Young Naturist with a HUGE cock

The following was composed from several posts on the "mature views on penis size" yahoo group. I don't know who wrote it. Here is his story, which has been embellished a little. P.S. It makes

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Young Naturist with a HUGE cock

The following was composed from several posts on the "mature views on penis size" yahoo group. I don't know who wrote it.
Here is his story, which has been embellished a little.
P.S. It makes me really horny when I read it!!

Until about eight years ago my wife and I were practicing naturists (i.e., nudists)and I published a quarterly newsletter (peak circulation of about 2500 in 1986) focusing on naturism.
Because of the newsletter I frequently received letters
and phone calls from people with naturist related
stories. In August 1982 I was contacted by a woman at a
naturist resort in Michigan regarding alleged
relationships between an 18 year old young man and two or
more older (i.e., 30+) women and unconfirmed
allegations that this young man may have been sexually
involved with as many as 15 other women at the resort as well.
While the manager of the resort would state only that the resort is still investigating the allegations, he indicated there is substantial sentiment in the resort's nudist community for expelling the 18 year old and his family. Speaking of the 18 year old, the manager said 'there is a feeling among many of the guests that he’s had a disruptive effect.' The manager declined to elaborate on the nature of any disruption, and conceded that the young man
had not been charged with violating any of the rules of the resort.
There is a distinct feeling among those sympathetic to the 18 year old, however, that the manager’s citing of a 'disruptive effect' was an oblique reference to the young man's unusually large genitals.
A female nudist at the resort offered that "this is a
simple case of penis envy. They won’t admit it, but a
lot of the men at this resort are threatened by this
young man's huge penis." I was at first very
concerned that someone was pulling my leg on this story, so
I asked my source, Janice, if she had a photo of
this young man who she referred to as Ed. She said no,
she didn’t, but she’d take one - she was very matter
of fact about it. I asked how she knew Ed would
consent to having his picture taken and she laughed and
said "why shouldn’t he?"
So a week later I receive a slightly overexposed Polaroid of two young men posing next to a pool. One is about six inches taller than the other, and the taller one had the most enormous penis
I’d ever seen.... abnormally large. He’s long-limbed,
fairly large-boned frame, and sinewy; definitely slender
but not skinny. His penis is circumcised and appears
perfectly flaccid and it hangs more than halfway to his
knees. It also appears incredibly wide. His hair looks
long and stringy, like maybe he just got out of the
pool. No particular body hair to speak of other than
some pubic hair. The other is shorter, skinnier,
unremarkable in every way. The overexposure made it difficult
to make out facial features. I remember that I
debated at the time whether or not to describe it as
"unusually" large or "abnormally" large. I chose "unusually"
because I thought it was less lubricious. I’m no longer a
practicing naturist but I was at the time, and naturists are
always concerned about the perception that naturism is a
sexual thing. So I was very ambivalent about writing the article
in the first place and I really tried to play down
the whole "big penis" angle. This approach became more difficult
as I discovered more about the sheer size of this young man's
ungainly organ.
A urologist I consulted after receiving a Polaroid of Ed confirmed that his degree of genital over-development was in fact abnormal. He commented that while examining thousands of men in the course of his 20 years of practice,he'd never encountered a flaccid penis quite that large.
This picture was truly startling. I went so far as to try to scale the picture - you know, Ed is three inches high in the picture, his penis is 3/8 of an inch, Janice tells me he’s slightly over six feet tall, etc. I remember distinctly that she indicated
this young man had a ten inch flaccid penis but frankly it looked
even bigger than that. Upon reflection, I theorized it was because
his penis, even in that completely soft state, it was fatter than his wrist. That, coupled with it's length, accounted for it's staggeringly huge appearance.
Janice had already offered her opinion that the men at the
resort were intimidated by this young man’s size and I remember at first being very skeptical of that theory. Then I saw that picture of his gargantuan dong.
I mean,differences in penis size is something that’s not new to
naturists - I think flaccid penis size varies more than erect penis size. And while I wouldn’t claim that naturists don’t note the differences, I can honestly say that your bona fide naturist doesn’t dwell on it (notwithstanding that I’ve now devoted two full paragraphs to this young man’s size). But even 2 more paragraphs are not enough to describe the full extend of his endowment. I must admit thinking that yeah, I might be intimidated by something that outrageously huge.
I showed the Polaroid to my wife. Her reaction appeared to me more one of stunned amazement rather than sexual arousal. Her remark upon seeing the picture was something to the effect of "Oh my God...
Janice was motivated by what she perceived as blatant
physiognomic discrimination on the part of the resort and the
naturist community at the resort. I too found this an interesting journalistic angle and arranged for my wife and I to visit the resort. We decided that we would attempt to meet Ed and his family before making the journalistic nature of our visit known to the resort management. We met Janice immediately upon arriving at the
resort and she arranged to take me to the pool area where Ed would generally be during the afternoon. My wife stayed behind at our room. We arrived at the pool and I recognized Ed from his photo. He was in the water with a friend but he immediately acknowledged Janice and climbed out of the pool.
The Polaroid had not prepared me for the sight of his ungodly organ in the flesh. We've all heard expressions to describe male endowment, and they are almost always exaggerations. But Ed was a different case... he was literally HUNG like a HORSE...his flaccid penis possessing a length, girth and meatiness far beyond any penis I'd ever seen in my life (and I'd been a practicing naturist for a decade at that point and visited more than 30 naturist resorts). In the way that all males are practiced at, I gaged the dimensions of this
organ and then attempted to avoid staring at the thing.
Janice, with whom Ed was plainly very friendly, invited him to a
picnic she was planning for the next day. He readily accepted the invitation, so eagerly that I suspected that
he'd been sexually involved with Janice (a suspicion
Janice initially denied but ultimately confirmed). The
plan was that my wife and I would stumble upon this picnic and would then have an opportunity to interview Ed. As we were leaving the pool area I noticed a pronounced imbalance in the male-female ratio at the pool - there was one other male besides myself and at least
a dozen females ranging from ages 18 to 60. This struck me as unusual and I wondered whether it was attributable to the presence of this young man and his gigantic penis.
My wife and I had arranged with Janice to meet her and Ed at a clearing in a wooded area adjacent to the designated picnicking area. As my wife and I approached through the woods we heard giggling and saw Ed following Janice about as she prepared the picnic area. It
was plain that he was attempting to interest her in some sort of sexual horseplay and she was politely demurring. Not surprisingly, he was in a state of semi-arousal and his penis was even larger than what I had seen the day before, although it continued to hang
perfectly perpendicular to the ground and retained the
meatiness and pliability of a flaccid penis. I estimated
his semi-turgid member at well over a foot long, quite an impressive sight.But what made his size appear even more extreme was that his penis had expanded in girth as well; it was substantially fatter than his wrist at that point.
My wife was quite simply slack-jawed, and frankly I didn't blame her.
He was SO much bigger than when I'd seen him before. She was standing next to me in stunned silence as we spied on Ed and Janice.
As we were about to enter the clearing my wife grabbed my hand,
took a deep breath and paused for a moment to compose

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In retrospect this was the first moment that I
became aware of the profound sexual effect that this
massive penis was having on my wife. We entered
the clearing and Janice reacted with feigned surprise
at our presence. Ed reacted with genuine surprise
and betrayed a certain amount of disappointment at
our presence, no doubt assuming that we were ruining
any chance he had for a sexual interlude that
afternoon. Janice introduced my wife to Ed.
My wife was very attractive in those days, if I must say so myself, but Ed was merely polite and gave no indication of any
interest in my wife. My wife, however, reacted in a most
unusual way. She was 30 years old at the time and
typically assumed a very mature and even matronly tone with
younger men that she would meet. But her voice and her
demeanor were anything but matronly on this occasion. She
half whispered and half giggled a "hello" to the young
man and extended a visibly trembling hand for his
handshake. I was stunned to note an exaggerated
femininity and coquettish quality to her behavior that I hadn't
seen since our dating days. As my wife later described
it to me, it was an involuntary reaction on her part
to the presence of such an extraordinary amount of
My own reaction to this gigantic cock also surprised
me. Although I was very aroused by my wife's
reaction, my own already modest penis seemed to be
unusually modest, barely peeking out from my pubic bush. My
flaccid length varies, and generally my state of arousal
would have produced a four inch semi-flaccid penis. I
don't know if it was some sort of atavistic male
response to a distinctly superior male organ or perhaps
just the awkwardness of being the "other guy" in the
presence of two females and a gigantic penis, but I was
definitely not showing to advantage. Meanwhile my wife was
losing her battle to be discreet and Ed caught her
staring openly at his penis on numerous occasions.
She simply could not take her eyes off it at one point.
He must have been accustomed to this because he showed no
particular reaction to her obvious fascination with his
extraordinary endowment. His attention was firmly focused on
Janice, a skinny woman with frizzy hair and a very plain
face but with breasts that were just insanely large for
her frame, a fact that simply riveted Ed's attention.
Janice produced a bottle of red wine from a cooler and
ostentatiously offered wine to me and my wife
but not to Ed, who seemed uninterested in the wine
anyway. We were all sitting on a blanket on the ground
other than Ed, who sat on the cooler with his enormous
dong hanging most of the way to the ground (I couldn't
be certain but it seemed to me that he must have
been aware that seated on the cooler his penis was
displayed far more prominently than if he had been sitting on
the ground. It had the effect of making him appear even more
freakishly huge than he already was).
My instincts were right; Ed was quite aware of the effect his seating arrangement had on the women. Once when he caught my wife glancing at his huge cock, he smiled at her, looked down at his penis and shifted his position on the cooler. As he did this, inching himself forward slightly, his big cock swung forward and then backward, slapping against the side of the cooler with a dull thud. He did this on numerous occasions as we sat there. My wife continued to sneak glances at his monstrosity. I suppose she was afraid of what might happen if she just openly stared at it.
This well hung young man had some keen instincts as well. He could tell that big schlong of his was having quite an effect on my wife, and at that point, he'd developed an interest in her. I guess he found that arousing, because I noticed his penis grow slightly more plump. He looked down at it and smiled, adjusting his position once more, which caused that big slab of meat to slap against the cooler again. A minute or so later, his penis began to grow in length as well. He looked right at my wife, grinning from ear to ear as the head of that thing actually reached the ground below him.
While I sipped at my wine I noticed that Janice was freely imbibing. I also noted with surprise that my wife, who generally prefers white wine and insists that red wine gives her a headache, was soon
working on her second large glass of wine. By the time
we'd finished with some cheese and French bread both my wife and Janice were a bit red-cheeked and giggling and otherwise exhibiting the influence of the wine.
As I've heard some very well endowed women do (especially when when drinking),Janice had turned the conversation to her breasts. I've witnessed this particularly on occasions when said well-endowed woman is in the presence of a man she wants to impress. As if anyone could possibly miss observing the size of their breasts, they seem compelled to draw more attention to them.
Janice began to discuss in particular the social and physical disadvantages of having disproportionately large breasts. She talked about how hard it was growing up with such a huge chest, how she had to buy enormous bras at an age when all her friends were flat-chested. How all boys ever noticed were her boobs. As she was doing this she was sitting in a manner that accentuated her breasts and
although I'm not a breast man I must admit the effect was stunning. Janice looked simply immense as she sat there discussing her boobs.
Ed reacted to the conversation and to the sight of Janice's huge breasts. And that reaction elicited an audible gasp from both Janice and my wife.
Ed developed a burgeoning erection that began to tilt upward from the ground. The thing must have been a solid 14 inches long by then... and it swelled to a girth as thick as the wine bottle!
My wife had ceased any attempt to avert her eyes and
she was now unabashedly staring at this young man's horse-cock.
Suddenly my wife turned to face me and said "let's go for
a walk in the woods." I'd noticed a distinct wet spot growing on the blanket where my wife was sitting; she was literally creaming in the presence of this young man's monstrous schlong. My wife's sudden
insistence on a walk in the woods could have meant various
things, but the wet spot on the blanket suggested to me
that my wife was in serious need of a sexual release.
As soon as we were out of sight of the clearing my
hunch was confirmed. "My God, I could barely keep from
touching myself," she gasped. "Let's fuck right now." I
was incredibly turned on but curiously quite
incapable of producing an erection, so I fingered my wife
while she frantically stimulated her clit, bringing
herself to orgasm in three minutes whereas she usually
required at least 15 minutes of continuous stimulation
before cumming.
After she came I kidded her gently. "I didn't know my wife was such a size queen." I said it in a plainly humorous manner but she replied in a very sincere tone. "It's not that I'm…well it's just that…it's just so fucking… HUGE!"
She said the word huge with some dismay, as if she couldn't quite comprehend such an enormous cock or her profoundly sexual reaction to it. She was staring into the distance as she said it and seemed vaguely distressed.
I'd never witnessed my wife in such a state, but I somehow instinctively knew what she was feeling. "You want to have it, don't you" I said. She looked at me with a confused and almost
sad look and said "I don't know…I've never…I
just…it's just so enormous, so…". Her voice trailed off and she
gently shook her head. Her eyes were very moist
and dreamy looking. "So much manhood," she finished.
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I believe I'm supposed to say at this point that my
heart sank, or I experienced a pang of acute jealousy.
But I experienced neither. I can't explain it, but I
knew from the moment that my wife first laid eyes on
this young man's freakish endowment that she would
react this way. She'd never given any indication that
size mattered to her, commenting so casually on the
subject when we would see an unusually large penis at a
naturists gathering that I'm convinced she genuinely was
not "size oriented," for lack of a better term. But
there was something about the absurd hugeness of such
an organ that had definitely gotten under my wife's
That my wife should submit to this superior male
organ struck me as the natural state of affairs, a fact
as simple and undeniable as night following day, the
droit de seigneur of the hugely endowed. We made
our way back toward the clearing, my wife trailing
slightly behind me.
As we approached the clearing I thought I saw something through the leaves that made me stop, and I reached out and gently took my wife by the shoulders as she came up beside me, gently indicating that
she too should stop and peer through the leaves into
the clearing. She squinted, attempting to see through
the lush foliage, and as I was still holding her by
the shoulders I felt her become unsteady as her knees
buckled at the sight. Ed was on his back, laying on the
ground in the clearing, and Janice was kneeling between
his spread legs, grasping with two hands his
perfectly vertical cock and attempting to fellate him,
although she could barely fit the massive head of his cock
in her mouth. Her hands didn't begin to encircle his
girth, and her attempts to manage his enormity with her
two small hands was almost comical, at least to me.
My wife stood transfixed, intently staring at this
attempted fellating of the most gigantic penis either of us
will ever see, and suddenly she emitted an audible
sigh, almost a whimper. Her longing for this organ, her
need to subject her mouth and vagina to his immensity,
were palpable.
We continued toward the clearing and Janice suddenly pulled back from the gigantic cock as she heard us approaching, and the cock fell back onto Ed's torso, striking it with a distinct "thwack". My
wife actually swooned at that moment, overcome by the
sound of this vast pillar of flesh striking against
Ed's stomach and chest, the very sound further
attesting to the mind-boggling mass of this grotesquely
overdeveloped sexual organ. I momentarily supported her until
she composed herself and we again proceeded toward
the clearing.
Janice was initially startled by
our reappearance, but her surprise changed to concern
when she saw how unsteady my wife was. Ed had jumped
to his feet as we reentered the clearing and his
pendulous tumescence was still slightly swaying. It seemed
to have a hypnotic effect on my dumbstruck wife, who
had abandoned any pretense of discretion and just
gazed hungrily at Ed's massiveness.
Janice seemed somewhat relieved that her transgression with Ed was not about to be condemned, and she slowly smiled as she
noted my wife's fixed gaze. "There's obviously plenty
to go around, if you're interested in a party," Janice said.
My wife slowly moved closer to Ed, her eyes fixed on his huge bloated cock. It was as though she was in a trance, being pulled toward him by a magnetic field. She became unsteady on her feet, and fell to her knees, merely inches from the young man's engorged penis.
It wasn't hard enough to stand straight out...it still angled downward, which was all the more shocking considering its size at that point. Ed exhibited a level of empathy with my wife that I thought only a more mature man could show. He looked down at her and said "Yeah honey, I know. It's huge, isn't it." My wife absently nodded her head, never taking her eyes off that monstrous cock. Ed continued... "Go ahead and touch it. You know you want to. Feel how big I am."
Again as if in a trance, both her hands moved slowly toward the young man's penis. She wrapped as much of her left hand as she could around the shaft near the head of his cock, and her right hand closer to his body. My wife then began to manipulate this young man's gargantuan member with the kind of abandon I'd never even seen in a porno film. She started jacking him with both her hands simultaneously, swiftly moving up and down the length of it ...and the thing began to swell bigger...and bigger...and bigger.
Her eyes grew wide in utter disbelief, and frankly so did mine. Janice simply smiled at us, knowing full well how huge the young man's organ would grow with that kind of manipulation. My wife began to rub the head of his cock all over her face, nuzzling it, then kissing it. She began to lick the underside of his massive cock-head, then swirled her tongue around it, taking care to cover every millimeter it, which by now was nearly the size of her little fist. She began to slurp and suck on the end of it, trying to get as much of the head in her mouth as she could. She jacked him furiously as she rubbed the huge saliva coated member over her cheeks and chin. Pre-cum was oozing out of it and coating her lips. She licked and sucked and slobbered on him like a wild animal in heat. She looked up at him then and uttered in a raspy whisper "I want you inside me...I want you to FUCK me Ed...I want to feel you CUM in me."
The young man smiled down at her once again and motioned toward the blanket next to them. My wife crawled over and got on her back. She threw her legs up in the air, waiting for the young man with the giant cock to invade her.
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As Ed was kneeling in front of her, about to penetrate my wife, Janice leaned over and handed her a king sized tube of KY jelly. "Trust me honey, you're going to need this" she said. "And you better be careful...letting him cum in you... know what I mean?" Janice's words were wasted on her. She was not concerned about the consequences of what she was about to do.
I think it was partly because my sperm count was so low...pregnancy was not an issue she ever had to worry about. I don't think she gave it a passing thought. In fact, she wasn't think about anything but that huge cock swinging in front of her.
Janice pulled out the Polaroid camera at that point and began taking pictures of this boy with his enormous cock pointed toward my wife.
My wife looked up at Ed with a pleading expression on her face and she handed him the KY jelly. She gasped as he emptied the thing down the length of his shaft and began to manipulate his penis with both his big hands, coating it all over. My wife was beginning to hunch her vagina up and down, as if calling to the huge member inches away, ready to penetrate her.
Ed looked down at her and said "DAMN you're hot!" My wife's enthusiasm must have been contagious, because Ed continued to grow bigger and harder as he jacked himself. He guided that thing toward her and barely managed to get the head inside her as my wife wriggled her sopping wet lips on it. He inched a little more in and ...then a little more.
The hugely hung young man, now excited to the extent he was rock hard, had managed to get 4 or 5 inches of his cock inside my wife. The thing that defied belief was that there was nearly a foot of his cock still outside her. She began sliding back and forth on it then..with her legs up on his shoulders, she was in a perfect position to move freely and oh-so-quickly in short little jerks up and down his shaft, near its bulbous head. Janice couldn't resist taking another picture of the young man's horse-sized cock partly inside my wife.
I could tell by the pained look on his face that this young man would not last long with my wife wriggling like that. She was incredibly tight, for lack of experience with anything near the size of the behemoth invading her at that moment. Her eyes rolled back in her head then, as she tossed around wildly, throwing herself at him with all her might...working more and more and more of his huge penis inside her. "OH GOD...OH GOD" she whimpered. "You are soooo BIG!!" And she fucked and fucked her way up and down as much of him as she could.
Her level of excitement and the resulting stimulation of his penis was taking its toll on the young man. His face twisted up and he looked down at her, jamming himself in her harder and harder. "Sweet Jesus...you're gonna make me CUM!" And with that, he let go. "Oh God..DAMN!...Oh...oh...oh". He continued spasming, lost in the moment, dumping Lord only knows how much semen inside my wife.
I knew it was too late, but Janice approached him, softly put her hand on his shoulder and said "Sweetie, for her sake, maybe you should pull out now...know what I mean?" Janice's advice seemed to bring him back to reality, and he quickly did as she suggested. An audible slurping sound emitted from my wife, much like that of pulling ones foot out of a bucket of mud.
A huge glob of semen belched out of her...unlike anything I've ever seen...and it kept pouring out of her, forming a pool on the blanket that must have been 6 inches in diameter. My only thought was that "dear God..all of that was inside her!"
Meantime, Ed had not finished cumming...not by any means. He had his giant dong in both hands, jacking up and down on it like a madman... the lubricant, my wife's juices and remnants of all that cum making obscene, slippery slurping noises. He ejaculated again...and again...and again, the huge ropes of sticky semen flying at my wife's face, her hair, her arms, her thighs. And Janice took more pictures. Pictures of my wife splattered with cum. Pictures of Ed with his rock hard penis... swollen to the size of my arm.
When his spasms finally ended, Ed repositioned himself, kneeling near my wife's head. At this point his erection had subsided enough so that his cock hung down at an angle again, but he was still so big that the head of it brushed across her lips. As she lay there, stunned and simply fucked senseless, Ed reached down and gently brushed her cum-matted hair from her face. Then he began to rub the head of his cock all over it. He rubbed it across her cheeks and chin and lips. Her tongue darted out, lapping up the last drops of cum oozing from his still bloated cock. She reached up with her left hand and began to jack him again, swirling her tongue around the head of his big dick. He forced the head it of partway into her mouth again, hunching forward, trying to face fuck her. The young man was not successful. He had begun to grow hard again, and the head of his cock was simply too large to fit in my wife's mouth.
Just then Janice came to her rescue again. She walked up behind Ed and grabbed him by the shoulders "Slow down big boy...save some for me okay?" With that, Ed leaned back and collapsed on the ground next to my wife. "Whew" was the only sound he made as he lay there absently staring into space.
I thought it time to collect my wife and get her back to our room. After she had a few minutes to compose herself, we made our way down to a nearby creek. Janice had thoughtfully brought towels in case we wanted to go for a swim. After rinsing all the cum off my wife's face, hair and body, we relaxed in the water for a while longer, shortly joined by Janice and Ed.
It hadn't occurred to me before then, but Janice had used my wife to "take the edge off" her well hung young lover...and it worked. I could imagine their lovemaking session lasting for hours on end then, with Janice manipulating his schlong between her huge breasts...jacking him...fucking him...making him cum like a madman.
As for my wife, she'd had quite an experience herself, however short lived...one that would take some time to recover from. I wondered if she would ever fully recover from it actually. Only time would tell.
As it turned out, time would tell that my wife truly would NOT fully recover from that experience. For one thing, Janice made enlarged copies of all the pictures she took, and mailed them to us. So my dear wife could look at them anytime she wanted.
On a separate note, she missed her period a few weeks after we returned home. She missed it again the next month, and the month after that.
My wife's bust was nowhere near the size of Janice's, but she had a substantial pair all the same. That is, until the latest development. She didn't just grow somewhat larger, her breasts quite literally doubled in size. And at less than 3 months along, she was no longer able to get her pants buttoned. She was delighted with the changes in her body...simply radiant..."glowing" you might say.
Another month passed, and her breasts were even bigger still, she couldn't begin to fit in the insanely huge bras we'd bought, and she was quite visibly swollen pregnant. I remembered Ed's reaction to Janice's big breasts, and wondered "dear God, what would he think of my wife NOW?!"
So the weeks passed...and I did my best to satisfy her insatiable appetite for sex. She wanted it twice a day...at least. Then one day, as we were sitting around the dinner table, she asked me..."honey, when can we visit that nature resort again?"
What transpired after that is another story.....
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D_Bautersbye Upstanding

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great story im rock hard!
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I imagine you're a naturist all right.

Instant gratification takes too long.

Please, don't send me a friendship request unless we genuinely have a relationship or you've at least discussed it with me first. I'd appreciate it. Muchly.
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Agreed! Thank you or sharing that story, and giving me the biggest boner ever!
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more than hot ,i am still cuming,give the girls 10 stars
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D_Bautersbye Upstanding

One of the best stories on here - I was hard from the get-go.
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amazing story. got me super hard.
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B_blessed boy

classic, had me a good cum :)
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I'm really glad everybody is enjoying it so much!
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Actually this is only partially a repost, the story has been added to and edited quite a bit.
The original didnt have quite as much sexual interaction or idiotic dialog.
Whoever edited it has no where near the writing skill of the original author.

Here is the original version, which although less graphic is a much better read imo.
Extreme Size Encounter - Erotic Couplings - Literotica.com
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cock, huge, naturist, young

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