My neighbour has an enormous cock

More on Monday....patience please, your pleas are very flattering ps had wonderful sex last night which lead to new inspiration

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More on Monday....patience please, your pleas are very flattering
ps had wonderful sex last night which lead to new inspiration
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I really enjoy your story and look forward to the next chapter.
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Suddenly, Mark presented me with a bottle of lubricant, probably the same bottle I had recommended his wife to use for easier intercourse. And now I couldn’t believe that I would get to use it to get fucked by that big nasty husband of hers. I squeezed a big dab of the cream onto my fingers and reached back to work it in my crack, Mark watching avidly, jerking himself in anticipation as I lubed up for him.
Then I got up on the couch on my knees and stuck out my ass for him, reaching back to hold myself open, looking back to see him gazing down between my cheeks, cock in hand, poised and ready. "I'm all yours big guy," I said as he knelt behind me, wedging his hard, smooth knob against my greased sphincter. And then he just started pushing... He reached around my thigh and held his cock for my initial entry. His hand parted my soaked ass and the head of his cock pressed past my lips. I thought I was going to pass out. My 10 inch dildo was small compared to this!
"Go slow," I said, knowing I had never been fucked by a cock as big as Mark's.
He sure seemed to have no trouble applying his fucking skills and experience to something new, a hot, ready male ass! Now I just closed my eyes and concentrated, relaxing my muscles, as Mark slid that cock of his up my ass, inch by thick inch.
"That too deep?" he asked at one point, as I winced.
"No, just let me catch my breath, then keep going. How much is in me?" I asked.
He smiled, "Don't worry about it."
"No, I really want to know."
"About half of it, Chad."
"Oh shit! I was afraid of that," I laughed and he joined me laughing.
Then he grabbed my hips and pushed me back. I took another two inches in.
"That's it you queer. You're doing fine. Feel good?"
"Fantastic ... ohhhh fuck!" I grunted and fell onto my chest. Tears of joy filled my eyes as I began to rock back and forth on his dick. My ass stretched to accommodate his thickness. With each press back I let out a gasp as he went deeper and deeper. I wanted more of it but I was afraid to go too deep.
But gradually, all the pain of that monster in me was gone. I was a demanding whore taking my friend’s husband and fucking him. I was fucking that big stick of his and I didn't care about anything anymore. I just had to have it. I pushed it far deeper than anything ever before.
Soon the vein laden cock was 11 inches deep inside me and he was driving it into my hole.
"Does your boyfriend do THIS?" he grunted.
"NO, you’re twice as big and so much thicker!" I groaned.
“So, he’s only like this big?” and he teased me, pulled out his cock, sticking half of his huge dick still inside. “Or more like this!” and he pushed deeper and somehow got more in me. "How about this?"
"Noooooo!" I gasped.
"Am I better than HIM?" his voice rough and edgy.
"Yes," I whispered.
"YES! You’re so big! Fuck me…fuck me!" I virtually cried.
"You'll do anything for me, faggot!? You'll do anything for my cock!"

God, I love to get fucked! Especially by a stud equipped like this one, who knows just what do with all his equipment!
"Oh yeah, fuck me! Give me that big fuckin’ cock!" I yelled, craning my neck to look at him. "Fuck my hot fuckin' ass!"
Now he grabbed hold of my hips and really began to pound it into me, burying his shaft in my depths as he reached around to take hold of my dick. This man was a pro; it's like he'd been doing it all his adult life. Not only was he thick and long, but he was so fucking hard he felt like he was made of metal, not flesh, as he pumped that steely rod of his up my ass with smooth, rugged, relentless strokes.
"Oh shit Chad!" he groaned and I knew the thrill of it just got to him. I could feel his dick, in the tight grip of my sphincter, throb and pulsate, and I knew Mark had just unloaded inside me, flooding my bottom with his virile offering. He fell down on the couch covered in sweat. He was panting and I felt his ample cum and lube leaking out of my ass now.
"You know, you never got off," he said to me now, finally realizing it. "What about it?"
"Well, what about it? I’m not done with you yet…" I said and stood up, my erect cock sticking straight up.

"I don't know if I can shoot another load," he said, as I started milking him again. "That last one was really something." He sure didn't have to tell me that. His spunk was still dripping out of my dilated hole.
"Oh I think you can," I said, twisting him sensually in my hand, licking the underside of his now enormous knob, desperate to see him shoot it. "This time you can cum on my face. But first let me sit on that big fat dick of yours. I’ve been waiting for this… and I want you to fuck me real hard now. Don’t be gentle.. I can take you."

Apparantly, he liked that idea, because a minute later his dick was pulsating in my hand, it seemed even bigger and fatter than before. So I decided it was time. The swollen, purple head bumped against my ass lips as I mounted him. The pressure was intense and I knew that it was going to be painful again. But I was in no position to stop it though and tried desperately to relax my anal muscles. The fat cock head slid suddenly into my tunnel, and I experienced a blinding pain as Mark savagely thrust over half the length straight up into me. “Is this what you want, you little fuck?” he said. All I could do was scream: “Yes yes, give it to me, give it me like that… God that big fat fuckin’ cock feels so good, I can feel it in there man!” I was stretched beyond belief and my ass was sucked in and out as he began to punish my hole. I bit hard into his muscled shoulder as he pushed his steel-like penis deep into me, re-arranging my internal organs without mercy. He felt like a mountain of muscle and power that had dominated me.
And Mark felt the vice-like grip of my ass as he steamed deep into me. He loved to do his wife rough, and now his big cock was damaging me, the sizequeen queer from next door. I knew I would return here often, for more: I was hooked. Now I was whimpering, still in disbelief as he pounded his fat cock-head into me, he would make me so sore that I would never forget this fuck. He even flexed his thickness to cause a ripple of pain, and I cried out and was so close to cumming now. And Mark noticed..
With an audible 'plop' he removed his massive member from my flooded fuck-hole and began to roughly finger me. His mouth breathing hard onto my face, he said "Down on your knees, you slut"
I scrambled off the couch and knelt on the cold, hard concrete floor face to face with his long, thick angry cock. My hand slid quickly down the length of his shaft and ended up on his massive tight balls. I massaged his testicles with the fluid I had accumulated on my hand from his cock and opened my mouth really wide as he fed the beast into my warm throat. And I came, like a rocket. My semen went up all the way up to my chest, nearly hitting my chin while I ferociously sucked Marks monstercock. He grabbed my head and pulled his dick out, pointing his piss slit at my lips. “I’m gonna cum…take my cum… ooooooo!” and he splattered it all over my face, semen shooting out of him like some white hot lava out of a volcano. Man, this stud must've been saving it up, the way he unloaded not once, but twice, and really heavily both times!
"God that was so good," I said as he finally lay down next to each other, my face covered in his cum.
"Real nice," he said, an easy convert. "We'll have to do this more often. Man, I may not be gay but this was the best fuck ever! Sure you know how to handle my big dick"

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The next following months went by, but with Mark as my new big-dicked lover things had changed. I dumped Corey to find out only a little later that he had been screwing around my back for months, with one of the black gym instructors at our gym. Fuck him! Mark would come over to my place more often to srew the livin' daylights out of me but we didn’t want to raise suspicion with Cheryl, which was of course difficult. Once, Mark was fucking me hard from behind with me leaning at the kitchen counter when I saw Cheryl leave their house and come toward mine. Mark could hardly put his ginormous erect cock back into his tiny underwear and shorts, and it was obvious that he a tremendous hard-on just standing there in my kitchen so I pushed him on the couch and went to the front door, to let Cheryl in.

That Summer, some work needed to be done on their roof. I am kind of a DIY man so Mark called if I could give him a hand. I didn’t have any plans that afternoon but was not very enthusiastic about the idea. It must have been 95 degrees that day! But hey, a friend’s a friend and being their good neighbour, I changed into old clothes and went next door. As I entered their driveway, I ran into Cheryl. She gave me a hug and her huge tits pressed against my body. She was wearing a revealing dress that showed ample cleavage and thanked me for coming over. “Chad, you’re such a dear to give Mark a hand. His brother Steven is here so with the three of you the work should be done in no time… I’m going to the mall and get some food for tonight’s barbeque and would like you to join us for dinner tonight.” And she left in her car.

I was disappointed, hoping that Mark and I would have sex this afternoon. Our last fuck had been more than a week ago and I was in urgent need of eleven hard fat inches up my ass and throat. Man I was horny. When I rang their doorbell a strange man let me in. “Hi, you must be Chad, I’ve heard so much about you….I’m Steve, Mark’s older brother. I was standing in the hall, alone with this strange man. He was very handsome and looked a lot like Mark, only a little less tall and with smaller shoulders but with a very impressive physical appearance. He had a moustache, wore glasses and he was dressed only in his shorts and t-shirt. Damn, he was a hot man and I wanted to get a glimpse of what he was packing but was unable to see as he turned around and went into the living room. We went straight into the garden where Mark was, arranging some things which needed to be taken up to the roof in order to get the work done. “Hey Chad, how r things?” Mark said and tapped me on the shoulder. While Steven went back inside to get us some beer, Mark explained the work that needed to be done. When Steven returned, we drank our beers in the shade as it was very hot.

“Maybe it is wise to cool off first before we get on that hot roof. I think it’s a good idea to have a swim first before we do the work”, Mark said.
“Yeah, that would be great, it must be 100 degrees or so. I am smoking hot, but Mark, I didn’t bring any swimming gear…mind if I borrow some of yours?”
“Sure brother, no problem. Go upstairs and change, you know where to find it.” And Steven went back inside and Mark winked at me. “Maybe you should put on your swimming gear too … I’ll be back in a sec” he said, his eyes piercing into mine.
My heart started pounding and I virtually ran back to my place. I put on my skimpiest outfit, took a towel and went back.

I had left their front door open and when I entered I saw Steven come down the stairs, wearing a very small pair of yellow speedos. He had a beautiful big, hairy body just like Mark. My eyes were riveted on an enormous bulge that was barely contained. I watched as he came towards me, the expanding piece of yellow fabric not hiding much. Like Mark, I thought, he must also be extremely large. In fact he may even be larger than Mark! “Damn, Mark only has these very small briefs… I never wear those… they’re more for younger, athletic guys … like you” he said and smiled, looking at my tight Adidas briefs and lean body. And I followed him, back into the garden where Mark was sitting at the edge of their pool, wearing his infamous way-too-small black speedos. This was too good to be true.
Steven and I took another beer and went to the pool and sat down next to Mark, our feet in the cool pool, and we all set there in silence.
Mark suddenly spoke up. “Chad, I know you want to get fucked… that is why you’re here, right?” I was embarrassed by his directness, especially in front of Steven, a total stranger to me.

Mark didn’t await my answer, peeled off his briefs and planted himself in front of me. I looked up at him and asked if Steven was going to leave. But Mark, very matter of fact, informed me that not only was Steven not leaving but he was going to fuck me too! “Hell no” Steven said “I’ve heard some things about you Chad … and since my wife doesn’t want me I was hoping you’d take care of me …. the bitch thinks I’m too big for her, Mai Li is from Vietnam and she thinks sex is a waste”. I could see that Steven’s cock was so big and hard now that it tented his yellow speedos, four inches of hard uncut cock jutting out of the top of the small piece of yellow fabric and an enormous testicle hanging down beneath the also-too-narrow speedos. He was in fact a little bit bigger than Mark, and uncut, judging the good half inch of foreskin, covering an obscenely large dickhead! Then it dawned on me! This was a set-up. I was going to get fucked by two humongous cocks and boy was I going to enjoy it.

Five minutes later, both of them facefucked me very aggressively while I was kneeling on the garden seat cushions, just the way I like it. It was so nasty, being able to suck two overly large cocks one by one.
"Nnnn... nnnnn!" I groaned and strained against them, but their thick fat cock heads were slowly spreading my lips and my jaws were about to give. All that pre-cum was just too slippery, and his massive weight pushing on my face was just too much.
"Ahhh yeah! That’s the way to do it.. Take it in, bitch. Suck that cock, boy." Steven sighed happily.
They just pulled my head forward inch by inch, stretching my lips wide as more and more cock pushed into my mouth. Especially Steven’s trophy was hard to handle but with his brother pulling my hair I could finally feel my chin resting on his giant balls with my nose nestled into his crinkly, foul smelling pubic hairs.
"Fuck yeah. Tight-throated bitch." Steven groaned happily as he felt the last inches of his cock enter my stuffed mouth. This was exactly what he and I needed. He fucked my throat relentlessly, just hard enough that when he pulled back, I could snort in a quick breath of the foul-smelling air trapped around his crotch before he pushed back in. At this time, Mark was jerking my cock like mad but I didn’t want to cum yet.
His fat cock stretched my throat out half way to my stomach, his heavy flow of thick pre-cum pouring out inside, lubricating my esophagus, Steve rammed my face as best he could and felt his balls preparing to release. He would finally drain his giant balls of the pressure that had been building since he last came, god knows when.
"Cute bitch... take it... take my load!" Steven roared, and held my head tight against him. His muscular body shuddered, shaking and jiggling, pouring load after load after load of thick hot sperm down my throat which was stuffed so tight that I could feel the meat inside me swelling and squeezing, sending shot after shot into my stomach.
Then his brother invaded my throat. His fat cock head slipped back up into my mouth. His hands gripped the back of my head as he waited for the long process of feeding me his cum to finally slow down and stop. I found that my only option was to swallow again, to assist the sperm down. The only other option was to choke with his cock down my throat. When the head popped out of my throat though, resting on my tongue, I realized the strength of the flow he had been saving all this time, and my mouth immediately filled with sperm.

Now, the brothers’ seed gushed out between my lips and Mark's cock. He rocked his hips back and forth, still fucking my mouth slightly as the sperm poured off my chin. He enjoyed the last few moments of release, then let go of my head and shot one last load onto my face. Then he was done. My face was plastered with a thick layer of milky sperm and several of their pubic hairs.

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Then Mark, leaned back in the grass and grabbed for the lubricant bottle in the grass. They certainly came prepared and I felt a gush between my legs. I began to moan as I picked up the lubricant and applied it to Mark’s cock. As I was working on Mark, suddenly his bigger brother was standing in front of me, his uncut monster of a cock dangling in my face waiting to be lubricated too. I applied lubricant to him also. I felt like the biggest slut in the world and, at that moment, I didn't care.

Mark lay down on one of their garden seat cushions and pulled me up on top of him and I directed his hose into my ass. Unlike our first encounter it slipped in fairly easy but still stretching my ass lips to their limits. Slowly, so slowly, as to savor the moment, I took my time before finally impaling myself completely. I rode it quicker now, mewing like a kitten, the cock in my legs the most important thing in the world at the moment.

I was so lost in pleasure I had totally forgotten about Steven. I felt the cushions giving away when Steven crawled up behind me. His arms circled me, his hands began squeezing my swollen pecs and pinching my nipples. I didn't understand why the pain seemed to make me hotter. Steven leaned against my back forcing my head down towards Mark’s. It certainly shows how inexperienced I was in this world of sex because I didn't see what was coming.
I felt the enormous cockhead of Steven's prick press against my anus. My body stiffened immediately. Mark was going in and out like mad and now I was getting double penetrated by the biggest cocks ever?! The orgasm I was about to have waned. I yelled at Steven that I didn't do that kind of sex and to get off of me. I wanted to stand up but couldn't move as I was pinned between both of them, having two larger-than-life cocks about to fuck me.

Steven was now getting help. His brother Mark, still with his huge cock buried deep in me, was reaching around my waist and pulling my ass cheeks apart. I felt this tremendous pressure against my anal hole, pushing, pushing, harder and harder... pop... the head of his dick was in me. The pain was almost unbearable. Steven was reaching around my head, his hand over my mouth to hold down my screams. God, it hurt so bad, it felt like my asshole was split open. Both brothers continued to push and I could feel the length penetrating me deeper with each thrust. When I pushed, the kind of push you use to defecate, it actually opened me wider and Steven drove in deeper. Never before had I yelled harder while being fucked: “Yes, give me those big cocks! Fuck me! I’m a whore and I deserve to get fucked like this… Yes pound my ass, harder! Harder bastards! OMG, it fuckin’ hurts so good…. Fuck my ass! Harder baby!” and then my screams were muffled by Steven’s large hand over my mouth. The more I pushed, the wider my hole became, the less pain I experienced. Several minutes had passed, both hot brothers were now fucking me in my ass with the full length of their enormous family jewels. I could feel both dicks head to head in my ass, with a giant orgasm about to explode. I felt Steven’s huge balls slap onto my ass knowing that his brother Mark must feel them too.

"My god," I cried. "I've never felt so full in my life." I screamed and shuddered as Steven removed his big cock with a plop. "No, please I want more," I begged.
"Then tell us how much you love it," he demanded.
"I love both your big fat cocks. Fuck me like I've never been fucked before”.
"Are we bigger than your pathetic boyfriend?" Mark asked knowingly.
"Twice as big," I replied. "Now I know what it's like to be fucked by real men." I knew what these two fucks wanted to hear. "Oh, fuck! Pump your big horsedicks into me like only my small-dicked boyfriend should! Oh! Ummm! Yeah! Oh, you are fucking me so good! Oh, you're so fucking big and hard! Oh! Ummmm! Oh, it's like two fucking baseball bats fucking my ass! Oh! Ummm! Yeah!"
They fucked me like a piece of meat, first one would drive into me, then the other. Both sensations began to blend together and I knew Utopia was just strokes away. I was unable to reach my cock but I came, handsfree, it was like no other sensation I ever felt. I was delirious with pleasure as wave after depraved wave swept over me, all I felt was a sexual high I would never come down from. I came in nasty convulsions.. being fucked by masters, two men who were experts at the art of shameless pleasure..
They fucked me long and hard before they finally spewed their thick, white cum into my face, both at the same time. I was drenched in cum, my ass wide open and leaking with pre-cum and lube. God, what ecstasy.
Both my mouth and ass were hurting like mad, because of the extensive stretching that the two brothers had given me. I could barely walk the next day.

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Damm, this is one HOT story, be interesting where you go from here!!! Keep it up.

Grew up on a central Colorado ranch, so I am a true cowboy.
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wOW that would feel so great to have two large cocks in the ass. Great story.
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agreed more please
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Enjoyed it, need more... please
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Wow, that was great. Please continue this.
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is that U in avatar? - U R as handsome as the story is hot.
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Fukken good story
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Hawt! More please!
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this can't be over
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cock, enormous, neighbour

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