Who is the last celebrity you jacked-off to?

David Wright, New York Mets, every time I see him play, I just gotta do it!

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David Wright, New York Mets, every time I see him play, I just gotta do it!

Solamente dici l'amore.

"imagination is part of reality" - roberto rosselini
"pasta and magic are life" frederico fellini
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I'm possibly going to regret admitting this... Naya Rivera (Santana in Glee) dressed as Lady Gaga for Bad Romance.

She's sat on the wall, second from the right: http://www.cbsnews.com/i/tim//2010/0...0_gaga_630.jpg
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CHANNING TATUM!!! Perfection. Personified. I HIGHLY recommend Googling him if you don't know who I'm talkin' about. MMMMM GOOOD...
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Cristiano Ronaldo
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Originally Posted by dcw4 View Post
shit, I am so out of it with pop culture,,, i think my last one was Burt Reynolds, when he was young,,or OJ,,before...you know,,,,
Not to worry, I'm out of it too and don't fucking care. I'm still jacking off to the old school cuz they're the hottest. I've got an 8x10 of a young Rex Smith wearing the tightest jeans and sporting such an obscene bulge. It gets me off every time.
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Chuck Hughes.


it was Bobby Flay.

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Ryan Reynolds
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There are so many beautiful choices to choose from, but the last was Craig Horner from "Legend of the Seeker." Some great shirtless scenes in that show that make it worth the watching.

Ti si namuh erutan
ot erugif sgniht tuo!
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Zac Efrom got hotter. So he was last. Though Bobby Flay sounds good right about now. Too bad I can't find any pics...
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I like Chuck Hughes. He has that "je ne sais WTF'in? quoi" je ne sais quoi.

I like thinking men...that you can always see what he is thinking about.

Amazing picture taker, too.

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OMG YES!!! Chris Jacobs is THE man!! More more more please!!
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I'm jacking off to some soccer players these days. There are so many hot players to watch during the World Cup matches. I jacked off to Argentinian Kun Aguero last night. And I'll think of gorgeous Sammy Eto'o tonight. Actually, the whole Cameroun squad would be in my dream orgy; they all have perfectly sculpted bodies.
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Jeremy Sumpter in his baseball outfit in "Clubhouse".
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Cristiano Ronaldo and James Franco. yeahh.
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