Borrowed or Stolen underwear stories

Gotta admit...first time to it...that if I see a hot dude in my complex in the laundry room, I try and hang out and cop a pair of his undies from the washer before they

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Gotta admit...first time to it...that if I see a hot dude in my complex in the laundry room, I try and hang out and cop a pair of his undies from the washer before they get wet. I wanna see what's in them and smell it. I don't do it often as I'm kinda picky with my men. However, I am guilty as charged!
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I've nicked a pair or two in the days when I used a laundry. I'd like to find a place where guys swap draws. That might be something I would totally enjoy.
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In Jr High we had a hot foreign exchange high school student from Australia living with my family. He was like the big brother I'd always wanted. Showered with him after the pool a few times. He left me his red speedo that I savored through college.
I house-sat for a friend and patient of mine for a week a long time ago. He was a German rock star of sorts. I "borrowed" a pair of his low-rise briefs, wore them for a few months and returned them during a party at his house.
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I swiped a few jockstraps from the 'team locker room' when I was in high school.
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I took some art classes in Italy one summer. My roommate and I decided that we were comfortable letting "our boys" (our underwear and other clothes) go through the laundry together. He was about 5'4", I'm 6'1", but we were the same waist size and thus wore the same size underwear, and oddly preferred the same brands, sizes, and styles. We made a point to have one of us wash/dry inside-out, but we definitely ended up exchanging some pairs. No big deal.

Once after a night of drinking heavily he made a comment something like, "Maybe your ballsweat will make me jump an inch or two." I'm pretty sure he was referring to his height as he constantly got rejected by girls for being too short.
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These are GREAT stories, men! I stole jockstraps from the locker room all thru jr hi and high school. Once I got introduced to jocks ( my school issued them), I was hooked nd was shameless about stealing jocks from guys' lockers.
I've swapped underwear with lots of guys over the years: jocks, briefs, even boxers. It's hard to think of anything hotter than wearing a jock or briefs that some other guy has had his nuts in. I currently have a jockstrap a guy sent me with, yes, initials and a team number written on it in marker. I didn't think that happened in real life; only in porn. It means some coach somewhere-- an actually living, breathing coach-- identified and marked each jockstraps and then more than one guy wore the same strap over the years.
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a girl I work with told me the other day that some frat boys did a pantyraid on some girls she knew
I was suprised that actually happens lol
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When I was 18 I used to babysit for a young couple who lived 4 doors down, Mr & Mrs A. I'd always had a crush on the husband. He was in his early 30's, had a good build & dark features. One day while babysitting I went in their room looking for some nail clippers and stumbled across his underwear draw which was full of M&S and Pringle briefs. I went hard instantly and took a pair of dark blue M&S briefs into the bathroom to smell them. The cotton was shaped for his bulge and they smelt amazing. I tried them on and got a bit of precum in them but put them back in the draw knowing he'd be wearing them at a later date. A couple of weeks later I stole the same pair and to this day use them as a cum rag :).

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In my early 20's I had a buddy who was a couple of years younger than me. He was one those guys who was naturally muscular without weightlifting, just hard work on the farm and such. Anyway, we hung out alot and somehow I ended up getting a pair of his briefs and he had a pair of mine.

His cock was a good 8 inches and uncut. It would bulge down his thigh whenever he wore certain pants. A few times we would be sitting in his car with him laidback in the driver seat and me laidback across his lap, looking up through the moonroof at the stars. I would always position my hand behind me head so I could kinda feel his cock on the sly. lol. We wanked together only once but he kinda felt guilty as he told me the next day that he didn't feel right about what happened. *Sigh* :-(

I would always get a thrill wearing his briefs. I had them for years until the elastic wore out and they just disintegrated.

Happy times.

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My roomate in college used to beat off in his boxers. Almost every morning after he left, I would go get them and rub out a load right on top of his warm batch. It was so hot. He never knew.
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hot stories guys. Keep them coming... or cumming. ;)
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I have quiet a few stories about this, PM if you want to hear some hot hot stories. I stole underwear from guys in my high school locker room, the ones I was attracted to, and the ones who were hung. One guy, I'm not even joking was packing 10 inches, no lie guys. He always hung to the right and wore his jeans tight enough so that everyone could see it flopping down his right leg. I still have every single pair of underwear I've ever stolen, all still unwashed. Some of the guys liked the attention even though they didn't know it was me and they would cum in their underwear for my pleasure :) Attaching a picture of some of the hot guys I stole from. YES they are all over 18 before you ask.
The guy in the second and third pictures is the one packing the ten incher, I wish I would've had the courage to try and suck it, but hey, I'm going to college with him so maybe he will Holla! ;)

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Originally Posted by PreppyPunkRocker View Post
I have quiet a few stories about this, PM if you want to hear some hot hot stories.
Don't make us PM you to hear them - just go ahead and share them!
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I just did this for the first time a few weeks ago! Super hot guy in my complex left his laundry in the dryer a few weeks ago. I was annoyed that I had to unload his shiz to put mine in the dryer. As I am unloading his load, I notice this really hot pair of CK's, so I figure why not? Everytime I wear them, I get hard just thinking about how his cock and balls have been in there, plus they look really good on me. I'm getting worried now, as he randomly came over the other night and we had a few drinks - I had on the underwear! We didn't hook up, but it's heading there! I need to hide those things!
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