Men naked under a robe

One of my biggest sexual turn-ons is for a hot, sexy man to be completely naked under a bathrobe and then to "accidentally" let the robe fall open to reveal his big dick. Has any

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Men naked under a robe

One of my biggest sexual turn-ons is for a hot, sexy man to be completely naked under a bathrobe and then to "accidentally" let the robe fall open to reveal his big dick.

Has any guy here done this? Have you heard stories about it? I'd love to hear them.

For example, I've heard of guys who will answer the door with just a robe on, and, if it's a hot UPS guy or someone like that, they will let the robe fall open to flash their dick at the visitor.

I've also seen several pictures of hot men in open robes which reveal their dick and balls. I think those pics are very hot! If anyone can post some pics like that, I'd appreciate it greatly!

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I have done that in a hotel when room service guy comes in. very erotic.
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I would not try it a hotel. It can get you banned from the chain and some of those waiters and waitresses in room service are under 18 so you can get prosecuted. Bad Idea, Real Bad Idea.
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Originally Posted by biggesttex View Post
I would not try it a hotel. It can get you banned from the chain and some of those waiters and waitresses in room service are under 18 so you can get prosecuted. Bad Idea, Real Bad Idea.
You are absolutely correct and make a very good point. I was at an adults only nudist resort for the weekend. Doing that at a regular hotel or anywhere else for that matter is a very bad idea. Sorry for any confusion.
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I agree there is something very very hot about a man in a robe and his cock and balls being reveled. I can never forget the scene in Devil in Ms Jones like that. since I was only 16 and got in to see it with a buddy i never forgot it. Harry Reams as the "teacher" is in a robe as he instructs Ms Jones on how to be a sex slut. after putting a small butt plug in her he sits back in a chair and opens his robe and askes her what she sees. there in all his masculine hairy glory is Harry with his dark thick cock laying over his big hairy balls. she becomes fascinated with it as it hardens and grows as she worships it. not that Harry Reams has the biggest cock in the world, but it was a real good size and perfect example of manhood. damn I have never forgotten that.
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I stayed at a clothing optional villa in Bali last summer, was real hot having the Indonesian male staff serve me my meals and drinks by the pool as I was naked!!
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I admit - it's very hot to see a guy with an open bath robe - As for the clothing optional place - it would be very hard for me not to have a boner - Is it OK at such a place - or do you have to blank your mind and think of other things- it would be very difficult for me!

Any expierence / comments on this?
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A few years ago, due to a cancelled flight we were all put up in a hotel till the following day to meet our newly scheduled flight. We needed to twin share and I was fortunate to share with a young german guy on his way to Pakistan. On entering the hotel room we found robes placed on the bed for each guest - being the uninhibited Aussie that I am - I stripped off in the bed room and proceeded to put on the robe. My young german friend being a little more modest thenI was went into the bath room to change. A few minutes later he came out when his mobile phone was ringing and dashed to the bed to take the call. He obviously was unaware he hadnt secured the robe sash and was totally open for all to see. I was lying on the bed pretending to read a bed side magazine but actually was enjoying the great show he put on for me. I could see by his very definite tan lines he was into sunbathing in very brief speedos - with his very masculine defined body - his well hung cock and very trimmed pubes it was all a sight to behold. Being very tanned myself and also a lover of very brief swimwear I decided to let the robe fall open so I had something for him to compare with - After his phone call was over and he saw my opened robe and exposed cock we had a great conversation about things we obviously both shared!!! The next morning we showered and set off for the airport once again. Just my experience of a guy - or two guys in a robe!!!! cheers.
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Many years ago I was selling home improvements. There was an old lady in this house and her son of about 35 still lived with her. He was in the shower when I arrived. I told his mother all about the products but she wanted her son to look also before deciding. He arrived in his robe and sat opposite me on a lounge chair with his robe gaping so that his goods were on show. He closed the view after he saw me looking.
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When my physical therapist comes over, he's going to see me naked anyway, I usually have just a robe on and I never have it tied. He is also a friend of mine, so it is no big deal for me to greet him with my robe open. He's seen it all before anyway.
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I must have been about 14 or 14 at my wank buddys house and we were chilling out watching sat night tv and his dad came into the lounge after just having a shower and came and sat with us he on the sofa us two on the floor i remember turning around to talk to him and noticing he had on a very short white bathrobe sitting naturally legs slighty apart and the clearest view of his thick uncut cock and hairy balls i thought his son had a nice cock but this one was amazing.
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I like it when men are naked under a robe too. If anyone has vids or pics of any guy, doesnt have to be hot, it will be greatly appreciated. My searching skills are below par.
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hugh hefner wears a robe 24/7...works for him. but most men don't wear one . how about a towel wrapped around the waist?
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I have a robe in my closet but never wear it. I'd always rather be naked. I have answered the door naked before and been in the shower or bathroom in a hotel when room service came in and didn't cover up. I think that happens a lot in hotels.
My dad wore a robe a lot and as a kid my little brother and I would be on the floor and notice his cock and balls because his robe would be loose.
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Thanks for the great replies, guys. I found a picture of what I mean. I hope this works. Click here.
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