My normal dick with pubic hair

Hi see my hairy non erected dick. And also erected one in my gallery. please tell is it big or small

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My normal dick with pubic hair

Hi see my hairy non erected dick. And also erected one in my gallery. please tell is it big or small
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the non erected pic is perfect...all natural pubic hair & foreskin, very nice.
your hair pattern is great, no need to trim that (my opinion)
you'll like this site
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long legs is online now

I think you have a very nice penis,like the size and the long foreskin. Like all the thick hair too.
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very nice man. keep up the good work!
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D_Eltryngjeme Hardwoode

You have a great looking pack of genitals buddy!!!
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your penis and pubic hair are normal.
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Welcome - just remember - we ALL come in different shapes sizes colours - but non the less - we are still males regardless of the size of our dicks. You look great - as do all men/women who come to visit the LPSG community. Take it easy and have fun - check it out. Cheers.
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All dick sizes are appreciated, but they look on the small side to me. See this is why I meet small guys who are convinced they aren't small - because nobody tells them the truth. He wants to know if his dick is small or big, he didn't ask if it's nice or not nice.

:::::: I've always wanted a gay best friend. I'd be his princess and he'd be my...queen... ::::::
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Hi and welcome, nice uncut cock and what I call a true manly bush

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I don't see much difference between soft/hard. It's not big but it's a nice hairy uncut cock. As long as it works!!
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You have started 6 threads in which you're asking how big your dick is and how much we love it and your ass and long foreskin.
No matter how many more threads you'll start asking the same question over and over again, this wont make your dick big.
It looks pretty small to be honest, especially compared to the other guys on this site.
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I really like the honesty of eyescream and pandora- maybe someone is self-conscious because they're afraid no one is telling them the truth. If someone wants an truthful answer you should give it to them. Be more honest (not mean) and maybe it will be easier for that person accept whatever they have down there.

That being said: Check out my album and tell me what you think- big or small? thin? I have yet to hear a straightforward answer and look forward to what you have to say. Thanks!

P.S. It looks a little shorter than average but good girth- I would like that thickness!

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