motherless.com -is everyone above 18?

Not seeing a warning about everyone being above 18 on the site and clicked a link from this site to a video to it so I figured I'd ask. Was just curious if anyone knows

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motherless.com -is everyone above 18?

Not seeing a warning about everyone being above 18 on the site and clicked a link from this site to a video to it so I figured I'd ask.

Was just curious if anyone knows the deal with this site. In the categories section there is even an "incest" option which is a little bit of an eyebrow raiser.

It's always fun to enjoy a safe, adult website but not an illegal one!

Anyone know anything about the site?
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Sure doesnt look like theyre all over 18.
It says illegal content isnt allowed, they must have a strange definition of illegal

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You're best to become familiar with each sites FAQs and Terms of Service.

The following types of files constitute "abuse" may not be uploaded under any circumstances:
* Files that are illegal and/or are in violation of any Texas State or US Federal Law(s).

What kind of content can I upload?
Any legal videos or images. Read our Terms of Service for further details. As long as it's legal, we don't care. It can be softcore porn, hardcore porn, cartoons, funny pictures, screen captures, or even an up close picture of your mom's hairy asshole (Send that one directly to mx). As long as it's legal, it's cool with us.

What are the rules?
Here are the rules, and not following them can get you banned from chat, and possibly from the site:
You must be 18 years or older to chat.
No posting/uploading images/videos of anyone under 18.
No posting/uploading sexually suggestive images/videos of children.
No prolonged harassing of other members or rooms.

I'm not familiar with the site I just went to the front page and looked at the links at the bottom. It looks like it's a user-created site of people who upload pix/vids. With all of that said there may be underage stuff there. The site doesn't create original stuff it relies on users to upload stuff. Look at how much stuff gets uploaded to porn sites when there isn't any real documentation that the people in the vids/pix are of age.

So use at your own risk.

The weirdness quotient around here is getting rather high.

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I think you worry too much. How many under 18 kids watch porn or are a member here? That's illegal, isn't it? Policing the internet is not easy and do you really have any proof that they are NOT 18? A child is a child but I have seen 15 year olds that look at least 18 and my ex was 25 and looked like she was 15. The site may eventually get shut down if they find there are violations but I doubt anyone watching would get into any kind of legal trouble.

Don't forget that sodomy-anal sex- either gay or hetero- is illegal in many states like Florida, so if you're really that uptight about this stuff and unsure, just don't do it or view it.

You can always ask a lawyer:
Is viewing online pornography illegal? I very se... - JustAnswer
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I just wanted to make sure I hadn't linked to a kiddie porn site from here that's all really.
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Just looked at the site and there is definitely some minors on there. I would stay away.
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one thread waas about wanking to pics of girls in bikinis aged 13-15. Maybe we should all stop looking....
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Be careful - there is some dodgy stuff there as well as viruses and the like. There is also some very horny porn but make sure your PC is protected with the latest antvirus. I think it was that site that my Mcaffee blocked one link as it was illegal child stuff. Not been there for a while as plenty of other safer sites to look at
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Since the question has been raised, you will note that the Terms of Service on this site state the following :

These violations will result in a ban on the user's account:
Distribution of sexually explicit content involving minors, animals or content of an incestuous nature
These violations are subject to a sanction up to and including, permanent ban, depending on (cumulative) severity:
Images, avatars, or links to images, of minors
If there is the slightest doubt that the content you are linking to is covered by the above, please exercise restraint and don't post it.
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if the site is hosting or promoting sexual acts against children it needs to be reported to the center for missing and exploited children.

i've filed a report against the site with cybertip.

if there was a question of legality why even start a thread here? all you're doing is connecting LPSG with the site. and sending questionable traffic to this site.

and yes.. with topics about preteen girls people really should stop looking

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There are definitely some illegal photos on there but even though there are quite a few videos that feature minors (some even pre-pubecent) it doesn't look like there are any that are sexually explicit. However, I'm almost positive that there are laws that prohibit minors from being featured with any porn, so for example a xxx film cannot have a non-xxx scene with minors in there at all, even in the background. That being said, I can't imagine that a site that has legal hardcore porn would be allowed to also have videos of children even though they are not sexual scenes. But that might be a loophole, i don't know. Again, there are definitely some illegal photos though and that alone will keep me away.
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Originally Posted by captain garbonzo View Post
Don't forget that sodomy-anal sex- either gay or hetero- is illegal in many states like Florida, so if you're really that uptight about this stuff and unsure, just don't do it or view it.
Um, no, sorry, you're wrong about that. Anal sex is legal in all fifty of these United States, courtesy of the Supreme Court.

Lawrence v. Texas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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