Good groping stories?

I really love to hear hot, true stories about M2m groping--whether you did it or it was done to you. Such stories really turn me on. For example, did you get groped very discreetly in

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Good groping stories?

I really love to hear hot, true stories about M2m groping--whether you did it or it was done to you. Such stories really turn me on.

For example, did you get groped very discreetly in a crowded elevator? How about on a crowded bus or a commuter train going home from work after a hard day? Maybe in a wild mosh pit at a rock concert?

Whatever it is, I would love to hear about it--all the hot details.

I'm told that in San Francisco, the last car on the commuter train is usually packed with a lot of hot men who are there just for the purpose of flashing their own dicks or groping another guy's big dick if they can.

If that's true, then San Francisco, here I "cum!"

I once sat beside a sexy businessman on a commuter bus one day, and we spent the whole trip secretly groping each other under our jackets, which were thrown over our laps. Nobody standing around us ever realized what was going on with us. It was very hot!!

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I just love the filthy new topics that members here come up with!
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Crowded elevators and public transportation can be fun, as well as a crowded, dark bar.
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Thanks, Reddude and edonline, for your responses. I'm sure there are some other men out there who have really hot experiences with groping a well-hung guy every once and a while.

Cum on, fellas. I'd love to hear some of them!
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Yeah dude, I'm surprised and disappointed that you haven't gotten more responses.

Originally Posted by BIGdkluver View Post
Cum on, fellas. I'd love to hear some of them!
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Damn! I never knew about the last car in San Francisco. I live in Alameda and take the Bart train to the city at least one time a week. I will start getting in the last car and see what happens. Have a feeling that this is just fantasy though.
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Long time ago, I was riding on the BART train from SF to Fremont and I watched two guys "grind" against each other from the Bayfair station to Fremont. One guy looked like a student and the other was in a suit. It wasn't the last train car, but it was just after rush hour and there were maybe a few dozen people total on the whole train. The guy in the suit was standing behind the other guy and even though they didn't need to be that close, the were crotch to ass. I was a few rows behind them and off in the corner with my eyes half closed. When people would get off and on the train, they'd stop, but while the train was in motion, they were slowly "fucking". This only lasted maybe 15 minutes since the last stop on the route was Fremont. I honestly was hoping that the guy in the suit would have a wet spot on his crotch when he got off, but other than a slight bulge, there wasn't anything out of the norm.

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Unintentional groping:

I was working in downtown Chicago for the summer, between college years. I went to Marshall Fields (now called Macy's) for lunch on the seventh floor (I loved the Walnut Room). After having lunch, I, along with everyone else on the seventh floor, went to the elevator bank to return to work.

One of the elevator doors opens up and a crowd pours in. I was at the back of the elevator against the back wall. Right after me comes this beautiful woman in high, stilleto heals and a very short skirt. As other people were crowding into the elevator she got pressed against me, butt to cock.

The elevator operator (unions) was sitting on the little flip down seat and operating the controls. She was obviously new because she was having trouble getting the floor of the cab to align with the floor of the building. The cab was crammed full of people but the operator stops at floor six and jockeys the cab up and down trying to get the floors to align. The jerking up and down rubbed my cock against the woman's butt and I got a boner that was sticking between her cheeks. No one got off of the elevator and no one could get on.

We stopped at floors 5, 4, 3 and 2 the same way, jerking up and down at each stop, my cock dancing between her cheeks. We got to the first floor, the same jerking up and down, and me enjoying feeling her butt with my cock. The elevator began to empty and finally she was able to move away from me and towards the door.

She gave a quick look over her shoulder at me and then walked out. I had to follow her with my boner but I took off my sport coat and folded it in front of me, over my arm. I was in the Fragrance Department and I spent about 10 minutes examining the counters of perfumes before I could put on my coat and walk out of the store to my job.
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Yesterday, I unintentionally groped a medical technician. He was blond, in his mid-20's, cute and trying to grow a beard. He was a sharp dresser from what I could see under his lab coat wearing a green tie with a green dress shirt and black slacks.
I was getting some yearly bloodwork done and the guy was prepping my arm to find a vein from which to draw my blood. My arm was sticking straight out on the arm rest of the chair and he asked me to pump my fist to make the veins in my arm stand out better. Due to the way that he was holding my arm and standing in relation to it, I ended up practically caressing his package with the back of my hand while pumping my fist. I did it long enough to notice he was hanging to his left.
I was alarmed that he would take offense with the contact but he seemed to be so intent on finding a serviceable vein in my arm that he didn't seem to either notice or care that I was touching his cock. I kept looking at his face for any kind of reaction but still just saw his determination once he found a useable vein.
Then he moved to get some empty vials and the contact was broken.
But it was interesting and nice while it lasted.

We're given two lives to live: The first to learn from and the second to live with what we've learned.
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Crowded NYC Transit and PATH trains always seem to present opportunities to grope, or get some crotch action while the crowded train is rocking...especially in the summer....
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Not sure if I'd call this groping...
but it was unintentional I guess or not?

Went to the dentist for a filling last week,
the dentist had me recline in the chair,
as he leaned over me from behind my head,
I could feel a throbbing hardness against the back of my head!
To my surprise he just kind of stayed there for pretty much the whole
procedure...I got kinda hard myself! LOL
I was kinda surprised, but then I remembered that he was hung,
he's a slim guy, not very tall maybe 5'9 or so, and I guess he
had to lean over me to get at the tooth... and his boner was up pretty high!
Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised and distracted!!!
Ahhh wish every dentist visit was that good!

"Friendship is like peeing on yourself: Everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling it brings "
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Back in 1978-79 I was about 14/15 years old. A family friend who was a contractor asked me and another guy, a fellow church member, to help him do some painting in a house he was contracted out to paint. The other guy must have been about 18/19 years old at the time.

Each morning the contractor would pick myself and "J" up for work in his van. It had the back cleared out for all his tools and paint supplies. There was just two bucket seats which they took. I sat on some sort a flat wooden box he had made that fit between the two bucket seats. It was padded but had no back.

Now "J" would sit beside me in these somewhat fitted pants that would hug him so close that I could see his bulge quite clearly. Now you older guys know, it was a different time and we were not as carefree as the kids are now a days, so I would slyly try to tale a peek when I could without being too obvious. Each day I would see this pretty impressive cock between this guys legs and it didn't hurt that he was a very handsome young black guy as well.

Well one day we're driving along to get lunch and the contractor takes a right turn quite sharply. Since I had nothing to hold onto I went right oven into "J' lap. While trying to keep myself from falling over I was fumbling to grab onto something and my right hand slipped right into his lap. I got a good grope as I steadied myself with my left hand against the ceiling and I righted myself again. It was magnificent.

I wish I had been more adventurous because I know there were a few of those days when dude had a hard-on and he was flexing it. Ah, youth!

Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right!
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When me and my bros were teenagers we would always laugh at the frequent boners that all teenagers get, and always in the most awkward of situations. Well the first time I got groped was at Disneyland when I was about 16. We were in the haunted mansion in the room that stretches before you get in the little cars. Well we were all jammed packed in there and I felt a little a little movement on my package and just thought it was an unintentional rub. Then I felt a full on intentional groping , my jokester younger brother was right next to me and I thought he was trying to give me a public boner and I punched him on the arm. My dad separated us and as we were getting into the cars my brother asked "what the hell that was for." I told him what happened and he laughed and said that wasn't him - I guess I'll never know but that was my first groping story.
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Unfortunately, there isn't nearly enough W2M groping in the world...
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One of my CGL hookups opted to watch me take a shower, and I gave him ample opportunity to grope my ass and dick as I did so. He knew what he was doing, as his finger nails would lightly play with my anus and frenulum. He would alternate with slow but deliberate strokes on my penis and more firmer groping my cheeks.

He continued doing this as I shaved too. It was hot.
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good, groping, stories

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