Ejaculating more than once a day - can't really do it

I am wondering if anyone else has this problem? I am in my mid-twenties and I can't ejaculate more than once a day. When I do try to ejaculate more than once, a small amount

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Ejaculating more than once a day - can't really do it

I am wondering if anyone else has this problem? I am in my mid-twenties and I can't ejaculate more than once a day. When I do try to ejaculate more than once, a small amount of semen comes out and my balls ache (both during stimulation and afterwards). It's not an agonising pain - just a pain which alerts me that I shouldn't stress out my balls I think... The ache lessens after an hour and goes after 2-3, so really don't assume it's something serious.

Here is where I think I may have created the problem; I started masturbating REALLY young. I mean, I started when I was around 8/9. I would rub my penis over my clothes until I felt a sensation. This took a good few minutes of rubbing until I felt orgasm. Anyway, no semen actually came out. It wasn't until I was around 12-13 when semen first started to appear if I recall.

So anyway, I started really young and 'dry' ejaculated loads before the real thing ever came about. I am wondering if that hurt my man-hood or if ejaculating more than once a day is hard for many other guys?
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The age you started doesn't have any effect. It's biological; some of it is heredity and some of it depends on how well you take care of yourself.

I had four orgasms this past day. I'm 58.

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a Guy i knew in high school told me that he started masturbating when he was 5
-i did not know (then) that a young male could reach a climax and dry ejaculate -
wish someone would have told me -
anyway we're now both 27 and he says he rubs one out a few times a day, and has never said anything about pain, so from that, getting off at 8/9 probably is not what's causing it...i bet you get so excited during the first session, that there's nothing to pump through the pipes for the second session, and it stresses everything? just an idea.
what ever the reason, keep it cummin (we stay healthy that way)
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I suggest scheduling a visit with your primary-care physician. State your concerns about the pain, because it definitely sounds abnormal to me.

Maintaining, as usual Sherwood
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i have the very same feeling i know exactly what your talking about but it happens to me after i cum 4 or 5 times a day i think its normal for me of course because i'm wearing my balls out to much lol but if its happening to you after just once or twice that's a little odd in my eyes but everyone's body is very different.. i do not have a big load when i cum its a very small amount unless i jackoff or have sex for a very very long time then it seems to build up my load
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I doubt that the age you started makes any difference. I started about, um, 36 years ago and it's still working fine.

I used to think about cumming multiple times in a day, but generally didn't do so. Once at night. Maybe again in the morning or later in the day, and I found other things to do with my time. I've had it ache if I came more often -- I'm wondering now what if I did that on a more regular basis. There's muscles involved, maybe they need strengthening...
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go through the fucking pain like a monster dont let ware u down also watch diffrent pornos like hentai, backseat,tight, asian, arabian, anything that u think might turn u on, also if u somke weed u should quit cause itll fuck your shit up, just keep doing it every day as many times as u can NOT AT ONCE, like once in the morning then afternoon then evnin then midnight ull get better
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you should probably see a doctor. at your age I was doing the wife 5-6 times a day sometimes, and it never got painful. maybe a little uncomfortable as you run out of cum, but not painful. start the day by shooting a big load, and the last load is just a big drop.

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