Big, gorgeous black man and petite, white Donna

His lifestyle was inevitable. It came naturally and mutually as a result of his striking physique along with his tremendous sexual appetite and skills; these were both natural and acquired. At the age of eighteen,

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Big, gorgeous black man and petite, white Donna

His lifestyle was inevitable. It came naturally and mutually as a result of his striking physique along with his tremendous sexual appetite and skills; these were both natural and acquired. At the age of eighteen, he was already 6' 9" and 225 pounds. A strikingly handsome young black man, he had wide shoulders, V-taper torso down to a small waist, a high, prominent tight ass, and sculpted legs.

He had begun masturbating when he was ten. While he had begun to notice girls, his multiple sessions per day were not coupled with explicit images of females. He had not gained a history of intense, lifechanging sexual encounters with the many petite, beautiful, fortunate partners he would choose.

The schools he attended were filled mostly with whites, along with a small mix of other races. A quiet, easy confidence gained him many friendships, but due to his lack of experience, this was not a strictly sexual charisma. His blackness made him stand out a bit there, but his unusual physical development turned heads. Many women began to notice him, secretly- some were lovely teachers from his and other schools, others were random encounters with women who held fleeting glances on him, still others were the sisters and mothers of his classmates. Some were neighbors.

He and Sean had become friends in high school; Donna and Rich were Sean's parents. They lived around the corner. When troubles began to develop at his house, Sean arranged for him to stay overnight. This became a common occurence, and the house accepted him well. A place was made for him to sleep regularly in their living room.

Sarah was the first girlfriend he became sexual with. She was also tall for their age; they played on the school basketball teams. Despite the fact that she was not fully dwarfed by him, when their desire became so great that they tried intercourse, it did not work. Sarah's hymen was torn and he was able to work his tip in, but that was all. It left him with a full ache, her with a great deal of pain, and both of them unsatisfied and lacking happiness and confidence that they were right for each other, or that they were doing the right thing.

These futile tries did leave him stirred, and he took his desire into more frequent, more frenzied masturbation. It was difficult to resist the desire to come even when he risked being caught. He avoided this, except for a couple of times by his family. Still, he knew it was risky, particularly when he stayed at Sean's house and he masturbated in the living room while everyone was asleep. It was a worry even if he wasn't seen, since his sperm shot a great distance when he came. This spray increased over the months, so that he had to be careful to find it where it flew. He held a small towel which was absorbent enough to pick up all the sticky, thick fluid, a towel he could wash frequently and hide from Sean's family.

Another embarassment began to become prominent; he was noticing older women, and Donna was among them. It was apparent she took good care of herself, from eating well and exercising to keeping her creamy skin moisturized. Donna was 5' 1" and slight of build, and wore short skirts which displayed her thin legs with surprisingly full calves. She wore very fragrant perfume; she was very friendly towards him. He began to think of her less as Sean's mother and more as a beautiful woman, and liked to think of the idea that she sometimes seemed to be talking to him as if he were a man. His confidence built.

Donna did her exercise routine one afternoon to the time of her favorite DVD. The exercise room was on the other side of the house from the bedrooms and bathroom; the living room and kitchen were in between. As she made her way to the shower that day, she suddenly bumped into him.

He had been unable to resist peeking into the room as Donna worked out, lingering even as the familiar routine ended, scrambling to the kitchen quickly, wishing to play it cool and avoid being caught; he could feel and see an erection through his pants. Thinking she had already walked by, he mistimed his walk from the kitchen to the living room; he felt foolish and embarrased as he was unexpectedly on her. Only Donna's height, more than a foot and a half below his, prevented them from being face-to-face.

A shock went though her as his long fingers surrounded Donna's upper arms; she did not know what he was doing at first. Along with that, his largeness left her frightened for some moments. As their bodies righted themselves from the contact, Donna's fear was alleviated by his embarassed apologies; he meant no harm. As that awkwardness faded and she began to remake her way to the shower, Donna did have an odd thought; she had felt his body brush her at a place where it didn't make sense.

The area of his mid-thigh had bumped against her upper hip and stomach, but seemed inches more prominent, and had felt firm and slightly round. As she moved away, Donna's sudden thought was that it had felt like an erection, but as that second slid to the next, she realized that perception made no sense; there was no penis, no erection that size. The impulse of the next second caused her to look back at him as she continued to move to the bathroom, mumbling and giggling another apology while she glanced at his crotch and thighs. His pants showed something that looked like an erection, but a joke erection, like the rock star with a large, long delicatessen sausage under Spandex.
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D_Wally Walnuts

This is gonna be good. How did you obtain a copy of my bio?
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Donna closed the bathroom door, confused and stirred. She thought things through as the shower water warmed. It still didn't make sense, but she had felt it, and she had seen it, and there was the fact that he did have that great body, she had been noticing that for a while- she had heard about black men and that they were often larger than white men, but this? She suddenly thought of Dan, a boyfriend she had in college, soph year, his penis was really large, larger than Rich, larger than anyone else; she thought again, how great the sex was. Dan made her come really hard and often, she remembered; she remembered for the first time in a long time.

The shower went from warm to hot; she let it hit her face and neck for a while, then turned to let it move onto her lower back. Maybe it was possible....he really could have all that body and all that cock....I made him hard....My God, that would be good....

The water rolled as the next thoughts came, moving from curiosity to shame....He just turned 18 and I'm 45! I'm not a molestor....You're thinking these things in the house you live in with your husband....He's Sean's friend....He's black....

The water was now turning from warm to cool, but Donna realized that she was very aroused, as wet as she could be. The shower was the only place in recent years where she masturbated. How could she pass this up? She began to stroke her fingers across her clit, then lightly dug them into her labia- she came very quickly and long. Donna kept it up as she had another one, then a third. The chill from the shower began to interrupt the flow, but she thought of his firm, beautiful, huge body, beautiful and huge all around, all over. Her fingers worked.

The next day or two was excruciating for the two of them, as Rich and Sean made their way in and out and through the house, every moment interrupting the reverie. Donna could barely bother to focus on the everyday things. Hearing Rich talk about work, Sean speak of school and soccer practice with the season's games on their way; she just couldn't focus, could barely pretend. The next night's dinner was impossible; take-out was left on the kitchen counter and Donna took in a movie with a girlfriend. How could she be at the table with him, in front of her family, with these thoughts?

His mind was filling as well. There had been something wonderful and girlish about Donna as she moved away from their bump. He wasn't sure, but he thought that she had looked right at his erection then, and she didn't act like she was upset. There seemed the possibility that she might be as vulnerable as him. She had felt and smelled so good when they pressed against each other; he thought about how good she looked then, looked now, today as she wore a very short skirt with the purple spike heels, as she put her hand, briefly but fully, atop his; he wasn't feeling as shy right now. Donna looked like she'd know how to fuck. What would that be like? Was this actually going to happen? It might. What? How?

Rich was out of town on business that evening; Sean was at his soccer practice. He got into the shower; Donna was not back from her work. He had heard what sounded like gasps and moaning when she had been here days before; he didn't know, but he liked the idea that it had something to do with him. He soaped his body all over, and began to pull on his cock. He realized from gym classes that his penis was larger than the others, and there was some pride around that. He was very hard, harder that he usually was. He wondered how long it would take to come.

Donna came in the house. She had been thinking all day about the fact that this would be the first afternoon when it would be possible for them to be in the house alone. In her nervousness, Donna had spent little time finding out his plans; part of the day was spent in regret that she had not asked this at a time when her question might seem relatively innocent. With her desire now so high, she felt it was impossible to call this 18-year-old boy on the phone without the call revealing her illicit thoughts.

Silence was the first, disappointing thing she heard. As she walked through the living room, her heart leapt with the sound of the shower. Donna slipped from her heels and walked to the left of the house. The door was latched but unlocked; she opened the bathroom door slowly. As she did, she wondered exactly what she was doing, and whether her actions could be completed in a parallel life until their impact could be discovered. Would he hear the latch over the water? If not, perhaps she could pull back and this wouldn't amount to anything dangerous.

No response came from behind the shower door. Donna moved through the steam. Shots of adrenaline made their way through her body as this second door slid open by her hand. Standing in the shower, facing forward into the head, he stood straight, the soap rinsed off his body now except for his organs, his muscles even more gorgeous and beautiful than she had imagined as they swelled with his effort. Both of his long, large hands wrapped around and moved over his penis. The look on his face was alarming, aggressive, another side of this boy entirely. Her recollection of erotic passages which had claimed an erection the size of a woman's forearm was now in the flesh. The head, now opening fully, was very prominent even above the thickness of his shaft, an extra-wide head with a massive urethra. The last half of his tremendous length curved up noticeably.
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This sight caused Donna's skin to flush, which increased when his gaze met hers. As the water fell away from his eyes, his initial shock was alleviated by the look on Donna's face. Her eyes were relaxed and languid, moving over his body briefly and then meeting his gaze again. Her mouth formed a soft smile, which grew as the moments lengthened. Everything was fine; it was more than fine; both knew.

Her hand reached, grasped, stroked his shaft; the other joined in. Both of her small hands fully spread did not cover his full length, but she moved them to find all of his shaft skin. He sighed, hardened and curved even more, and reached to turn off the shower. This bent him toward her face; she moved to tip toes to bring their faces together. The incredible thickness of his lips overwhelmed her; his tongue followed, filling her mouth. She moaned and swooned; her hands stilled and gripped his shaft harder. He felt encouraged and groped at her mouth with his tongue; she pulled away briefly, said softly "Soft, slow....wonderful....", and resumed.

Nibbling at his lower lip, then his upper, her thin lips and small mouth unable to cover them- it felt to her as sex with another species, and it had only begun. She moved back and resumed stroking him, more slowly and gently. The soap removed, his penis showed itself even-colored and dark brown, slightly lighter than the rest of his skin, relatively smooth except for prominent veins spaced over the shaft. "Let's go to the bedroom", she said.

She had made the bed that morning, not an automatic habit. Donna understood that this instinctive move had resulted in a newness to the bed as they made their way onto it; this made sense, further exciting her. She already knew that Rich's performance, her previous performance on this bed would soon be put to shame. He moved to be on top of her, but she pivoted from underneath him, her will and experience overmatching her size. "Lay back", she said, and guided him back onto the mattress, his body covering it.

His penis stood, and she saw it from underneath for the first time. She knew that the spot just at the base of the head was particularly sensitive for most men. Where for most men this was a tiny spot, his size caused this part of him to look huge before her eyes. She brought her mouth onto it, exclaiming "Wow" on the way in.

He felt a jolt as her tongue searched this part of him; Donna knew what she was doing, and he was glad she did. Her hands joined the search, one on the shaft, the other caressing his large balls. Finally, her mouth made its way to the massive head, now swollen even greater, more sensitive than before. She stretched her mouth to cover it, just barely managing. "My God, your cock is huge and gorgeous- I like it", she quickly said before putting her lips around him again.

It was difficult to maintain coverage over his growing head, so she moved to stroke the underneath of his shaft with her mouth, thinking she would be back onto his head soon. His soft moans of "Fuck, fuck, fuck..." had been consistent, making her unaware that she was already bringing him off. This felt different than any masturbation orgasm for him; it started at his feet and moved through his pelvis and back as the first spurt began.

With her head tipped to the side, her mouth still on him, Donna caught a furious feeling from his sperm rocketing up the shaft, then noted out of the corner of her eye a first huge toss, then a second. It looked impossible to believe from the side of her sight, so she moved her head up and her hands down. This allowed her to caress and watch at the same time, and what things she saw: his body flexed and electric in his orgasm, "Fuuuuuccckkkk" coming from his mouth, sperm continuing to pulse and shoot out of his cock, his head and urethra visibly flexing and releasing as graceful, thick streams of sperm looped up to four feet above him. His spunk fell all about- mostly on him, but also on the covers, the duvet, the pillows, headboard and wall. After a couple of early streams fell on her hair, face and body, she had pointed his head toward him; all the same, a couple of stray streams made it onto her as her stroking hands and his quaking body had caused his cock to move unpredictably. Over twenty seconds later, it ended.
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After a few more seconds of recovery, their eyes and smiles met. "I think you needed that!", Donna said, and the two began to laugh deeply together. In the middle of this uncontrolled joy, she gasped out "I know I needed it!". They reached out and grasped hands as the laughter subsided. They lingered over both the bliss of the moment and the mutual excitement they both felt from the sight of their hands together, small and pale covered and covering huge and dark. She wanted to toss herself over his huge frame, but his torso was covered with sperm, so she scrambled quickly to the bathroom to grab the first bath towel she could find. It was a fine bath towel, but she was beyond caring. She used it first to carefully, caringly wipe away the sticky streams, first from her, then the longer work on him. Donna occassionally kissed the body part just wiped, completed his cleaning, then laid herself onto him.

"That's the most I've ever done. You're so sexy, you did that so good!" he said. She responded generously but seriously, looking directly into his eyes. "We're going to be with each other now. I want you to know how special you are. There's no one like you, you know." "Really?", he responded unsurely. "Yes, I'm certain", Donna replied. "I've been with a few men, and I've talked with a lot of girlfriends. Believe me, I know."

"Really, women talk about that?".

"Oh, yeah. Us suburban housewives, you wouldn't believe the things we know!"

"But you work- you're not a housewife."

"Well, sometimes it feels like we are. Being with the same men- it can get boring."

"This isn't boring?"

"No. You're thrilling." She put her soft hands on the side of his face, and kissed his huge mouth. When she felt the length and fullness of his tongue, she said "Now you're going to go down on me." Their smiles were big and excited.
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It was difficult for Donna to think practically, but as they rolled and she put herself underneath him, she glanced at the bedside clock and quickly calculated that Sean was not due back from soccer practice for another hour and a half. Her mind flitted briefly upon the possibility that her son might become injured at practice, and that he might come home unexpectedly early. She quickly dispensed with the calculations, thinking that if Sean came in and her new man- no, her man- was bringing her off as hard as she had just done for him, that she would just have to live with that.

She felt soaked with her arousal, but was not self-consious; Donna wanted him inside of her, and they would need all the lubrication they could get. First, though, she wanted that huge mouth and long tongue to open her up. She spread her legs and reached up, putting her hand on the back of his head and guiding him down. It felt so good to ask for what she wanted, to make happen what she wanted- hell, to want!

Sarah had not wanted him to do this when they were together, so he felt his unfamiliarity with Donna now. He lapped and thrust his tongue all around her; it all felt good to her, this amazing young man with his wide, bulging shoulders and arms holding her legs apart, mouth huge and on her, the incredulity that this was happening at all, but she was excited and wanted her orgasms to begin. She placed her hands on his shoulders, urging him up; both of them full of desire, she said "Up high on me, right in the middle, keep your tongue there."

He did as he felt instructed, and noticed as she settled in, pressing his face and back into her more firmly, and rocked her cunt up and down. "Harder, faster....tongue deep in me now....Jesus, baby!" Now she flowed, her spray much lighter, barely noticeable, but he was right there to see and feel it. "Coming, coming, you motherfucker....you motherfucking sweet animal!" Even with his familiarity with these moments limited to the distance of porn movies, he knew that she was having a second orgasm.
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He had never lost his erection; it remained extremely hard and curved upwards. This was unusual, even for him, and knew it was from Donna's ability to excite him. He felt moved by her small, sexy body, and the idea that many older, married, white women might both be this beautiful and this excited by him. "There's no one like you, you know"; Donna's words lingered. The words came from him, surprisingly confident: "I want to fuck you now."

"Damn, baby, I can't wait!", she said. She moved back on the bed, and felt a charge as his body moved up and over her; "he's so huge and gorgeous, and he's mine". She slid her hands alongside his shoulders, lats, waist; his long, massive cock suddenly swung around and bumped hard against her wet vagina, moving up to graze her stomach and ribcage as he pulled up. A sudden bit of fright landed in the middle of the exhilaration; "Careful with that thing, now", she said with an apprehension he could hear. "Slow and patient, and we'll get there." He had a brief, unpleasant memory of the pain he had caused Sarah, but silently paid attention to Donna's guidance.

Donna reached down and grabbed his shaft, guiding him in: "So fucking thick; Goddamn, look at your head, it's huge, slow, slow". Glancing slowly up his body, she saw his thin hips and waist, barely noticeable eight-pack abs, slow then sudden taper out to XXL-size shoulders, lithe but full arms pressing against the mattress as he held his body up so she could guide him in, beautiful face and mouth far over her at the edge of her sight. The multiple trangressions of the moment, with the idea of bestiality overseeing them all, her wanting to fuck this animal, this animal clearly wanting to fuck her- "so, so much", she softly exclaimed.

His head moved onto her vagina, and then tentatively into her; only an inch or two got in. She said "Gentle, keep it high again", and continued to guide him in. "C'mere", she said, looking way up into his eyes and crooking a finger in motion toward her face. He didn't follow her direction immediately. Instead, he leaned up as he guided his body back. This gave him a full sight of Donna on her back; softly panting, glistening, round and soft and curvy and small everywhere, a barely but wonderfully noticeable line in the middle of her torso from her swelling breasts with hard, slightly thick nipples to the middle of her trimmed pubic hair, pink-purple vagina with small lips, sleek legs ending with pretty, pale feet, in fact pale everywhere, paler still as his hands stroked over all of her and she cooed and sighed.

He pulled his body down low enough to kiss her; they maneuvered their bodies to meet the new angles. After a half-minute of overwhelming, delightful kissing, he pulled his face and body back over her. Her hands moved down his body, over the top of his ass with its sharp, wonderful cleft upward and down. Grasping over the larger part of his ass felt great; she pushed his ass into her. Both of them felt the moment, surprised even though it had been their intent: about four inches slid inside Donna suddenly. "Fuuuck, that's gooood," he said, feeling her hot and tight and wet.
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She could feel an orgasm building from this moment. His head felt so huge inside of her; due to how tightly she was pulled over him, she could feel the distinct ridge of the head of his cock and the slight ridges from the veins on his shaft as they moved inside her. "That's right...OHHHHHHHHHHHHoooooooooooo". She came long and hard within ten seconds of his entry. He stopped briefly, not having experienced this before; he feared that the pulsing of her vagina was a tearing, that the exclamations were cries of pain. "No, don't stop, don't stop.."; she ran her hands up and down him and pushed hard on his ass again. "OHHHHHHHHHoooooooooo"- she came long and hard again as three more inches of her cunt gave way.

"Keep on moving, keep on moving"- he grunted and moaned as she came again. He could feel her vagina pulsing hard around his cock; inch by inch made it in with her orgasms. "Move....move...fuck...fuck...fuck my body....please....pleeassssse...". He began to swing his body fully into Donna as she came ten long times in this first wonderful intercourse between them. It only lasted two or three minutes; he was surprised again when his orgasm came quickly. "AHHHHHHhhhhrrr", he cried as he flowed heavily again.

Donna was astounded by it all: his cock opening her wider than ever with just a couple of inches unable to get in her, her last orgasm thrashing with his own as their beautiful bodies threw themselves against each other, the ability of her vagina to feel the sperm shoot up his shaft while he moved, feeling him toss off inside of her hard and copiously in the same way she had been able to see him toss off earlier- what is this new, incredible thing? As he slowed and stopped, he held himself as deeply as possible inside of her. Sperm spilled out of her, around his cock.
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She was the one quickly calculating; he was unthinking, enraptured by her. Donna pushed him out of her. A gasping sound of air came from the sudden pull-out of his sex; her cunt drew back toward its former tightness. Wordlessly, she looked at him intensely and rolled him over on his back. She continued to look at him fiercely, first kissing his face and then biting and moving down his body, finally arriving at his cock. He was nowhere near softening. "So fucking gorgeous, so so good. Where the hell did you come from?"

"You know how to love", he replied. "You all right?"

"Once we got that horse cock into me, I was. You changed my life tonight- you don't know." She kissed and nibbled at his cock, holding it up straight with one hand, sitting and leaning along his side while stroking his body with the other. "I'm not giving you up, not at all. Can I have more?" He moaned affirmatively.

"We don't have much time, but we have time." The head of his cock was less sensitive now, and she was able to spend more time with her hands and mouth on it. He pulled his hips up; his penis jutted out freakishly, unbelievably. She could see he was clearly a foot long.

He was the best, and he wanted her.

Kissing all over his cock gently, then theatrically, she said "I'm in love. I'm in love with you."

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Donna straddled him, holding his penis head and stroking it agains her clit; she was exquisitely aware of the time. She took some time to open back up wide enough to take his head in; he sat up. With her needing to straddle so high to get up and over his jutting cock, he had her breasts and face at the level of his face. He sucked and bit on her breasts and nipples, alternating this with passionate kisses. She slid down on him; "Wooahh, you're big, man,", she said. She pressed slightly down on his hip with her other hand, subtly guiding him not to thrust forward. Donna pressed down on him, opening and gasping with pleasure. "Here....again....no...." she cried after only a minute around his cock. She shook around him, her vagina pulsing again.

After enjoying the afterglow, she slowly drew off him and brought her mouth to his mouth, then his cock. Donna ran her lips, teeth and tongue over the shaft and head as fully and completely as was quickly possible, then dropped rapid, gentle, open kisses all over it. "Love...love...love," she said between kisses. She held him up and pushed him into her, saying "Again, baby." A single extraordinary orgasm with her on top, a return to kissing him and his cock as he sat back: this was repeated five times.

"OK, let's clean up and pack up," she said cheerfully and briskly after the fifth one. The bath towel was used to wipe his spunk from the headboard and walls. He gathered all the bed covers and took them to her car, as she asked.

"What do we do now?"

"Go to the hotel before Sean gets home," Donna replied.
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She stopped at a drug store for lube before they went to a hotel in town. Donna couldn't be bothered to hide him, hide them; they made the purchase together. They kissed in the aisle, as he picked her up easily to bring her to him standing upright. They stood at the checkout, looking gorgeous, disturbing, touseled and together. They stank and looked of sex. It was not possible to look at them and see another purpose for their association.

He did not mount her immediately after they checked into their room. They made each other wait; with his mouth, he brought her off a half-dozen times in various positions, finding her clitoris more easily now. He was discovering that at the moment she came it was good to move his long, huge tongue down to her vagina and fill it; he was learning.

When he mounted Donna, he held her legs firmly apart and got inside her more easily. The wetness, the lube, their lack of apprehension all helped. Again his cock brought her off over and over again, more than a dozen this time. "I'm hungry for you," she whispered as she felt him getting closer. Making him come frequently had slowed him down so that it was possible to anticipate his time; it took ten minutes for him now. He pushed himself as deeply inside of her as he could when he tossed off. Again she could not take him in completely, but the substantial part of him she did take held him tight. Donna felt as if her womb was being opened by his length, width, and the openness created by this joyful union.

They rested easily for a few minutes, hands stroking and caressing each other's bodies. She could not believe what she was thinking, but she absolutely needed to tell him. Donna told him that he was made to live a life like this, made for sex and the pursuit of women. "You should do this in your life. I'll teach you how to give great sex and make you comfortable with living this life. You are here to make women happy."

This confused hm; he thought women prefered monogamy and became jealous. "Don't you want to keep me for yourself?", he asked unsurely.

"I'll get plenty of you, but you'll be able to do this for decades. Plus, with the way you blast inside of me, you're going to get me pregnant, and we can't fuck all the way through my pregnancy."

"Do you want me to wear a condom?"

"No. The feeling of you coming the way is something all of your women should experience."

"Aren't you the wrong age to get pregnant?"

"Thought so, but I can feel you changing my body. Might have already."

"Well, what should we do? You're married."

"Things won't happen with normal rules for you." Donna thought easily of things that violated her previously held sense of morals. She thought pridefully of carrying his baby. She didn't think that she would reveal the identity of the father, just let the family discover his blackness in the delivery room. Yes, it would be a boy, another one with a huge body and cock, spreading his seed. Natural selection. Rich and Sean wouldn't abide it; OK, so the baby would go off for adoption. She was disconnected from any maternal instinct. Instead, Donna was deeply connected with the need to have him turn her body inside-out and her deep desire for people to know his role in her life.
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"Keep changing my body," she told him. She turned her ass toward him and handed him the bottle of lube. Another violation of the normal rules: she had not let Rich take her ass, but Donna wanted to give this man the pleasure of her straight away. She told him these details: "I'm yours now", she finished.

Her eyes rolled back as his lubed head opened her up. Slow and persistent pushing while laying on their side, with no thrusting; that was the thing to do now. He was in turmoil. The inability to swing his hips into her, the incredible tightness of her anus clamping on him. The violation of her body and family, linked with the sweetness of the sight of her feet resting together, then one grazing gently against the inside of his calf and knee as he pushed deeper. She guided his fingers around and onto her, getting him to stroke her clit vigorously. The other hand grabbed her breast firmly; she sighed, her anus opened slightly, and she quivered and cried out lightly with a little pain, then the quick pleasure of her first anal orgasm. It left her trembling, her skin chilled and sweaty.

"Still gentle, but please take me," she asked. As he pressed further, getting half of him into her, she began to say "No, no.....good, fingers on me....OHHHH, whyyy....no, yes....". Now the turmoil was hers, as she remained at the edge of intense pleasure and pain. The anal orgasms were shallower, and she was aware that he was capable of hurting her now, but that added to the thrill, renewed the images of beastiality, and kept the orgasms coming. Shallower, but longer orgasms; almost continuous for many minutes. The occasional need to press his hips back with her hand, then the same hand reaching back and pulling his mouth to hers. Biting on his lips and tongue as her orgasms became more intense; "Thank you", she sighed. He finally began to thrust into her ass very slightly as he came now.

"STILL!", she cried as his thrusts combined with the shaking of his cock as he came caused Donna some fear. This left just the shaking of his sperm, the strong spurts and a widening of the head of his penis that her ass could feel as it came again, all balanced by the stillness of his hips. He finally felt the ability to shout out, less worried now: "That's hot, can you feel me?".

"Oh, yes, yes, yes." She relaxed slowly.

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They fucked four more times in the hotel room over the next hours; his stamina was incredible. He lost his full erection for only brief moments; her body, hands and mouth brought him back to life.

Donna took a while longer to abandon all pretense and quit hiding their affair. She bothered to leave the hotel room early enough to wash the sheets and remake the bed at home just before Rich returned from his trip. He arrived back at their house the next day, avoiding having their tryst exposed; simple explanations sufficed for both. While some pretense remained at first, they immediately abandoned themselves to risk; they made love again that night during a brief period of time when both Rich and Sean were out.

Soon, he was coming to her bed when Rich left for the day and she was off work. The risk increased, as the pleasure made them cry out; Sean occasionally heard their noise. In addition, their body language began to be unmistakeable, their intimacy and easy laughter together began to happen in front of the family, and the smells of their sex became evident.

"Things won't happen with normal rules for you." Donna was right to predict this for him; she first made it true for them. The pretense became unable to hold together after a month. Donna told Rich, then Sean, that these were the facts now. They both had difficult feelings over this, but Donna's deep desire motivated her to use an extraordinary level of persuasion to hold the family together. They recognized her determination, her will, and her happiness.

They also were forced to recognize his unusual value, both by her descriptions of him and his skills, and the self-evidence of his extraordinary body even with his clothes on. Soon, the pretense was fully abandoned and his fullness was revealed. The door to the bedroom was left open to hear and, if the family wished, see their terrific fucking. They would occasionally wander from the bedroom, alone or together, naked or clothed, go to the fridge or cabinet to get needed refreshments, and then move back to the bedroom for more fucking.

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Very nice & well written.

A proud supporter of large penises since 1984.

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