How many straight men have sex with a tranny regularly? Why do you prefer trannies?

Originally Posted by AlphaSpartan You seem to assume that if two guys have sex that makes them gay. Not true at all, not even bi as far as my reasoning. Based on my experience, one's

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Originally Posted by AlphaSpartan View Post
You seem to assume that if two guys have sex that makes them gay. Not true at all, not even bi as far as my reasoning. Based on my experience, one's sexual stance is based on emotion, not how they get aroused.
I disagree. the idea of men having sex with men and being straight is illogical.

for a man to have sex with another man, and enjoy it, he must be sexually aroused to the other man. So that in itself is homosexuality.
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D_Bemeslay Bugthorpe Boobtube III

Most men who become full-blown trannies do so to become "a woman." They see themselves as "a woman," or at least, by all measurements, are trying to remove all possible affiliations with masculinity in exchange for femininity. Is a straight man ignoring his bi-sexuality or acknowledging his sexual counterparts wish, if he sees her as a "woman" and defines his activity as straight?

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D_Eddie Withagun

I don't think anyone is more qualified to answer that question than the men who go for these women.

I dislike labels because they're not definitive. I hear many of people say "I don't believe anybody is 100% gay or 100% straight" I prefer to say "I don't believe anybody is gay or anybody is straight" because it just gets in the way, and I'm a simple kinda guy.

I will say that I am sexually attracted to men and men only, and personally, I would never sleep with a female-to-male post-operative because they do not have what I look for in a man.
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I think sexuality, attraction, and sexual preferences are a lot more complicated than just whether or not you like penises.

TheBoyfriend (who is very straight) has told me that he would prefer to have a MMF threesome with me and a tranny over one with me and a very masculine man, because he's just not attracted to masculinity. I would prefer the opposite.

I know exactly who he is talking about, which he admitted. We have a friend who looks just like a very gorgeous and famous model from the 80s, and she has a drop dead gorgeous face, long long legs, gorgeous breasts, and she has a penis. She's turned many straight boys who only "go gay" for her, because she's like a guy (great fun to hang out with, similar "guy" interests) but she looks like a gorgeous woman.

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Tranny-Chasers aren't Gay, and aren't closeted Gay. They might have trouble dealing with their attraction to Crossdressers and Transgenders (because of societal confusion on the matter?)

As a Homo, I can say that I'm not attracted to any of my Transwomen friends—dick or no dick. I see them as women, so it's no surprise that 'str8' men do as well.

If I like Transfags (Female-to-Males), does that make me straight because I'm fucking a hairy guy with a twat and mastectomy scars? I don't think so.

Gender is not binary. Gender is an expression of what's going on inside (at the time). I could never fuck a guy while I'm dolled-up in girl-drag. And he's got to take his lipstick and nylons off before sucking my dick.

Trannies have to be in drag in order to suck dicks. But trannies often also feel better having sex with women when they are themselves en-femme. It might require only the smallest token, like panties or a wig, but it does the job of gender expression. It stands to reason that it's the same for Tranny-Chasers.

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Originally Posted by AlphaSpartan View Post
Based on my experience, one's sexual stance is based on emotion, not how they get aroused.
That may be true, but how do you explain the dick between the legs when you get down there?

Originally Posted by Notaguru2 View Post
Call me simple, but straight guys having sex with trannies aren't straight. At best, they have a strange fetish, at worst, they're in the closet. imo
Much as I try to be open-minded about these things, I tend to agree here.

Originally Posted by Mr Ed in Mass View Post
I love the 6 speed trannies
That's just as well, and lucky, considering.

Instant gratification takes too long.

Please, don't send me a friendship request unless we genuinely have a relationship or you've at least discussed it with me first. I'd appreciate it. Muchly.
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Originally Posted by hud01 View Post
Because you can say it wasn't with a man. They look more feminine than many women. Go to Bangkok and you will know the ladyboys because they are more feminine and in many cases beautiful

Look!, BANGKOK again...I agree that most Thai trannys or ladyboys are more beautiful, feminine and sexier than average women.

Here is some for you to look....(They were all male!)

8 อันดับ กระเทยที่สวยที่สุดในประเทศไทย - Dek-D.com > Board



I am big among these Asian pussies

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I still don't get h ow tranny loving doesn't make ya gay. I just don't. splain it.
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Because regardless of chromosomes, to all appearances some of them look like beautiful women. Guys are very visual.

For similar reasons, men's magazines are often chock full of beautiful, often androgynous men.
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I consider myself straight. but i can understand why some would consider me bi.
I would prefer a woman any day...but ive seen some attractive trannies. Ignore the fact that they have a dick at the end of he day and youve got a really sexy looking woman.

Personally i wouldnt let her fuck me..but I have no problem fucking her.

Im sure its all how you look at life that determines how you see it

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D_Eddie Withagun

Originally Posted by LGX View Post
I still don't get h ow tranny loving doesn't make ya gay. I just don't. splain it.
I'm gay and I have no attraction to trans girls. Are you saying I should?
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i have no attraction to guys, but a pretty tgirl with all the looks of a hot gal, but with a dick is an absolute turnon. been with numerous ladies like that. enjoyed fucking them and having them fuck me. would never think of letting a "guy" do that to me. the lady has to be extremely passable for me and i can show you pics of many of them that you would never guess had a nice cock under that skirt.
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i've had a fair amount of experience in this area. interesting comments and thoughts in this thread. basically we're dealing with terms that are pretty loosely defined depending on who you're talking to.
i've been with quite a few transgendered women (male to female), from various stages of transformation, but one thing that is consistent for me is that i'm only attracted to the ones that are very feminine and passable as real genetic females. many of the ones i've been with are more feminine than some real women i know. at the same time, i find myself completely un-attracted to men, or i guess more specifically masculine features and qualities: muscles, body and face shape, body hair, facial hair, etc. it does nothing for me whatsoever. the crossdressers and other transgendered women i've seen who have these masculine features don't attract me in the slightest bit. but at the same time, the fact they have a cock doesn't bother me either. i know it's a strange thing. with the ones who are very feminine, i actually even enjoy performing oral or in a couple of cases, being on the receiving end of fucking.
so what does that say about my sexuality? you can't call me gay because i've never been attracted to men. and for the same reason, you can't really call me bi because isn't a bi person attracted to both men and women? so i guess it depends on your definition of sexuality. i'm attracted to feminine qualities, no matter what the true biological sex of my partner, so that's why i identify myself as straight. but i don't really care about labels.
i will say that most of my sexual experiences with tgirls have been more enjoyable than the majority of my experiences with biological women. they generally seem more enthusiastic about sex and orally they all seem to be very talented. but of course that's a generalization and it all depends on the situation.
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I`ve never been with a tranny myself and up until a few years ago I never even entertained the thought of messing around with one. However about two years ago I was surfing the net for some porn and I don`t remember how but I came accross a video where a tranny was getting fucked on all fours and really getting pounded all the while moaning like a slut and it really and I mean really turned me on.

Since then I have often wondered what it would be like to have sex with one and have confided in my gf as well about this, and she has left open the possibility of allowing me to indulge in this one day. Now with that said I still consider myself very much a straight heterosexual man, yet I must admit that if I enjoy fantasizig about fucking a tranny then I probably have slight bisexual tendencies which is fine with me.

Like stroker ace posted before me I am not attracted sexually to anything masculine or men in general, but if I see a chick with a dick that looks feminine and wants to get fucked while getting on all fours in front of me I would be hard pressed to say no, so labels be damned I am what I am and I`m cool with that.
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Originally Posted by fullyfed View Post
I'm gay and I have no attraction to trans girls. Are you saying I should?
nope it is a totally different thing. i would think you would be unattracted. now a three way might be a totally different thing. ;-)
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