intensity again. Glad I was able to do that to someone :P
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Dude go buy a nice vibrator. Im tellin ya, ive never had such an intense orgasm! I bought a pretty fat one and the first time i used it i was laying on my bed jerking off and fuckin my ass. i stopped jerking and just fucked my ass for like 10 minutes. Dude when i came i seriously starting convulsing. You really ought to try it.
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I usually shake like mad if someone else gets me off and keeps stimulating me through my orgasm. If I get myself off, I usually go all *derp* mentally so I can't really keep sending pleasure jolts while I'm cumming.
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