Borrowed or Stolen underwear stories

I have seen a few posts in other threads about stolen or borrowed underwear, but would like to hear more stories and maybe even see some pics of such things. If you have a pic

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Borrowed or Stolen underwear stories

I have seen a few posts in other threads about stolen or borrowed underwear, but would like to hear more stories and maybe even see some pics of such things. If you have a pic of the person you stole or borrowed from, even better.
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D_Eddie Withagun

A took a pair of Wonder Woman briefs from a friends house and then send him a pic of my cock stuffed into them. Tight squeeze, but good laugh haha
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i remember getting to know an early college-aged older buddy when I was at that highly-developing 9th-10th grade age, and having him stay over at my house. He wore these totally 80s zebra-typed spalding underwear out of a tube and they showed off his cock shape without modesty- and when we hung out I didn't understand why I loved being close to him.

Later on I had some reason to be cold and wet and told him I needed to borrow some of his dry clothes and he complied- not with the briefs I was hoping for but for some nice lowrise ones that were more interesting than the tighty-whites I was used to. It was cool to get to wear them for a few days, and I liked that he borrowed them so willingly. I gave them back- and that was that.

Later on when I was going thru my 'cool' phase and switched to boxers the tables turned and I remember talking to a young married buddy about how cool they were and how comfortable, and how great to have 'easy access' for your wife... and he borrowed a pair of my boxers to try. He returned them a few days later- basically clean and grateful for the chance to try them.
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basically I always think it's cool to trade/ loan or borrow a buddy's gear: if it's someone you like, admire, or are drawn to. If you can put your naked junk into another guy's briefs, sports gear etc and have that dude not freaked about getting them back with maybe a bit of a scent, prostate juice, etc. I think it's really a guy thing. When you share, it comes back with part of your buddy with it- even if it's totally clean he's put it there, too. Good times when both are cool with it.
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D_Nycholsonne Nutpayne
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ive loan them to my cuzins when they sleep over but ive never borrowed or stolen anyones underwear
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When I was in my teens, my cousins husband was totally hot. Basic tall dark and handsome sort. One time when visiting them, I found his jock in the bathroom fresh and sweaty from a morning run. I couldn't help imyself. I stuffed them in my pocket and when I finally got home I lived in that jock for a long time. I remember there were even a few of his pubes in it, made it even hotter for me.
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a flat mate and I use to share uinderwear. basically it was a case of whatever we pulled out of the pile of clean clothes in the laundry got worn. Neither of us ahd an issue. Although he did like my jockstraps and g strings a lot. LOL
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I have quite a few stories....

I used to steal undies like whoa. The last pair I stole, I was at a cast party, and all of the younger kids went home (I was like 18) and it was just adults and me. (everybody was at least 20s)

Well, I kept refusing to get in the pool, and then a guy like 23 is trying to get me in the pool. he was one of the younger cast member's brother. I said I didn't want to get alone and he wasn't wearing a swimsuit of ANY kind, then he says 'I'll get in in my underwear if you get in' so RIGHT as we are about to get in, his girlfriend screams at him about getting in in just boxers. Then the owner of the house offers him some extra trunks from her husband, and he changes in the poolhouse and leaves his clothes on the floor.

well, later that night, I simply 'went to the bathroom' and swiped them before I left.....that was about 3 years ago... That was the last pair I stole... not the hottest story, but definitely the hottest guy!
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D_Esau Prepuce

a guy who i found really attractive in high school had just left the lockerroom after weight training class and he forgot to lock his locker door and i was the last one in there i nabbed em right there c.c
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This TOTALLY HOT dude named Brian who lived in the Apartment upstairs from me when I was in college swiped some of mine once. I am 100% sure of it because one day I cam back from class and Brian was out playing volleyball shirtless with these other dudes and I saw the blue waistband of my Calvin Klein Tech trunks that had gone missing from my laundry basket showing above his shorts. He saw me looking at him and sorta looked away. Pretty sure he knew he had been busted! I had to go in and rub one out!

I am pretty sure he was gay and pretty sure he was into me...especially after I figured out he has swiped my underwear. Unfortunately I still indenial about being gay. Shame because I would have loved to have had sex with Brian.

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Had a roommate just after college who was a country boy with blond hair and built like a young firefighter in a porno. He was totally a Hains briefs and boxer/briefs guy. White ones, occasionally grey ones but he had one "special pair" of bright blue low-rise briefs he considered to be his "lucky pair". I never caught him jackin' or found his porn stash. He had the bigger bedroom and agreed to leave the ironing board up 24/7 so every morning I'd iron my shirts while watching him sleep. He had a fantastic bulge - morning wood and all. He'd wake up and hop in the shower and I'd run off to work. One morning he left the "lucky blue briefs" on in his hamper and I borrowed them for the day. Fell asleep in them and was eating breakfast the following morning and he came home unexpectedly...I was totally busted. He even said "hey, I've got a pair just like them. I wear them when I think I'm gonna get laid" I just smiled and walked off with my erection.
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my flatmate and i used to share boxers - which ever were clean. both wanked off in them regardless, wasnt an issue. porn, wank, cum on pants. only kept one pair without washing them...
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D_Sparroe Spongecaques

One night me and the girls were going out to paint the tiles red and i decided to wear a strapless dress........only i didnt have a strapless bra with me (we were all getting ready at one of my friends houses) so i had a choice...either stuff my normal bra straps down the sides,go without a bra (no bl00dy chance) or borrow one from one of my pals.Anyway,i went for the last choice........trouble was she was 2 cup sizes smaller than me so i has overhanging tits.NOT a good luck at all! When i danced my tits almost fell out over the top of my dress so in the end i took the bra off and wiggled my jugs back to my seat and couldnt dance for the rest of the night...........oh and the bra wouldnt fit in my purse so i had to carry it about with for the rest of the night..............this guy pinched it from me and danced with it on his head lol!!

I aint ever let anyone borrow my underwear,defo not panties but my bra's wouldnt fit anyone i know anyway!
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Great story B_R_I_E_F. I have similar one from college. One of my roommates always liked to walk around in his briefs or boxers.. he was the fittest one in the house. He had some grey bikini briefs that I saw him in a few times. Finally found them one day in the laundry room... took them and kept them for a few weeks before returning them to his room.
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