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trulybig: I am not sure if this will be too sensitive a topic for some. But, let's face it, there are some very well-endowed guys but they have funny shaped or maybe not exactly properly

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trulybig: I am not sure if this will be too sensitive a topic for some. But, let's face it, there are some very well-endowed guys but they have funny shaped or maybe not exactly properly formed penises. Not that I am an expert, but I have seen a few where the pee hole is underneath rather than at the tip, and some uncut guys that don't retract or may have a little too much foreskin, there is one porn site where this spanish guy is having sex with all these different woman and he is very large but he also has this big wart on his cock, and there are some with really ackward bends to them, etc. So, the first question is would you trade a few inches to have a better looking cock? And, if there are really women on this site, do you find some guys such as described to be less than attractive or if we are big it doesn't matter?
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Interesting topic. I personally think my penis isn't ugly and I've never been told that. I'm also pretty happy with my size however there are times that I definitely wish that it was smaller so it wouldn't get in the way. I have seen some interesting penis' in my day but that gives it character and it's part of who we are. I know a guy who has a birth mark on the head of his penis and he said that when he was younger he really hated it. As he got older he learned to really like it. It was different and unique (and really big). So, I think people should learn to embrace their differences and be learn to be happy with it.

It's BIG, It's BEAUTIFUL and you're gonna LOVE it!
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I love every kind of penis, cut, uncut, curved, straight, big veins, small veins, they're all unique! But warts- that's a medical condition. He should have that cleared up before filming, ewwww.

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I think my dick looks nice, as far as dicks go lol. Had a lot of nice comments about it and how 'beautiful' it is and stuff like that which is always nice. I myself think uncut looks better than cut, its just sleeker, with the retration thang goin on. So I wouldnt trade inches to make my penis more attractive, and don't really want it any bigger.

There are some funny lookin penises out there, all strange shapes eg zig zag as I saw in a porno, with big moles on and patches of white skin, one that looked sunburnt. But I wouldnt call them ugly, just unique and hey its a penis, no penis is really that much to look at, at least for me.
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i will agree with the above posters...a funny lookin' dick wouldnt stop me from falling for someone, or enjoying what they have. I too, have been told mine is nice :) although i dont put it in the league of the ones i've called "beautiful'. (see gallery photos of corky...that one is beautiful)

But, being totally honest, yes there is some funny lookin' male *and* female genitalia out and about...stuff that looks like its been through the meat grinder...yikes!

I have seen em, that is for sure....but the "funny" ones arent just the big guns....endowed folks did not corner the market on ugly.
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I think everyone has personal preferences for how a dick should look...I could really care less, as long as i love the person, i know i would love it no matter what. I can understand how it would be gross if it had gonorrhea that it would be gross and a turnoff, but i really would have no preference...then again, ive never really been with one, but still, it wouldnt really matter to me.
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Yay for me I've been told my penis was, and I quote "pretty, seems appropriate on you."
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I quite happen to like my penis, It has no horrendous abnormalities and it works, for which I am greatful.

As for someone genetialia, i doubt it'd make to much of a difference, just as long as there was no puss coming out :blink:
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dv8edthots: I'm with jeepwranglerboi, vega, and madame zora. I think people should be pleased with what they have and embrace it. But I appreciate the not getting in the way comment, especially when I'm exercising or aroused at inapproprate times and clothing creates discomfort.

I've got "beautiful cock" a few times, and I like mine... I think it's pretty nice. It's brought me and hopefully others a lot of pleasure. I love cocks with character, but some major turn offs for me are bad hygiene, definitely medical conditions like warts (not getting near that or anyone with any type of STD) and I know there's a lot of guys on here who do it, but pumped and surgically enhanced dicks. Pumping is so dangerous for your corpus cavernosa, I don't know why guys risk it and the swelling just makes their cocks look like ugly blood engorged slugs. I'd rather just tell the guy I'm happy with him how he is, and to put the pump away.

Those are my thoughts. No offense intended... to each his own. ^_^
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The first one's hypospadias. The inability to retract is called phimosis; if a foreskin is stuck retracted, it's called paraphimosis. Having naturally no foreskin is called aposthia, while too much is called a luxuriant foreskin. (Also, the official name for foreskin beyond the glans is acropostheon; it's long in infants, but the penis grows more than the foreskin.)

Warts are a venereal disease.

Bends as a rule are normal, but extreme bends can be a sign of Peyronie's disease.
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I hestitate to call anyone or any aspect of someone's make-up ugly, unless it is truly and richly deserved, and that's typically something that I assign to personalities. Physical characteristic, unless intentionally inflicted on one's self, are beyond a person's control and may not be able to be corrected, if indeed it should be or the person even wants it to be. As someone else mentioned, sometimes people grow to love what makes them unique and celebrate it even if sometimes other do not.

I would say I've come across men who had penises that I'd say I found aesthetically unappealing. Whether that was due to size, shape, coloration and the combinations of those qualities, that is just a matter of what my personal preference was at that time. What I have considered appealing or attractive (or not) has definitely changed over the years, sometimes even to my own surprise.

I've been fortunate enough that all the guys I've been in relationships with have all had penises that I have found as pleasing as the man to which they were attached. I would hope, that like others have mentioned previously in this thread, that should I meet someone that I want to date, that even if I didn't find his penis appealing that it wouldn't prevent me from wanting to be with him. Since I've not been in that situation, I can't say for sure what I'd do but what I hope I would do.

Interesting subject, thanks for starting it.

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hey will start by saying "yes Vega and Knight, you have very nice looking cocks" :D
I have seen some cocks before that are quite ugly but I think that from memory most of the ugly ones that I saw were small not big.

My personal preference is uncut cocks, I think that they look nice and I like the feel of them, so it is part of what I find attractive about a cock. Different colour pigment or the occasional mole or birthmark does not necessarily make a cock ugly in my opinion, but extreme bends or deformed ones certainly don't do it for me.

Also I think that it is imortant to have the right proportions (within a range) for the size and length of the head to the shaft. I also think that the more even the thickness along the shaft the more attractive it is. But it is all up to personal preference as to what we find most attractive, just as it is whether we have a preference for blondes or dark hair or for slim or athletic bodies or any other physical attribute.
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My dick curves to the left and when I was younger I hated it and was ashamed of it. Later I learned that most women love the hook cause it hits spots that usually don't get stimulated. Remember the old saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".
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My cock is so ugly, I have to put a bag over its head.

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Mine is so ugly, I cover it up with both hands hehe :P
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