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Old 04-28-2010   #2 (permalink)
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they look fake to me
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Hilarious!! Especially the simultaneous orgasm at the end!
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Old 04-28-2010   #4 (permalink)
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Those gals have mighty big er shclongs.....
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Reese is quite a cool chap, but his obsession with these latex falsies on hot chicks is odd. Yeah the girls are easy on the eyes, but why would anyone who's into trannies/she-males get off on this? I don't get it.

That being said, his MyBoobSite.com site is AWESOME!
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Old 04-28-2010   #6 (permalink)

Gotta love Futanaria's foam rubber phallus on females.

Ya ain't seen an attitude like a North jerseyan attitude. Hey,hetero 5'10", 185 lbs, brown/black hair, hazel green eyes, 10.5X7.5, looking for that very special romance.

I'm not interested in getting PM's from complete strangers, nor do I wish any solicitations about cock size, getting together. etc. So trust me when I tell you that you will be deleted from my message banks and put on ignore.

If I don't know you, you aren't getting a friendship request approved.
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Originally Posted by Charles Finn View Post
they look fake to me
one of them has two cocks. its obviously real.

countries? i didn't know they grow on trees.
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Old 04-28-2011   #8 (permalink)

Look more closely at the Girls Huge Cocks-all of those is a Silicone RUBBER DILDO FAKE,not a Foam rubber cock<* the Silicone Rubber material is same stuff used to make those Realistic looking Giant(.y.) REALDOLLS that cost $6,000 with the feels real rubber Pussy-theres even a Toy JOHN HOLMES Silicone Rubber Dildo I bet these girls have glued over their pussy,A new medical grade Silicone rubber GLUE called It Stays to hold such large Breast Forms in place is whats holding those Fake She-male cocks in place,Some videos U can tell its a strap-on,but others there is no black strap-on...the Fake cock was GLUED DIRCTLY ON

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