My neighbour has an enormous cock

I am a gay man living on my own in a nice area in Southern California. I do have a boyfriend right now, his name is Corey and things have been going so-so lately. Corey

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My neighbour has an enormous cock

I am a gay man living on my own in a nice area in Southern California. I do have a boyfriend right now, his name is Corey and things have been going so-so lately. Corey is a very sweet top and physically beautiful. He is a sexy man, with a lot of things that make me happy like those large, broad shoulders & hairy chest. He has strong muscular thighs and arms. His cock is 7 inches with a decent thickness. And there’s my problem: I have been a size queen slut through and through and always yearned for a larger cock than Corey provided. I love him dearly and he’s the aggressive fucker I look for in a man but since I came out of the closet, I have been with men of all shapes and sizes and it’s the bigger guys that really do the trick.
Sex with Corey is not at all uninspiring and repetitive, but his size is such that ass fucking and cock sucking is unfulfilling. I knew from having had past lovers with larger erections that the loose, 'un-stretched' sensation I experienced with my boyfriend was not all there was for me to experience. His length is such that he fails to touch me in places that I need to be touched.

My fascination for big cocks started in college. I had this really hot roommate, Tom, and he was the athlete every college wished for. Tom was never at a loss for bringing home women after a good night out. I knew he was a good lover and that he must have had a decent size cock from the very loud sounds of his sessions, that "OMGs" from the women, etc. I have to admit, I became voyeuristic and couldn't wait to listen in as Frank went at it again with someone else. One night I ran into him in the hall on the way to the john as he was leaving his room after doing some lady. Damn was he hung! He had to be about 8 inches and completely flaccid. It was dangling there, swinging, much bigger than my own dick which was only 4 inches soft and nearly 6 hard. You could tell that he just got done making love. Now I knew what all the OMGs were about.

One night, after several months, I woke up when Tom knocked on my bedroom door. I got up and there he was, embarrassed, asking for a condom, with the biggest, hardest cock I ever saw in my life! I can't imagine how long it was, 9.5 inches maybe! I got Frank a condom and went back to bed. I was embarrassed too because the only condoms I owned were meant for anal sex and Tom didn’t know I was gay. But I guess he was too excited to notice this. And I was excited too: I wanted to see his meat trophy at work and was tired of only being able to listen to the fuck sounds through the thin wall which separated our dorm rooms. So I don’t know what got into me but I was so turned on by the girl’s screams on the other side of the wall that I climbed out of the bed and through my window: thank God I had a room on the first floor of the building and I noticed that Tom’s window was open – it was a very warm night and we had no air-conditioning – and the curtains were open. There was Tom, taking a small-titted girl with that big dick of his from behind. She had a small ass, but very firm. I got a raging watching Tom pound her from behind with his big dick.
"Oh my god, it feels like it's in my tummy!" she panted.
She began to whimper as she went back and forth, meeting his thrusts. After several minutes, he quickened his pace and began to drive his cock into her a little more forcefully.
Her face expressed the incredible cocktail of pleasure she was feeling.
"Oh, my god!" she panted breathlessly. "Oh my god, it so big…it’s much bigger than my boyfriend’s…ooooo!!!"
Expert cocksman that he was, Tom knew just how to avoid hitting this slut's cervix too forcefully on the intake.
"Fuck me!!!" she howled. "Oh god, yes, don't stop!!! PLEASE DON"T STOP!!!"
Then Tom finally came, and splashed deep inside her pussy. And I came too, jerking off in the open air and afraid I would get caught. But I was so horny and I wanted some big cock of my own.

A couple of months ago, I got new neighbors. They were Mark, who works as an airline pilot, and his wife Cheryl, who used to be a flight attendant and ishe is very pretty. They have no children but wanted some badly. Both of them are in great shape. Jim's about 6'5” and very athletic. He is about 50 years old with Cheryl being at least 25 years younger. She is about 5' 4" and stacked with what have to be at least D cup sized tits.

I became friends with them pretty soon, especially with Cheryl. We aren't best friends, but she sits around and drinks coffee at least a few times each month. Sometimes we even had dinner together with Mark having to travel a lot for work. We would discuss a lot of things: I found out that she was a very sweet and naïve woman who loved her husband a lot.

One Tuesday afternoon I was sitting in my garden when the doorbell rang. Cheryl was at my front door with a bottle of wine. “Hi…would you care for some Chardonnay Mark and I opened last night. He’s out on a trip to New York and won’t be back for another three days. Can I come in?”
"Go ahead!" I replied. I really liked having her around.
After the usual chit chat she suddenly changed her tone of voice.
“Chad….can I ask you something personal?”
“Sure” I said, not really knowing what was coming.
"I'm …..I’m….I’m sorry this is embarrassing.”
“Come on, spit it out!”, I said while I poored us two more glasses of wine.
"Or marriage is great. I mean, we are having a great time. But our love life…I mean, how do I say this?"
"Just spit it out, honey. You know I won’t tell anyone", I said, a little excited.
“I don’t wanna bother you with this. But I don’t know anyone around here. And I’d rather die then discuss this with my mother….Chad, you as a gay man, I want to ask you something…
It’s Mark…he has changed….the last few months he wants rough sex. And I don’t like that. It hurts because….Mark is big”.
My heart started pounding but I now I pretended to be naïve.
"What do you mean? He's hitting you?"
"No Chad. He's BIG down THERE!" she continued pointing between her legs. This remark hit me in the brain…and in the pants. Imagine my 50-year old neighbour having a big cock. Mmmmm.
"But hadn't you two made love before your wedding?"
"Yes, many times but not like this. It is all the time and he is thick and long and well ... too big to be doing it so often!"
“Do you use use lubricant?” I asked.
Then, fuck!, my cell phone rang. It was my assistant Barbra and she needed me at work. So I rounded off our conversation and both left, leaving me with a throbbing hard-on and all I could do is think about how big Mark would be….Maybe Cheryl was just exaggerating. Besides, there’s no such thing as a cock that’s too big. After all, I’m no saint, I’ve been there.

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The following week, we had coffee together at Starbucks in the mall. We chit-chatted for a while and I reached across the table and took her hand. "Honey, have you tried my advice with the ummm lubricant?"
"Oh, well, mostly," she looked at my hands on hers and squeezed mine back, "In some ways, I guess it is better."
"What do you mean?"
"Oh, I don't know. He still wants me all the time. As I think back over the last week, we had ... ummm ... intercourse 4 to 5 times each day!"
"We’ll be glad! You’re a beautiful woman" I smiled. "And believe me, men have needs. Spend the 10 minutes with him and enjoy it the best you can!" I patted her hand and she looked at me strangely.
"10 minutes?" she asked, her soft brown hair curled around her face to her scoop neck T-shirt where her generous breasts heaved.
"Chad, I'm not sure I want to hear about you and your boyfriend now."
I laughed nervously.
"Ok," she looked around and no one was in earshot. "You go first. Tell me what happens with you and … what’s his name?."
"Ok," I smiled. "Corey usually initiates it and we've come to – eeer - fuck about 2 times a week. When we just met, it was more frequent. After all, he would only see me and have an instant erection."
"So, 10 minutes?" she asked sipping her latte.
"Oh, yes, that. Of course, in the beginning it was longer maybe 15 and sometimes even 20 minutes."
"Oh," she looked at her latte. "Chad, have you ever measured your penis? Or Corey’s?"
"No, not really”, I lied, looking at some objects on a nearby table. "Mine’s like that blue thing….and Corey’s a bit larger" I pointed and something that was about 6 or 7 inches long.
She smiled and nodded and I took my chance.
"What does Mark look like?"
"I measured him last week. He's at least 11 inches long and 3 inches around."
It was mind boggling. I tried to think of something that was 11 inches long and 3 inches around. That was just silly. It was so much bigger than any cock I had ever seen let alone sucked or fucked.
She continued. "He fucks me twice a day and when we do fuck ... it is for at least 30 minutes ... at least," and she emphasized the word LEAST.
"Oh my," was all I could say. I was taken aback by her use of the word "fuck" but it also sounded liberating.
"He ummm plays with my pussy for me to climax and then I suck him, or should I say I suck his head for another 5 to 10 minutes and then he drives into me. The lubricant is working and it does hurt a little less."
"O it does, doesn’t it?" I could feel my growing cock between my legs as I thought of her sticking his big cock between her huge tits and her trying to suck it, like an overly large meat lollipop.
"Yes, but he used to careful and tender. It was so much more romantic. Now, once he gets into me he just keeps going and pounding me really really hard, like a maniac, and then he dumps his load in me or on me. It's gross".

The conversation stopped because two guys sat next to us and we didn't get a chance to finish it. I silently cursed the two nosey assholes who were listening in to our conversation. And I kept thinking a lot about what she had said.

But then, she rang, a couple of days later.

"Chad, 3 times yesterday!"
"He wanted me 3 times yesterday and I'm not talking about wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am either!"
"Well, what ARE you talking about then?"
"The details?"
"Yes, I'm just wondering what the hell is going on in your marriage." I said this but I know now in my heart, I craved the details not for their marriage but for my own curiosity and desire.
"Oh. I don't know. I got a one day break last week I was awoken by his kisses. It was all romantic, you know. He was kissing the tops of my tits. Then he lifted my tits and began sucking my nipples. He makes my nipples so hard and nibbles at them. I just can't resist it."
"I understand. I love to my nipples sucked too." I responded without thinking.
"Oh, sorry."
She laughed. "I heard you but I can't believe you said it!"
"Keep going."
"Well, I guess I like it too. Next thing I know he's spreading my legs and I'm barely awake. The sun hasn't even come up, yet!"
"What happened next?"
My cock was so hard right now and I just had a shower. I had to go to work and needed to get dressed. But this was too good to be true so I started stroking my cock.
"Chad, it was fantastic. He licked me like he used to do and I climaxed and I'm embarrassed to say that it was all over his chin. But then I saw it, hanging between his legs like the head of a snake and it hung there waiting to be engulfed by my pussy."
"Oh," I spoke softly as I could feel myself getting even more excited. Feelings I hadn't had in a long, long time. "And how big did you say it was?"
"11 inches long and as big around as my wrist."
"Wow! 11 inches sounds impossible...Only porn stars have cocks like that. Are you sure? I mean, how did you measure? From the bottom or the top?"
I was jerking like mad and I was afraid that she would hear the sloppy sounds through the phone.
"Oh, I hadn't thought of that. I measured it from the top. Does that make sense?"
"Ummmm yes. I guess. And as big as your wrist? Or his wrist?"
"Yes, his wrist...and the head is big and purplish kind of like big mushroom or helmet that flairs on the sides. He put it up to my pussy and pressed. I mean, he pushed just the head in and I felt such pressure down there… as usual, it stretched me and then he pushed it deep and began fucking me. And it hurts, he's just too big. It took at least 30 minutes for him to take it out and shoot cum up onto my back. I mean, there was tons of cum on my back. He got it into my hair and all over my ass. It’s disgusting…and degrading. I loved it when he licked my pussy but despite the lubricant, I didn’t enjoy the feeling of his cock inside me…he’s just too rough and much bigger than my the guys I’ve been with before."
That’s when I came. I shot like a rocket, my cum ended up in my face and I was amazed by my own ability to cum like that. I was almost 40 years old right now and this didn’t happen until 15 years ago or so when I was much more potent. My chest and face were a mess and I almost dropped the phone.
"Right ... so how do I shut if off without having Mark want to get it elsewhere?"
"Yes. I don't know. I guess the answer is to do it gently so his ego isn't bruised. On the other hand, what if he did get it elsewhere? It sounds like he wants to try others."
"No, I don't think that would work. I'd be afraid that he'd leave me. What if he could find a woman who likes it 3 times a day!"
"What if the woman would never be a reason for him to leave?"
"I don't know who would be in that situation, Chad."
"Yeah, me either. Well, the other option is to wear him out."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, wake him up every morning with a blow job or a hand job and make him cum with your hand. Maybe that would give your pussy a break."
"Yeah, maybe that’s an idea! I think I'll try that. Thanks Chad". She hung up and I was left to wonder what she would look like with both her hands gripping that monster as she jacked it off. I wondered if she would try to swallow it or just spray it like a hose onto her chest.

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Interesting fiction. Who is "Frank?"
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When I came home from work, I took a brown box from the attic. It contained several dildos and DVDs that I hadn’t used in years. One of the dildos was actually 10 inches long and it had always been too big for me. But all I could think of was Mark’s big cock. I got undressed and with both hands on the huge dildo’s shaft I closed my eyes and imagined that it was Mark’s.

I was aching to feel Mark's cock inside of me. First I pressed the tip just inside my lubricated hole. Damn, it was big, so much bigger than I remembered, but it didn't really hurt. To my surprise my experienced asshole expanded to accept the circumference of the dildo. I spread my legs to the max and arched my back, pushing the dildo cock deeper and deeper into myself. Once it was all the way in, I said to myself "Fuck, this is amazing."

I closed my eyes again and began imaging Mark on top of me, pound his cock in and out of my ass. With each plunge I felt I came closer and closer to orgasm. And I did and it was so fuckin’ intense. Over the next few weeks I used the dildo, and my fantasies became more and more complex. Corey and I had sex less and less. I didn't realize at the time what was going on, but his cock wasn't able to give me the satisfaction I needed anymore. I couldn't sleep without thinking of Mark’s alleged 11-incher.

It was only a couple of weeks later when I called at their front door with a bottle of wine. It was late in the evening on a very hot day. I rang the doorbell another time but there was no answer, which was strange as both Mark’s and Cheryl’s cars were in the driveway. I decided to check at the back. They have a very large garden with their own pool and spa in the back garden. Just as I was about to enter the back garden I heard voices. I hid behind some large trees and bushes and could see Cheryl, wearing a tiny bikini, with her huge tits dangling out her top. She was on her knees at the poolside and she was hanging over Mark. He was wearing black speedos which were pulled to the side, exposing the biggest, most enormous cock I had ever seen in my life. I was standing at safe distance and the sight made my cock hard at once. Damn that thing was thick and long, Cheryl had been right when she described it.

He was leaning back, letting Cheryl work on what had to be at least 11 inches of thick dick. She was using both hands to suck him in. I could see that she was stretching her mouth around the head. I put down the bottle of wine in order to enjoy the show and dropped my own shorts. Cheryl pulled her mouth of Mark's cock, but kept stroking it. `Come on, honey, suck that cock!´ he said. `I can´t, it´s too big for me…you know I don´t like it! Okay, I´ll try…but be gentle, you're so big..." Cheryl whimpered as she prepared for the entry of this obscene cock.

"Gentle?" he suddenly shouted. "I don´t do gentle...slut"
He suddenly gripped her head and began to roughly fuck her mouth, bashing against her throat and making her gag repeatedly. She moaned, begged him to stop and her huge tits swayed back and forth as he fucked her mouth. She could only take ¼ of his monster in and there was simply no escape now when he was pulling her head. ´Suck that cock, bitch!´ he said, ramming that huge organ in and out of her ravaged mouth. His orgasm built quickly as he saw her wide eyes filled with submission and fear. His balls swelled and he shot an obscene amount of hot cum into her mouth. Like an obedient housewife she swallowed it all and lapped at his twitching cock as he let the feeling wash over him. I could not believe my eyes.

She then got up and took off her bikini briefs. Mark pulled down his speedos and he just stood there, his big horsedick hanging down, halfway down his upper leg. What a huge cock!. He put his hands on her hips and forced her to bend forward. I saw him oil up his big dick with a bottle of lube – I was so proud that Cheryl took my advice to facilitate his cock a little easier - and couldn't believe that he was about to fuck his sweet wife's pussy with that monster cock. I could see him easing the head of his dick into her pussy. I couldn't believe she could take that cock there. I heard her starting to moan as Jim gently eased more cock into her. He got half his cock in her. Cheryl said ´Enough, you´re hurting me´. But he just wouldn´t listen, grasped for her dangling tits and all she could do was howl "OMGs" as he kept slamming into her.

After what seemed like forever, Mark pulled that cock out of her pussy, slid it up and down her ass crack, and then came in huge amounts all over her ass and back. What a sight.
Then he said ´Baby, I needed that, you´re the best´ and went to the poolside, jumped up and down twice and I swear I could hear the slapping sound of his huge halfhard cock going up beyond his navel and down halfway to his knees before he dived in. That´s when I decided that I had to have that cock. Cheryl squeezed her big tits into her way-too-small bikini top and put on her briefs. As she bent forward to put them on I could clearly see that her small cunt was now gaping, open like a flower, as a result of her husband's monstercock having just been inside of her. I grabbed the bottle and headed home, where my 10 inch dildo ended up my ass as deep as I could push it in, giving me yet another huge orgasm.

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Surely there is a conclusion to this story? :)
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Saturday, early in the morning, found me wandering the mall again looking for a birthday present for my assistant, Barbara. I was in Neiman Marcus looking at perfumes. I picked one out and looked around for the nearest register. I ended up at one near the changing rooms in the mens' section. I paid and was about to leave, when I heard my name called. It was Mark. Tall and handsome, he stood there with a nice and calm smile. My heart skipped and accelerated to overdrive.

`Hey man, I need your help´ and he asked to follow him into the fitting rooms. When we got to his room he said ´I am looking for some new underwear. And I could use some advice: who could I better ask for help than a guy who´s into other guys´ and he just laughed. `I usually wear briefs ´cause I need my jewels to be kept in place if you know what I mean…I have picked out these and these… I´m gonna try them and I´d like your opinion, Chad´. `Sure´ I said, not believing my luck but I was also nervous that a shop attendant would show up.. He closed the curtain and didn´t open it for a few minutes. Then , when he opened them again he was standing there and he was completely undressed. His muscular, hairy body was to die for and he was in such a good shape for someone his age. He was wearing Calvin Klein´s steel trunks and showed a monstrous bulge, like he had a pumped cock in there. ´So, what do you think´ he asked and turned sideways. The size of his cock caused the sides of his briefs to display a great deal of his hairy balls and his shaft. I stumbled ´It´s … it´s kinda small…do you want me to get a larger size´. But he just said ´No, it´s always the same with this thing….can´t get myself decent underwear´ and before I knew it he started pulling them off and the first thing I saw was the massive thickness of the base of his cock. As his briefs moved another 6 or 7 inches down, I still couldn't see the head. Finally, another 3 inches and the head hung there. I guess "hung" is the right word. It was so thick and heavy, it kind of hung there. It was a thick 10" rod that jutted out of a round bush of pubic hair with a cut foreskin and veins running all over it down to his big round hairy balls. I looked at his face. ´Ooops, sorry about that!´ he said and he closed the curtain again. And I nearly fainted.

When he got dressed he just left his selected underwear in the fitting room and left. ´Damn, I´ll never be able to find myself some fashionable briefs. I was not surprised, with that big of a cock! I was kinda dizzy when Mark invited me to have a coffee. And so we ended up at the same Starbuck´s where his wife and I had our very truthful conversation a few weeks before that.

`Chad, have you ever been with a man that was too big for you…I mean, you may have an idea of what my problem is´ he said when we sat down with our lattes. I thought of my boyfriend Corey and then felt sad. ´I don´t think there´s something like a cock that´s too big… Man, I´d be proud, yours is certainly bigger than the norm´ which was the understatement of the century.

´You see, Chad, now that you've seenit...I do have a large penis. Not to brag, that is just the way it is. So, with apologies, I will share with you that my best sexual experience I have had was with my ex wife. My penis was always large. In high school it was over 5 inches long soft, just hanging around. It was the largest soft dick I had seen. But it wasn't just the length. It was also quite large around. It was the thickest that I had seen, also. And when erect the damn thing became even thicker. The circumference made it seem even bigger. It gave it an almost surreal appearance. That was great advertising, as guys would see it in the locker room or gym class and discuss it afterwards. Sometimes they would tell girls about it. And once a few girls saw it there was no stopping the talk. This led to extra dates for me, especially dates with girls interested in sex, as the word got around.
In high school, when erect my dick was very fat and well in excess of 8 inches long. Excess is a good word, for no-one really needs a dick that long. It's like a girl with DD breasts. It's a good conversation point, and nice to play with, but totally unnecessary. I can't really compare my erect size with others, because I have little knowledge of erections other than my own.

Other women seemed especially curious, and quite unabashed about quizzing me on the practical realities of possessing such a big dick. They would just ask one brazen question after another; everything from, "How big is it when it's hard (to which my response of "10 plus inches long and 7 plus inches around" prompt jaw drops and guffaws)?" to "Has a woman ever refused to have sex with you after seeing how big you are ?" to "Has a woman ever been able to accommodate every one of those inches?" And there´s my problem. My first wife loved my cock. She was like a whore in the bedroom, really into big ones and very experienced if you catch my drift. She would take it in every position possible and was also a deep throater. But with Cheryl…she´s a doll but she can´t take it and she doesn´t like it. I am much bigger than the men she dated before me. But I´ve got needs, man…you know´
´Maybe you need to take the time…I´ve been with bigger men and it just needs practice to take..ummm…a bigger one´.
´Yeah, but we´ve been married for three years now and I am beginning to think that she´ll never be able to enjoy me….and I´d like my girl to appreciate me, and my endowment. Maybe we should go into therapy. I´m desperate and don´t want to cheat on her.´He looked sad now and we both got up, finished our coffees and went to the parking lot. When we separated he said ´Thanks buddy, it was real´nice to talk to another guy about my problem…why don´t you come to my place later this afternoon, Cheryl´s in Nevada at her mom´s place and won´t be back until Monday.´

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So when I saw Mark in the driveway later that afternoon taking a load of groceries into the house I followed him in their house. I couldn´t help noticing his half open shirt with that hairy chest dripping with sweat. He said when he noticed me "Hey man, you almost scared me to death´. Mark set the groceries down on the counter and I stole a glance at his bulging crotch before turning around quickly. ´I´m gonna change, it´s so fuckin hot today´and he left to their upstairs bedroom. ´Grab yourself a beer´ he said when he walked upstairs. I got two beers out of the fridge and walked into the living room.

On the couch, I saw a pile of DVDs. When I had a closer look I noticed that they were porn DVDs. The one on top bear the title ´Big Cock Seductions 14´ and displayed a big titted girl with her lips around an impossibly black large cock. I was just about to have a look at another DVD when Mark entered the room. He was wearing a halter top and grey sweat shorts. It was obvious that he wasn´t wearing any underwear because when he approached me I could see his horsecock swing back and forth in his sweats.

´Sorry man, I forgot to put those away…with Cheryl out of the house, I use these DVDs to jerk off. But that´s not the stuff you´re into, right… I guess you have your own porn collection at your place´ he smiled.
´As a matter of fact I do like straight porn´ I confessed. `Especially when there´s handsome guys in it´. ´Oh what the hell´ he said ´it´s just us guys´. He opened his beercan and switched on his giant flatscreen tv. When he pressed the remote control, a nasty looking slut with big, natural tits riding a hugely thick cock popped up the screen. I looked over at Mark to see his eyes were glued to the TV and we sat down.
"Man, that guy sure is hung," I said, taking a chance.
"Yeah, kind of reminds me of myself," he said with a smirk, feeling all loose now and a little cocky.
"You're shittin' me!" I said, already knowing that he wasn´t.
"I kid you not," he said, turning to me, catching my eyes gazing at the long fat hose forming in his crotch.
"I´ll prove that I´m bigger than that guy," I said.
"Well don't let me stop you. Hell, I'll pull mine out too.
Now we both unbuckled and unzipped, tugging out our dicks.
My eyes went wide when I saw his. It wasn't fully erect, but, like he said, it was huge!
"I guess you weren't kidding," I said, looking over, conscious that my own cock was almost half his size. Pretty soon both of us were stiff and thick, fisting our shafts as we stared at the nasty action on the TV screen.
"Man, I haven't jerked off next to another guy since I was in the service, in boot camp," he confessed.
"What other nasty things did you do in boot camp?" I purred as he gave me a long, deep look, but said nothing.
After a few minutes more of this I just couldn't hold back anymore. "Hey, how about we switch," I said. "I reach over and take hold of yours, and you take hold of mine?"
He hesitated a few seconds, then slid his hand up my thigh and took hold of mine as I did the same to his.
"Oh man, you really are thick," I said, now that I held the biggest monstercock ever in my hand. "How many inches you carrying down there anyway?"
"Well, Cheryl just measured it to be a little over 11 inches."
"I don´t see why she just craves those big fat 11 inches of yours," I said, teasing him, as he held my tiny six-incher in my hand, stroking it sensually.
Now the woman on the TV screen got on her elbows and knees and the dude got behind her, sliding his big cock up her ass.
"Does Cheryl let you do that to her?" I asked.
"Hell noo, never," he said. "She said that's something she just can't manage, she never even tried. I sure have wanted her to. You'd think having a big cock is great, but I've never met a woman, except for my ex-wife who was willing to take mine up her ass."
"So Cheryl´s never done that?" I asked, seeing opportunity.
"No, never," he said, looking over at me.
"Well I just happen to know someone who might let you park that big old thing of yours up his ass," I growled, looking straight at him.
"Sounds like it might be fun," he said, forgetting about the TV screen now, looking over at me.

"Why don't we start with this," I said, suddenly dropping to my knees in front of him, holding on to his cock as I looked up at his face one more time before I went to work. As I was kneeling in front of it, I noticed it was even bigger than my face. Now I got down to business, licking his big orange-sized balls, then dragging my tongue slowly up the length of his shaft, tonguing the taut skin of that beautifully rigid prick, until I got up to his enormous cockhead. I looked up at him to see his eyes were closed, a look of sheer ecstasy on his face, as I now wrapped my lips around it and began to suck his cock in earnest.
"Mmmmmmmh, yum, yum!" I purred. "That was tasty. Now how about I have a taste of something else."
"Why don't we take these off now," I said, tugging off his sweats and top, then taking off my own clothes as he jerked his own monstercock two, three times.

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oh please finish this.
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and.............. go on!
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mm getting very interesting :)
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I grabbed those enormous balls and sucked them in, one at a time. This was so different from Corey’s much smaller testicles, which were smooth and nestled in a firm scrotum. Mark’s were loose and swung in a much bigger ball sack and it was impossible to suck both his monsterballs at the same time. Man, these babies were heavy!
I tried to relax my throat as I took another attempt to take his obscene cockhead in. ‘Come on, Chad, suck my cock…I know you want it’ Mark said and I tried to suppress the gag. He told me that I had to take the whole thing, I had no way to signal I understood so I just closed my eyes and tried to relax. The gag came and I bent forward as much as I could. I kept my hands to my back, just as the huge-titted girl did on the screen who was sucking a cock just as big as Mark’s. And here I was, with an 11 inch porn star cock all to myself. I decided to play hard-to-get, knowing that Mark was into that shit. So first I tried to turn my face away and caught a slap on my cheek.

"No Chad. Take the whole thing, swallow it." I nodded but it was lost because his cock was already back in my mouth and he thrust deeper taking a good grip of my hair at the back of my head and moving me back and forth. He was starting to fuck my face like in my wildest dreams. This was what I needed.
I managed to sheepishly say, in between his moving in and out of his dick: ‘Be careful Mark, take it easy…you’re so big’, knowing that this was the kind of filthy whore stuff he liked to hear. This message drove him mad and I was still startled when suddenly he raised his voice. ‘'What's the matter ...too big … Come on, cocksucking queer!? Take it!' I’m not into easy and careful. Now you take this big dick!” and he rammed his cock into my face. My mouth was stretched to its limits now. Greedy and horney as I was, I desperately tried to put all of that fuckstick down my throat. My jaw felt sore as his fat cock shoved in and out. But practice with previous big dicks and of course my 10 inch dildo had turned me into an expert cocksucker and soon I was able to suck the first 9 inches without gagging.
O man’, he exclaimed while almost pulling my hear out of my scalp, ‘suck it … suck that big dick… I know you want it, faggot … Cheryl won’t do it like this, I’m too big for the bitch’. I was so turned on I was at a loss. “Oh yeah, fuck my face … I need it so badly … fuck my face hard … I wanted that big fat horsedick of yours the first time I laid eyes on it. Give it to me … give me that big fuckin’cock!” I howled, my whole face drooling with his affluent pre-cum and my spit and I plunged back in. He grabbed my ears and forced his 11 inches back in. There was no escape now and ferociously, I bobbed my head up and down, even though his large cockhead hurt my throat and soon the ample amount of his pubic hair brushed my nose and I managed to get a glimpse of him, mouth open in pleasure and eyes intently watching the TV screen. His overly large balls slapped my chin, they were the heaviest balls, it was almost painful. I fetched my own stiff cock and stroked it. I swallowed, I tried, I tried not to think about it and how I needed another breath soon. He pushed deep, holding there, my bottom lip sort of on his balls and my top lip almost past his cock. I felt my chest shake in a half cough, half gag.

"That's it." He pulled me back and I got one breath before it was in my mouth again, saliva now all around my lips and up my cheeks. I knew my face was smeared. He slapped my face then, maybe aware my mind was improbably drifting.
You dirty queer.... you like cocks this big, huh? Take it, take it…deeper!', he screamed with his low huskey voice. "

I could hear the obscene sounds it made while I sucked. I didn’t even bother ot answer his question, he knew what my answer would be. I’d never had something so large in my mouth and throat, I thought I’d choke but didn’t even think of stopping, the lust was overwhelming and I started to make slurping noises. ‘Mmmmnnnnnggggg’, I went up and down the swollen shaft. Again and again, the spit and saliva ran down my chin and through my nose, onto my chest.

His breathing became more distant as he arched his back grinding my nose into his flesh, his scent. I could feel my throat contract like it does when I'm dehydrated, when I'm trying to speak in public, or when I'm sucking cock. It's an odd feeling, swallowing without anything to swallow, but he soon changed that. I wanted him to cum in my mouth so badly. He pulled out and I looked up, angelically questioning maybe. Who knows what he saw in my eyes. He came on my face, across my lips and then straying across my nose and into my hair.
The hand on the back of my head relaxed, he stroked himself, he was smiling. He was happy and content. He rubbed my face, smearing cum and spit together, until it was shiny and clean.

"You're so good, man" he told me, before he grabbed me by the head and shoved his entire slab of horsemeat down my throat once more. My throat was now totally accustomed to his still rockhard size of equipment.
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fuck that was hot
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go........ on!
I wish there was much more to this ~Hot~ story, looking forward to hearing more...
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go on! awesome story so far!
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Awesome story!

I come. I cam. I cum.
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